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The Change Up (2011)

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[baby crying] [second baby crying] It's your turn. I'm awake. [squeak] [crying continues] [knocking on door] (woman) So what am I tonight? A burglar? (Mitch) Oh - hello! ♪[The Heavy - "How You Like Me Now?"] ♪ How you like me now? ♪ [cheering] ♪ How you like me now? ♪ (Dave) Tell me about your women. I have been keeping company with a number of nice ladies. (Dave) What is her name? That is Tatia. Wow. She's not allowed to wear clothing when she's over. Kinky. No, that's not kinky. She's a kleptomaniac. Smart. You're livin' the dream, Mitch. Having children - it's like living with little mini drug addicts. You know? They're laughing one minute, and then they're crying the next, and then they're trying to kill themselves in your bathroom for no good reason. They're very mean and selfish, and they burn through your money, and they break... Guy, guy, guy - come on. (Dave) You know, I was just saying that I envy your life, Mitch. I envy yours. (both) I wish I had your life. [thunder] ♪ [mysterious choral music] ♪ [AC/DC - "Thunderstruck"] [knocking on door] (Dave as Mitch) Mitch? Why am I in your apartment? [pounding on door] Open the door! ♪ You've been - ♪ (Mitch as Dave) I knew it. ♪ - thunderstruck ♪ You wished for my life when we were pissin' in that fountain. We wished we had each other's lives. I was just trying to be nice! Oh my god! For the first time in your life, you're good looking, you're single - What's going on between us is crazy, but what's even more crazy is not to use it. (Sabrina) Have we met? Hold on - you 2 guys should go out. Wait, what? How do you like working with Dave? I actually used to have kind of a crush on Dave. [groaning] Oh no you didn't. No, but he's married, so obviously .... Right, obviously, obviously. Obviously. (Sabrina) Yeah. Super married. (girl) Nicolette Peters keeps knocking me over... (mom) We just need to striving for verbal revolution. This world is a cesspool of cruelty and violence, and if somebody comes at you with a knife, you put her whole family in the morgue. That's jailyard justice. Want to get some pinkberry? ♪ You've been thunderstruck ♪ Nice, Cara! That's my daughter! [Captions by]

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