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James Bullock - San Francisco, United States - English (Global Lives Project, 2004) ~09:00:08 - 10:00:11

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[Inaudible] — Doesn't matter where I am, am I? I can't explore really but whoa. Then I just surfboard...and 'bam'. Ah, alright. — [Inaudible] — It's been a lot. They keep going West Coast. But you know...maybe I just [inaudible]. I only have... Only fifty more hours of this. Doing good! At least you haven't fallen asleep yet. I may go home and take a good nap. Or I'm going to take a nap. Huh? I'll sleep beside the ocean. Are you serious? You've like ten minutes of time. You know, it's sort of late. Is it now? Chop-chop then, take a nap, or I'll call you for a coffee. Bye-bye. Right now, I just don't want the piece of time. So what was that working down here, eh? — Yeah. — He goes out. — Yeah, and he got what he... The warning is still on. Well, it's a beautiful day though! — I know. I mean, I know, but it still falls into 'boom'. — Ah. — I see the fog. Yeah, I see the fog. But there is no wind, so... — Right. — Just got to go away. So, you know, I have to look at all this. — What's in there? — They have a towel, they have... Oh nice! What, for the lifeguard, huh? No, check them out. Check it. Yeah. You have a look in the ...? — See, I mean, everyone have a new, like... see the thing up there. — Oh wow! — The towel thing here? — Uh-huh. Oh wow, I think it's a towel. Oh, I think... Nice Crosley. — You're kidding. — Yeah. — Haha... — Whoa. — Whoa. That is pretty strong, I see. — You know this jumps per two inches. — Put it in the car. So you can hear and you can see now? Here? — You can hear. You can see, right now? — Oh, it's ok. It's ok. Ok then. It's ok now. Yeah, looks good. — I mean, it's not standing up, yeah? — Right. Right, just looks ok, yeah. — Yeah. Like eh, I don't know. Oh, you never gonna read the newspaper as they are all in centra. These right articles here will be listed straight out. Yeah. — Uh, are you planning a trip close to this weekend? — Haha What? If you plan the trip, I'll go. — Huh? We'll both go. — You're poison. — What? — You've planned it all. You know, you know. You are not gonna a planner. You never, you never plan the surf trip. Well, you should. [Inaudible] Right here. — It's like those... — Quite a low tide. It's supposed to go down. — There's a bikini, the perfect bikini. — You make it sound like Batman. — Hahahaha — Oh man — Come on! — Put it down! Try to identify what's on the towel. What? That's a surfer. That's a surfer's towel, right? Well, again, you can't find the rest of the world, underwater. How does this surf go? But there's a guy on the surfboard in the towel. Is it? I can't see. I just... You can't surf underwater in the first place. Oh I know, I know, let's say he found the city floating underwater, on the rest of the world. — Well in that case how did he... — Find it? They just break the average, you know. Oh did they? Yeah, last weekend. Looks like you got a lot of smeared mud on your truck. Is it a video? Yeah, they're like following me for eighteen hours. Oh my god! — Sounds like college species. — Exactly! — Don't say it while [inaudible] That's rude man. The only thing [inaudible]. — Watch it, that dog's a killer! — Ok. So, did you guys ski at all last year? Yo, did you guys ski at all last year? Oh, no more. Haha Oh my god. Haha One confession is enough. Or two! Or two confessions. It's winter time. Oh yeah. You know, last year, the last week, October. It was nine degrees for a week. Remember that? Oh wow, yeah. The Huntsville? Yeah, like waylaid. So did you bring the right board? What? — Right surf board. — Today? — Yeah. — No, I mean it's sort of why I like them a lot, you know. I got a nice one yesterday. Oh ah hah. Yesterday was a nice day. Today was good though. — I got a good wave up. — Oh, I saw that! Oh, did you see her? Like, "bam". You came down, you made it fall lighter or you're gonna make it so the board would fly away. — I couldn't stop, you know, the board was falling. — Uh-huh. — And I. — So did you make it? — And then the board goes flying. That's the answer. Oh, I have to go to a secret tattoo. Hey there, I have, uh, someone following me, so I'm going to take a closer look at your tattoo. So what is that? That's just a bamboo. No, it's a caraway. Can I pull it down? That's really cool. That's totally cool. Alright, that's cool. These guys are recording videotapes for TV. — Yes, you want a break. — Could I wait for a minute? Can you postpone tonight? Haha Alright then. — much is that? — $800 Can you see that eh... — She has a great tattoo. — Oh. — She has a bamboo thing, so she let me pull it down. It's like, 'oh'. She has like, there's a root and like three... That's ok. I am gonna have my skimboard to the parking lot. Oh so you're not taking your nap. — Oh no, just right now, just 5 minutes. — Mm. Ok, end up down there. — So you're pretending this is a regular day. — This is a regular day. — It's not really, is it? — It is! — Ok, put it here. I've learned, I've got to see my skating board. I mean, I figured, I can do anything I want, really. Yeah. — They have eighteen hours. — You're gonna get more and more nasty as they film. Oh yeah. — It's not gonna be very pretty. — Huh? By the end, it's not gonna be a pretty sight. Well if you say so... You want a skateboard, right? This one's for you on a skateboard. You're gonna blow it thousands of times in the house. Ok. Back in storage. Why, is anyone hungry? I am hungry. Did you buy anything? Of course. I had an orange. I'd have got a piece of pie again. Really bad. You're gonna have more. — Uh-huh. I'd better have an orange. — I see, you'd better have an orange. — Uh-huh. — Look at that. Well, it's super big and bouncy. — Uh-huh. All right, later. Damn. Actually, I have... — So we're not...? — Want some cashews? You like cashews? Oh shit. I didn't bring a spoon. Oh I never use a spoon. Yeah wait, wait. Mm. Then hang it right there. Oh when you nuke it in two minutes, it's good. Perfect. Uh-huh. Yeah, I know that's made for that. They know what you're doing there. Well I say, wait. Oh man. I wish...are we ready? Yeah, I guess so. — You're gonna leave that all until...right there? — Mm-hmm. Are we ready? That's the last thing. — Well, it's better than yesterday. — Hmm, no. It's fine. It's fine, huh. Ice skateboard is better. I'll try and not be garbage. Yeah, that. Yeah. Go to that B1. Oh, that's all. Warm them up, you can have the rest. Mm. Go ahead. — What? —Huh? — [Inaudible] What? They gave me a... But you're going to work... [Inaudible] want to share a turn? Thanks for your drink. — You didn't think...I'll just write 'not you too'. — Yeah. I got this tide, then my board was just...[inaudible] See, the rain's back. Anyway, we can get some [inaudible], you know. [Inaudible] You know, just now when the guy was noted, that was leaving their lights out, but you, you don't have your lights on? — I have. — Oh. Is it supposed to like make one of those [inaudible]. — Did you know him? — Oh, who? — [Inaudible]. — Oh, really? You talked to the camera. Now I just found a spot where I can be running by myself. — No, no, I'm talking about... — Well, people really like getting away from you? — More people [inaudible]. — Or when you first went to the beach? — No, I'm not back yet. — Uh-huh. — One guy's filming and another guy was [inaudible]. —Uh-huh. — And so, people are all nervous. I'm not there yet. Ok. All right. Then I told them when we're going up the hill, they'll be in front of you. Then they're going to be at the [inaudible]. Moving on with the car? — I can't wait to be [inaudible]. — No, I'll let them go through. Ah. Real world. Somebody's waving out there. Well I told them when we're going up the hill, be in front of us. There's a shark of the ocean. But, you know, when we go down the hill, I'm just going to go [inaudible]. But there's one of them. Yeah. [Inaudible] — Right. Make it on time. — Oh. I'm good, I guess. Huh? We're all good for now. You have an excellent prop today. Hahahaha Sun shining on your bikini. Prop? I wouldn't say that was prop. That was super terrible. You know what? I want to take away at the gate tower. Shit. If anybody saw that, it's a weight, they're just stone. Where did you take the test? — I only first started. — Uh-huh. And you're so slow. Why? Uh-huh. This is... Ears. You have water in your ears. I guess I need some [inaudible]. Rit-dit-dit-di-doo. That was the right thing. [Inaudible] Uh, yeah it could. Who said you can look at the mic, you know, then type in the answer through dictation. I mean, this is all due to him, right? You need to know. [Inaudible] He was the guy that was snapping pictures huh. That was totally embarrassed. Who's – oh. Then you see, one of them was – was streaming and the other guy was snapping pictures. — You know, as if he was someone famous. And if he... — Oh no, they just have two cameras I think. Mm. No, he hadn't. — Actual real cameras snap and chat? — Mm-hmm. I'm not sure what's for video cameras that're videoing. Yeah, I'm sure it's Those little digital cameras are really quite amazing. Oh, you mean the photo things? Oh yeah. Play them on computers? They're really subtle. About five hundred bucks. Right. Oh, actually I think it's something like three hundred bucks. Well [inaudible] was private but she snapped pictures. — On the houses or anything? — On the internet. — Uh-huh. — And then she videotaped. With the little cameras she videotaped this, uh, violin. — Uh-huh. I didn't even know she's doing it. — Then they play it on the computer. They look really good. And they sound good for everything. — Uh-huh. And then she got it sold. — Oh! When I broke into her car. — Yeah. — Oh yeah. — Within like one week it was sold. — Yeah. — I mean... — Oh, there's, oh shit, there's a... — Yeah. — Deer on the side of the road. — Oh yeah. You think if they go to work in these times they're going to try and kill the show? Uh... [Inaudible]...that's crazy. Beneath... Damn. Sunny in the [inaudible], foggy everywhere. — I'll begin right here. — Yeah. They're from a... Oh no. Damn, it's from a...what's the answer. — Oh. — There's a... [Inaudible] It's driving in a single line now. Then they'll all believe about this. There, it's sunny. Goodbye. Oh yeah. Take him over. You can. Yep. You want [inaudible]. Yeah, I'm good. Huh? The first car is in between. We're getting it killed. We won't talk about it, but killed. I know, I saw them. You turned, you got into the right lane, and they got into the right lane, but there were two cars between. Right. — I thought, that wasn't the right move, but the next thing I knew, it was. — Yes. Thank you. Ok. You'll have one of these someday. Ok, I think it's done. Now that is a whole study in itself. Hopefully Abraham will be there. Who is that? Abraham is from New Tristram. He's from Ethiopia. Oh the guy who dances with... No.

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James Bullock - San Francisco, USA - 7:00-8:00 (Global Lives Project, 2004)

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