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♪ SpaceVidcast Theme ♪ (Ben) Welcome to SpaceVidcast for July 31st, 2009! My name is Benjamin Higginbotham and with me is the beautiful, lovely, wonderful, talented, and and incredibly awesome-tacular Cariann Higginbotham. We are the SpaceVidcasters and we have got a news-packed show for you this week. Apparently I am over-modulated, I have no idea, so there we go ... I can't control audio, so we'll just see if he can make it go ... And um, you know, we actually got a brand new Mac Pro. So some of the show might be a little bit wacky because we really quickly took all of the old CamTwist settings and tried to migrate them over to the new system. So certain things like SpaceNews are missing and I'm pretty sure the only thing we have are the open, break and close and everything else is kind of missing from that. (Cariann) Rock, Rock on! (Ben) But to help make things go better as it were, you can go to and on every page there are two new things: First, there is a link to Blast-Off Blend from the Crow River Coffee Company. That's where we're broadcasting from. It's actually the Crow River's new mac pro. It's not even ours. They're graciously letting us use it, which is Sweeeet! So go over there, order some Blast-Off Blend, it helps him buy new Mac Pros and cool gear that we can use. Which by the way, as UncleBS will tell you, it is delicious! So go there, check some of that out. You can also, there's some new Google ads, and oddly enough they're very very relevant to the space industry. There's like Fisher Pen, ... what do you mean [to Cariann]? (Cariann) Well, kind of. (Ben) Almost all of them. (Cariann) Because the other day you were like, "Oh it says right here that there is some sort of survey that we should all be taking of like 'Did we land on the moon?'" And I was like, oh, well Ben usually knows what he's talking about and I trust him, because I love him, because we're married, and that's what wives do. So I clicked on it. (Ben) Yeah? (Cariann) Was like I'm going to take this survey! It's not really a survey, it's like one question yes or no. Right? Did we land on the moon? So I'm like well, yes of course. Bink! And then it was like "Great, now if you could fill out all of this stuff and give us all of this kind of personal information and then maybe we'll enter you for a chance to win something-something-something. And I was like ... (Ben) But you took the survey and that's all that matters is that you clicked the links so we made money. So it was relevant and there you go! So, that helps SpaceVidcast because you clicked on the ad and you know, it was relevant and something you were interested in. (Cariann) I do what I can. (Ben) Yeah, absolutely! So yeah, I see no issues with this whatsoever. Yup anyhow, so Fisher Space Pens, there's some Russia Today stories about Burin and all that other fun jazz. And there's some stuff about Virgin Galactic in there, just these ads that automatically pop up. So, absolutely check that out and make all of that go. Any other house? Oh yeah, from a housekeeping standpoint We've got the elections coming up shortly. August 1st is when the elections will start so go to and in the bottom part of the page is the news, articles, and blogs section, we'll have information for how you can vote for your three favorite IRC operators And if the names are already at the bottom of that blogpost If you're watching live and you want to be an IRC operator and your name isn't on that blog posted, right now, that means you entered yet, or we've overlooked you or something so definitely send an email to [email protected] right away! Within the next twelve hours of this recording To make sure you get your name on that list. (Cariann) And the second thing that's on our website all over the place because you only mentioned the one, at least this is what I am assuming you were going towards... no matter what page you're on now you can click above, on the side bar, there's the little links to: here are all the videos, here's all the podcasts, here's all the blogs, here's all the... (Ben) No. I had no intention of mentioning that (Cariann) OK! Well, it's there now. and so you can hit it. Because you only said there were two new things and then you only mentioned one. (Ben) Well, that was...did I? (Cariann) Yeah. (Ben) I always do that. (Cariann) Alright.(Ben) Well nno. The two new things. I did. The google ads, and the Crow River add. Those are the two new things. (Cariann) Oh, I just, yup, nevermind we'll just... keep moving along. (Ben) Yeah, they're seperate entities. Sooo... In space news...Oh yeah, Spacevidcast radically awesome, just refreshed. Go to and by the way, always watch our videos on Because then our traffic looks better and it makes me feel better when I see little spikes in the traffic. Alright, first news item. STS-128, (Cariann) Space Neeeeews! (Ben) Oh yeah, we have to go back to this! You guys love it, I know you dooooo! (Cariann laughs Oh, you know what, and that's the other thing because BZWingZero brought it up in the chatroom "What about facebook?" We have a facebook group and I'm trying to get that facebook group to a thousand members so tell ll your friends to join the Spacevidcast Facebook group. And we have a new Spacevidcast Fan Page. Which is pretty much useless. BUT! (Cariann) There's three of us on it last time I checked. (Ben) BUT! It makes me feel important. (Cariann) You, me and Uncle. ^B Yaaay! ^C Wweeeeee like spacevidcast. ^B So check that out on facebook. And generally, with the exception of today's show because today's show was kind of "iffy", we will post the upcoming shows and what's going on and then you can register for the event and then everyone will remember what's going on and so... Space Neeeews: Alright STS-128 is delayed. ^C Yes. It was supposed to be mid August and now it's late August is pretty much what it comes down to. And a lot of that had to do with the foam that fell on 127. They just wanted to make sure that everything was OK and that the foam issue wasn't going to happen again on 128 blah, blah, blah. Just so you know... It's backed up a little bit. It's August 23rd now, I think. ^B BZWingZero says Ares I-X has an official target launch date. ^C You know I heard that the other day, and then they snatched it away from me and then they brought it back out again, and they snatched it away. And sooo..I'll believe you. October 31st. Alright, that's what we're going with now, I guess. ^B Spacevidcast poll. Put in your comments: How many of you think that they're going to make the October 31st launch date? Okay, alright. There you go. So just like STS-128 is delayed, Ares I-X I think will be delayed as well. For those of you who don't know, Ares I-X is the "next generation" launch vehicle after the space shuttle. Although the Augstine Commission has been going on right now and there's...we don't know what the future of NASA's Human Space Flight Someone, !HSF in the chat room for me. What the future of NASA's Human Space Flight program is going to be this time. It could be Ares I. It could be DIRECT. It could be not Shuttle C. It could be something completely different. So... Who knows. I not sure how we got there from here. ^C (laughs) ^B Jep-F in the chatroom was saying earlier, "PLUTO IS NOT A PLANET" complaining about her [Cariann's] shirt saying, "It's OK Pluto, I'm not a planet, either." Well... ^C You may be wrong ^B You could be wrong. ^C So there. What's going on is that they're looking at the classification of what a planet, versus a dwarf-planet really is. ^B Again ^C Again. So. We all mourned when Pluto was a planet, and then it suddenly wasn't a planet, suddenly it was just a dog now. ^B It's always been a planet to me. ^C It's been my ninth planet, I'm just saying. And now they're looking at the qualifications and classifications of what makes a planet, versus a dwarf planet, versus just an asteroid versus a different star. All of those fun things. And what's going on is they are thinking of - [reading from chat] Yes, a Plutoid, thank you,Jeph- They're thinking of widening the definition. And it has something to do with what's going on in the atmosphere on the particular planet, yes Plutoid, because they were calling dwarf planets Plutoids in honor of Pluto. So they're thinking of something with the atmosphere and all that other stuff. Well the problem, not problem I guess. The issue is If they should open up, widen, that definition, It will include more than just Pluto. So for any of you who have second graders out there or right about in that age bracket, who just last year learned that there were NINE planets in the universe, and now there's only EIGHT planets-I'm sorry in our solar system- And now there's only eight planets in our solar system, Then in a couple weeks they might have to re-learn that there will actually be THIRTEEN planets in our solar system. ^B You keep saying second graders. I think it would be closer to eighth graders, because they would actually retain the knowledge. I'm not sure a second grader would ^C I just say second grader because I remember second grade, third grade, fourth grade right in there where you had to make the big diagram with the ..things, and the..stuff and the...whatever. Anyway, if you have kids ^B GISuck says Cariann is right ^C (whispers "Whatever") Anyhow, it doesn't matter. The point is though, that within a year we wnt from nine planets to eight and now possibly thirteen. ^B Sweeet! GO HUMANS! ^C So I might have to burn this shirt is essentially what it comes down to ^B We can have a retiring ceremony ^C We're going to have to ^B We can actually retire the shirt on air. How we would go about that? ^C Nobody cares. ^B That would be ack-ward. ^C (reading from the chat) What were the other four GISuck? I don't remember off the top of my head. Jeph did actually mention a couple of them. There's Ceres and a bunch of others of course that I don't remember, naturally, because it's me, that's why. So, there you go! ^B Jupiter's been hit! ^C Jupiter has been hit. ^B Sound the alarms! (makes alarm noises) ^C Jupiter has been hit and I'm sure you guys have heard about this It pretty much happened last week. But, something has hit Jupiter. (reading from chat) There you go, Sedna, Ceres, Eris and There's another one. I can't remember what it is, Jeph. But Jupiter has been hit. Jupiter is Okaaaay. We're all, it's all good. ^B You got that picture right there, and you can see the giant "ow-ee". ^C Yes. ^B (reading from chat) DIRECT hit Jupiter. ^C And they're saying it is about earth sized. And I know that this particular picture doesn't give you a good concept of that. But for those of you guys who don't really understand: Jupiter is like this, and earth is like this. So, while it looks like one of these hit Jupiter, it's the size of us. ^B Here's the really scary thing: As far as I- and that's the really cool thing, an amateur astronomer found that- but what's really scary is if an Earth sized object hit Jupiter, that means we did not see an Earth sized object in our solar system slam into another planet, what is to prevent that from happening to us? ^C It wasn't near us. It was by Jupiter. ^B Yet, I mean....right? ^C I don't care. ^B Great. It hit on the back side but still it had to come into our solar system. It probably wasn't hiding behind Jupiter the entire time like, "Oh, oh, they won't see me!" Soooo, Tim says, "Luck, that's what keeping it from happening to us." ^C It was hanging out behind ___________ But I mean, that's kind of how our Moon was born isn't it? Another very large entity slammed into us and then all that material gathered back up and generated our moon What has happened before will happen again. I sound like Battlestar Galactica but you learn from your past. ^ Thank you GISuck, excactly. I prefer to be ignorant. You know what? If anything, you'll learn about it on Twitter first. ^B GISuck asks what we can do about it. Well we can colonize other planets for a start. I don't know, redundancy? I T rule 101? I don't know. That's what I think. Right? We have options. We're the first species smart enough to be able to save our own....species (both start laughing at the pause) ^C Brilliant. ^B Whooo! ^C Brilliant You know I will just let you know guys that when we got here to Crow River today, Ben had to completely reconstruct the entire show from scratch in about an hour and a half over the year it's taken to create. And then on top of that I was trying to help so quickly that I completely smashed my head against something So I'm probably working on a mild concussion. So I apologize right now if he's a little burnt out and I'm a little stupid. ^B But we do it for you. ^C (laughs) ^B Huge Earth-bound telescope is bigger than Hubble. ^C There's going to be- people yelled at me for this and I thought that was really funny because- there's this other huge, earth-bound telescope that just opened that I believe is, ten meters across? ^B Right. ^C Something like that. ^B And that's a big one, too. ^C It's huge! I think it's the biggest one that we've got open right now ^B That's over in Europe, isn't it? Some...where ^C I .... Anyhow, my point is that his other earth-bound telescope, (toward the chat) yes, 8 meters - ^B 10 ^C 10.8 meters, thank you this other one is going in Hawaii and it's going to be thirty meters across. ^B WOW THREE times bigger. ^C While, BZ says that Hubble isn't it's not that big, I understand. It's amazing the kind of things that Hubble has seen. And I don't know, did you put the picture? Do you have the - ^B (to cafn8td) You have the telescope picture, right? It was already up. So we're missing our monitor, too. It's up again Sweet! ^C So. You can see all the little itty-bitty, I shouldn't say little- ^B Mirror things ^C -mirrors. But these mirrors are gigantic. It's going to be this HUGE thing that should be able, with all the different light- because it's not a smooth, smooth mirror- and they're going to take all the information and focus it so you can see it. I thought it was very, very, cool. Personally. ^B She's pointing to my computer like you guys can see. ^C I know. I'm sorry. It's a bad habit. Well, because I can see so I'm showing him. Anyhow, the point is that it's, it's....I thought it was very cool. It's going to be one of the biggest telescopes that we have on Earth. ^B (reading from the chat) "So if it breaks it's 70,000 years of bad luck." ^C Yeah, probably- well only if you break every single mirror. If you only break one mirror, it's the regular seven. ^B Well here's the thing, right? Hubble doesn't have to be as big because it doesn't have to shoot through an atmosphere. ^C Right. ^B will this compare to Hubble? Because we still have atmosphere in our way, don't we? ^C But it's still going to be one of the biggest, if not the biggest one here on Earth. ^B Yes, but there's still an atmosphere in the way. ^C Yeah I, I under...stand, but we...look at the things we can already see with the telescopes that we already have and this is going to be bigger than THAT one. ^B But why wouldn't we just put that in space? ^C It's too heavy. You see how big that thing is? ^B That's true. ^C It's bigger than Hubble. (begins laughing) ^B It is bigger than Hubble, that's true. And I suppose we're retiring the space shuttle so we don't really have a way to get it UP there, now do we? ^C Exactly! Thank youuuu! Point it through the hole says Half-Dead. ^B Why don't we take a quick break because the rest of these news items are fluffy news items that we'll try to pretend that they're not fluffy We'll take a quick break and when we come back we'll continue our epic-sodic... adventure? ^C Episode? ^B Episode of (Both) Spaaaace Neeeews. ^B We'll be right back. Once again we'd like to thank the Crow River Coffee Company for hosting us and one of the things they do is sell coffee online.And the proceeds of that help to pay for this show Go to, grab some coffee Normally there's a coffee of the month graphic, but not for this show The coffee of the month is Espresso Blend ^C Yes. ^B So grab some of that and grab some Guiness, drop the two in. WHAM! It's an awesome drink. There's another cool thing that came out as of today I think, I'm not sure when it came out. For any iPhone or iPod Touch user there is a brand new app in the app store called Missionclock. This is going to be EPIC FAIL just so, I'm pre-warning you, this won't work But we're going to try it anyhow. Here I have Missionclock on my iPhone ^C Terrible ^B I know. Is that even remotely... working? That is Missionclock. This gives you live, up to date, timers on the current missions go on. I don't know if there's another mission on here. Let me just try this. There you go! So you can actually see different missions, their mission elapsed time or the countdown to these missions right on your iPhone and they're updated so there's- it uses PUSH notification as part of the 3.0 firmware So all of this stuff down here gets updated, essentially, in real time and added to your iPhone. It's really, really, cool. I'm really excited for that. And so you can get that right now, I believe, in the Apps Store. Just search for Missionclock. If we can find a link for it we'll add it into the show notes. ^C You guys are so mean. Yes, the same information that is available on the internet you can get on your phone. However, it's GORGEOUS, first of all It's easy to see. You don't have to go looking for it all over the world. It's, yes, it's Missionclock, all one word. Very cool. Just for you guys, in case you didn't know, somebody who happens to be in our chatroom is the one whose responsible for it. ^B That's right! ^C So, you know, we like to take care of our own as much as possible. ^B Yep. It's been running great for me. The difference between this, and say, an iGoogle widget or whatnot, is that this is automatically updated with everything. In real time. ^C Yes. ^B So I've got STS-127. I've got TMA 14. Expedition 19, 20. LRO/LCROSS. Keppler. I can also, as soon as STS-128 begins it's countdown sequence It will be added to this. And yes, it does use push notifications so as, as items get added into here I can see payload (tongue-tied Ben tries to speak) "Payoad bay doors are closing on Endeavour in 8 hours, 35 minutes and 12 seconds. The de-orbit preparation will begin in 7 hours, 15 minutes and 8 seconds... so forth and so on. And all of that is pushed to this device. So as far as I know you cannot find all of that information like this, consolidated into one place ^C It's just like the weather on the iPhone. Exactly. Yes...I can get that information on the internet. However, I like to just go fweek, fweek, fweek. Oh that's what's going on in ______________. fweek. That's what's going on in Eden Prairie. fweek. That's what's going on in San Diego Then I've got it on my phone, right there. ^B Yeah. I was going to not mention the author's name because i was sure if we were allowed to but it was just said in the chatroom so it's irrelevant now. Jetforme made the application. ^C I wasn't going to say it. ^B They asked in the chat room. Which meant it went out onscreen. So i figured at this, what's it matter. ^C There you go. ^B Yep. Like I said it's an awesome app. I've been running it for a little while and I hope to -it does- it uses push notification. I only showed you a few I only showed you the main page of the application- "Are there sections to the app?" It does other stuff, too. Yes. It's not just a countdown timer. ^C It's very, very cool. It sends alerts and things like that for launches and scrubs that kind of stuff. It's A-mazing. So... Very, very cool. Ah, we were blessed with the chance to play with it a little bit before hand So we know exactly how cool it is. It's not like we just got it now and said, "Oh look. That looks really cool." ^B Yep. ^C It actually is very, very cool. We actually used this for the STS-127 launch nd I'm hope is that I can get Steve from CamTwist and Jetforme to link up and talk to each other so we can take this information and find a way to get it on the screen during launches. ^C Which would be awesooome. ^B No promises because that's a lot of time and a lot of effort from a lot of people that pay. ALRIIIGHT! Moving right along! Continuing our space news (Cariann begins laughing) ^B China is looking to go to the moon ^C Yes. Which we pretty much knew anyway. Because, really. ^B We pretty much said, "China is going to go to the moon." ^C Yes. And...yeah. At this point China has said difinitively, "We are going to the Moon." Unfortunately, China has not said, "We are going to the Moon on X date." They just said, "Ehh. next ten, twenty years or so?" ^B Right. What's interesting is the rate Constellation is going, they could be us there. ^C They could. Hah. Hah. Hah. ^B But, while they're going to the Moon, you look at what the United States is doing. Actually, let's go back in time to Saturn V. The Saturn V had, what was it, 120 tons of- ^C Something like that. ^B -of payload capacity Their rocket will have... ^C Twenty-five. ^B Twenty-five. Can someone give the ah, ah, ah payload capacity of the Saturn V? Is it 120, 125, something like that? Yeah, so..... Their rocket will be, what is it, a ____________ five? It will be substantially smaller, substanitally smaller than what we have. And so I'm not how, how they're gong to do that. Maybe a fuel depot in space or something like that. ^C They are planning for an unmanned mission in the next 3 to 5 years and they are looking to mine Helium 3 on the moon. ^B That's the scarey thing. If they make it to the moon before us and they start mining Helium 3 -- Now, Helium 3 can be used for -- and I always get it wrong -- fission or fusion and we can do fusion so it's fusion -- it's used for fusion reactions here on earth which gives us safe, well clean, power theoretically. But I don't believe we've actually made that work on a scale that is usable. Like we can do it for a few microseconds and it fizzles out. Even with Helium 3. So, there's a lot that needs to go into getting that to work. But, if they do get that to work and China starts bringing back the Helium 3 and they own that market there's a chance that we could cede our leadership, our world leadership to China. We could just hand over the baton to China -- you guys are the world leader now --and that would be the next big market. Not to get on my soap box but, here I go. Space is the next big economy. It is where trillions of dollars will be made and we're not there yet, but Helium 3 is potentially one of those things. So, America come on -- seriously. ^C Chop, chop. ^B Let's go. You don't want to hand that over to China. Speaking of -- Russia. ^C That's the future and now we look at the past. ^B (Making sounds in slow motion.) ^C (Laughing.) Wow. Anyhow. So, I don't know if your page is up or not, but Russia, of course... ^B We can't use this picture. There's no picture. ^C Oh, we can't? ^B No, it had a big old copyright logo on it ^C Oh, I missed that. Okay, well you can go to I think it's I will double-check this right now. Yep, and you'll have to search around a little bit, but on that particular web site you will see a three dimensional computer generated graphic that you can kind of twist around and look at all the other stuff. What the Russian essentially LEM would have been or was -- is? ^B Shall be? ^C What they were going to be using if they had hit the moon before the U.S. is what I'm trying to say, if that makes sense. And I thought it was very interesting the similarities between the two. You know, the different -- I kind of felt like ours was this kind of wierd octagonal thing and there was this Jiffy Pop thing going on top over here and whatever. That's what it looked like to me. So, but oddly enough the Russian LEM looked very similar to it. ^B They want the link. ^C Thank you OM. And that's exactly what we're looking for. So, you guys can click on the link that OM's got in the room right there and that's exactly what you're looking for. Yes, their lunar module which I just call it LEM by default. But it's very interesting and there are some other pictures there that are - you can see the actual thing, the actual pictures as opposed to computer generated pictures. But I like the computer generated ones because of the (hand gestures) I know. Thank you Jeph. Blah, blah, blah. Here's Carianne making another mistake. But that's just what I call it because of that. So, anyhow I just thought it was very, very cool to see the difference and to just kind of - it was something I hadn't seen before and because we had just passed the 40th anniversary. ^B I didn't even know they had gotten that far along. I mean I knew they were looking to go to the moon, but I didn't know that they had - their program was pretty secret. I've been watching - there's been some unclassified stuff come out, but I really didn't know they were that far. I just figured they had the rocket and they could do the loop de loop thing around the moon, but I didn't know they actually had the LEM that could land. Well, did they have the LEM? Or did they just have plans for a LEM? ^C No, there's some actual pictures there. Somebody back me up on this. OM, you guys can back me up. There's actual pictures of - and I don't know maybe they finished it afterward thinking "Well, we'll still go to the moon anyway. But it looks like stuff that has been decommissioned and just kind of put to the side. They are actual photos. Thank you. ^B That's really cool. ^C It's very, very cool. ^B I wish we could have shown you the photos. But, there was the big old copyright. Speaking of the past, the New York Times has corrected a mistake, this was really for last week's show (Cariann laughs) and we didn't have time to get to it. ^C It was, but I thought it was interesting and funny enough that it really deserves to be talked about this week, as well. ^B Yes. ^C Sooo, waaaaay back in the day ^B Back in the 40's ^C Something like that, there was an article, an expose like this science, let's teach everyone who reads the New York Times about science stuff because people who read newspapers don't know anything about science. And there was this thing talking about how, it's great that you guys like to read science fiction and all that other fun stuff, but is physically and mathmatically and scientifically impossible for man to ever set foot on the moon. And there was this huuuge article, like all about how it's great you guys like this stuff, but totally stupid, not gonna happen, never ever ever, not just however long, just never ever. Right? Well, oddly enough man did step on the moon. ^B 1969ish. In there. ^C Right near there. ^B Around. ^C The New York Times, I have to give them credit for this, the New York Times did the right thing and posted a correction. ^B I think we have the correction, don't we? ^C I think we do. And it's probably really hard to see because it was kind of a small ^B tiny ^C Yeah. I will, of course, have the link for you. ^B Wow. That's impossible to read. On January 13, 1920, "Topics of the Times" an editorial page feature of the New York Times dismissed the notion that a rocket could function in a vacuum and commented on the ideas of Robert H. Goddard, the rocket pioneer. Blah, blah, blah. ^C Yes. So anyway, I just thought that was cool. I, of course, only had the link to the correction. But I thought it was really kind of interesting they had this huge thing that "No No No. This shall never come to pass." And now, they finally put in a retraction ^B They did. ^C 45 years later after they put it in. ^B So apparently main stream media has always had issues with that, 'cause recently all major news stations were like-I say "all"-but a good chunk of the major news stations were like "The shuttle fleet has been grounded. They'll never fly again. Oh my gosh, the world is ending. And NASA was like "No." ^C "We're just taking some time to make sure everything's cool, like we always do." ^B Exactly. And the last item in our news for this week is-we're a little for this one as well- ^C We are, but again it was one of those things that I thought it was important enough to speak of. ^B Walter Cronkite has passed away and he was a huge advocate and supporter of the space program. ^C Yes. ^B He was one of the most trusted faces in news and-as an aside- now the most trusted face in news is (looking at Cariann) ^C Us? ^B No, Jon Stewart. ^C (Laughing) ^B Believe it or not, it is actually Jon Stewart. ^C I know. It is Jon Stewart. He's a good looking guy- ^B Yeah, sure. ^C It works for me. ^B Very sad that Walter Cronkite has passed away, but if you go to our You Tube channel you can see we favorited a few of the things that he talked about when he was doing some of the space program things. It's kind of cool just to see him. He does. He just gets giddy. He just gets excited. ^C He does. Which for him was very very unusual because he was extremely-he tried to be as unbiased as possible. He really did want to see both sides of whatever it was when he was in front of the camera and doing the news thing. Now, personally, he was a very very liberal guy and very much so was in favor of the space stuff, but he did try to kind of put up a front a little bit. But, yeah, every once in a while something would happen and he would just be like (looking to Ben) ^B Hooyah! ^C WOW!! And for him to say something like that was huge. We miss him. He was a great guy. He unfortunately died just before the 40th anniversary which I'm sure he would have loved to have participated in. ^B That pretty much clears up our news for this show. This was a news only show. ^C All of the news. ^B Exactly. There was one other thing I was going to mention related to what you were sucjust talking about. It totally has (sucking sound) has left my head. You know how that works? ^C Awesome. ^B Well, anyhow, I'd like to thank everyone for joining us. We'll be back right here live next week Friday 2:00 a.m. coordinated universal time, for those of you in the United States who cannot do time zone conversion, which is almost everyone in the United States-for shame, shame on you- which would be Thursday night at 7:00 p.m. Pacific Time, 9:00 p.m. Central Time, 10:00 p.m. Eastern Time. What's really funny is we post these episodes-I've been doing these in Facebook, but Facebook does not have a time zone option. So, I'm like, well Friday at 2 a.m. And I'll get these postings-2 a.m. are you crazy? Bloo bloo bloo bloo bloo bloo. And it says right on there UTC/GMT just in case you're not up to date and still think GMT is worth anything. And so, I'm like, how can you miss that? How can you just assume? So anyhow. For all of you and mark, all of you, who can't do time zone conversions, the world is getting smaller. You're going to have to learn how to deal with it. Anyhow, wow! I just like slapped everyone at the end of the show. Didn't I? ^C Yeah, you did. ^B Not a good way to end the show. ^C Awesome, but we love you. ^B And we'll see you next week. Bye. ♫♫♫SpaceVidcast Theme and Credits♫♫♫

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Posted by: spacevidcaster on Aug 2, 2009

Because our interview with Michael Potter from Orphans of Apollo went so well, we decided to save last weeks news for this week. And then some…
News includes: STS-128 Delayed?, Pluto is *my* ninth planet!, Jupiter has been hit, Earth bound telescope bigger than Hubble, China putting man on the Moon, If Russia had put man on the Moon, NY Times corrects a mistake, Walter Cronkite dies

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