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Edith Kaphuka - Ngwale Village, Malawi - Nyanja (Global Lives Project, 2007) ~12:01:05 - 12:16:06

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Your ball. Throw it to Adrian! Adrian, you start! Hey, are you going to stand right here? Rose! Doreen! Hey Doreen! Doreen! You're the one with problems. Edith! Edith! Do you think I can sit here? -Yes, today. -You... Edith! Edith! Hey! Throw the ball! Guys, someone hit me in the gut. Someone hit my stomach. I'm tired of this place. Edith! Edith! Theresa! Theresa! You didn't grab the ball in the air. Edith! Elizabeth. Doreen! Doreen! Grace! Grace! Elizabeth! Elizabeth! Mary! Mary! Mary! Doreen! Doreen! Theresa! Theresa! Grace! Memory! Memory! Pass it to me. You're throwing it into the road. -Doreen, I'm here. -Here you go. -Whose ball is it? -Gladys. Doreen! -Elizabeth, you grabbed me! -Doreen! -I didn't touch you. -I didn't touch you! -You did touch me. Grace! Doreen! -Yes, it's yours. -Rose! Doreen! Doreen! Gladys! -Memory! -Memory got it. -Where did you find it? -Grace! Grace! Doreen! Gladys! Here! Doreen! Doreen! -Doreen... -Hey Memory! Take Lindi home or I'll hit you. Don't wait for me, I'll hit you. She' hungry. She finished school hours ago. -Of course yes... -Just think about her, ok? -She's hungry, she needs to have lunch. -Memory, take Lindiwe home! I'm outshining you! Don't undermine me because of my small boobs. She wants you to accompany them. Hilda, get Lindiwe home and leave Memory there. Doreen! Doreen! If it went over the line, then it's their turn. The ball's over there. Hey video guy, film me. They don't have a jersey! Hey Gladys, can you throw... Here. Cynthia! Rose! Rose! Rose! Doreen, here! Doreen, another one! Ah! Gladys! Over here! Ah, look now... It's our turn now, there you go. Her leg. This one. It's for Gladys. -You! -Maybe... -Possibly! -That's their problem. Mary! Doreen! -Quickly, quickly, quickly! -Chisomo! -Doreen! Edith, what's up? It's our ball. Edith, we would also love to get filmed. It shouldn't just be you. Got that? They should also capture us... -I didn't tell you to get in. You refused. I'm restarting the game. -By herself! -You can start. All of us, all of us. Give the ball to me, it's my turn. Mary! Mary! What! Hey? Catch it, right here. Wow, Gladys! Maybe! I'm going to drink some water. I'll grab it from you again. Hey Doreen! Doreen! -Throw it here! -How are you playing the game? -It's our ball! -Millie, throw the ball. Edith! Edith! Memory! Melifa, jump! Mary! Hey Mary! Doreen! Gladys! Throw it to Gladys. We've scored. It's ours. We've scored and it's ours. -Doreen, do you think you can grab the ball? -Hey, I didn't plan to stop! Lazi, throw the ball! Mary! Mary! Doreen! Throw it in the basket. Edith! Clara! Sylvia, Edith...did you see how she played the ball? Edith! Sylvia! Aah! Mary! Mary! Doreen! Doreen! Hey Edith, it didn't sound right. -Whose is it? -It's our turn. Doreen! Doreen! Chisomo! That's your ball. That's not out! Is the ball out? -Millie! -It's a goal! -Hey, don't disturb me! Millie is just trying to find a way out, to go and drink some water. -Mary! Mary! -Should she take it again? Let's go. Edith played the ball out. Doreen, can you get the ball? Doreen kicked it out! She says she sold it. Mary! Mary! Millie! Doreen! Doreen! There's nobody in the front. -Gladys! -Millie's guarding someone. Edith! It's mine! It's mine. Gladys! Gladys. Hey! Hey! -Memory's in, it's our ball. Memory's in. -Doreen, throw it over here! -Memory! -Edith! Edith! -There are old people here. Hey, not you, hey, take the ball. -It's ours. -I tried anyways! Edith! Edith! Edith! No, Edith, that wasn't a good throw! -Grace! Grace! Grace! -Doreen! Sorry, forgive me... -Gladys! -Throw it to me, Doreen! I don't think I can score. What's she saying? -Elizabeth's chasing me. -Can you switch positions? -Elizabeth, should they fix it for you? -Rasta, they're calling you... Doreen! Doreen! Hey! Hey! It's for you. -Misonzi...throw the ball. -Millie, you hurt your friend. -It's your fault. -Edith, let's switch. -Edith should stay in her position. -Yes, she should. -Yes, she should. -Keep her in the same position. -Play ball. Elizabeth's in. No, Elizabeth, that's not the way the game goes. Grab it from there. -No, Elizabeth, you were supposed to grab from there. -We should switch positions. Edith should stay there. Doreen! Doreen! Hey Doreen! -Maybe you. -Edith, you stand with her. -Edith is flying. -Hey! You! -It's our ball -No, it's ours. Doreen! Doreen! Doreen! Memory! I'll come in. I want the ball to shine. The ball's still in. Was it out? -Elizabeth, don't leave her unmarked. -You can stand with that one. Sylvia! -Are you guys going out of bounds? -Elizabeth! Theresa! -You sent it out. -Elizabeth, come, let's play. Doreen! Mary! Mary! Mary! Mary! -Some of you will have it hard this year. -Did you get that? You threw it out! But she gave it to you. Doreen! Doreen! Take it, Doreen. I'm here. Elizabeth! Elizabeth! Ouch! Elizabeth! Hey Mary! Mary! Leave me alone! Gladys! -It's mine, it's mine! -No, it's ours! -It's ours! -Doreen, I'm here! Pass it to me! -Doreen! -My turn now! It's a goal! -No, right here! -Elizabeth! Elizabeth! She was in! Elizabeth, Elizabeth! Just explaining. Mary! Mary! Mary! Doreen! Doreen! -Play the ball -Play it to me! Oops, I thought someone was there! -Elizabeth! Memory! - I'm really tired. -Oh! It's a goal! -Come... -The dog's just by me. -Doreen! Doreen! Doreen! -Doreen, my ball! -No, the ball's mine. -The ball's ours. -It's our ball! You think we're blind so you can cheat on us? Are we playing forward? It's out. Theresa, I've moved out of there.

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Duration: 15 minutes and 2 seconds
Country: Malawi
Director: Jason Price
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Posted by: glm_administrator on Jun 25, 2008


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