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Postman Pat- Job Swap Day

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Postman Pat, postman Pat, postman Pat and his black-and-white cat. Early in the morning just as day is dawning he picks up all the postbags in his van. Postman Pat, postman Pat, postman Pat and his black-and-white cat. All the birds are singing. And the day is just begining. Pat feels he's a really happy man. Everybody knows his bright red van. All his friends will smile as he waves to greet them. May be, you can never be sure, there'll be knock, ring... Letters through your door. Postman Pat, postman Pat, postman Pat and his black-and-white cat. All the birds are singing. The day is just begining. Pat feels he's a really happy man. Pat feels he's a really happy man. Pat feels he's a really happy man TITLE: Postman Pat and the Job Swap Day Oh, Pat! I hope this fund-raising idea of yours works. It will, Mrs. Goggins. It will. We must find the way to mend the school roof. Right! That's the last of them. I'd better be going. Cheerio, Mrs. Goggins! Cheerio, Pat! Good luck! Oops! Almost forgot. Oh, dear! We haven't raised nearly enough money to fix the roof. We still need this much to reach our target. But we cannot leave the roof like this. We are ruining all the cups. What we need now is a miracle. (Pat's whistling) Oh! Pat! Hello, everyone! I've got a great idea to raise that extra money. How about a sponsored job swap? Job swap? How does that work then. Easy. I've got everyone's jobs written down in this hat. All you have to do is pick one out. And then everyone else in the village will pay you to do that job for the day. That's a brilliant idea! Terrific! Why don't you pick first, Reverend? Farmer? I've got your job for the day, Alfe! A teacher, eh? Well, I'm sure I'll be able to teach those kids the thing you do, eh Jeff. Your turn, Ted! My, it look like I'm working in the cafe. That should be a doddle. I'll chose for us, Sarah. Oh, we've got Ted's job for the day. What would you be doing today, Ted? I was just about to decorate doctor Gilbertson's living room. That sounds like fun. School is about to start. Time for us to get to work. Comon, Alf. Me too. I'll have to be off on my rounds. I'll pop in on you all later and see how you are getting on Here you are, Reverend.. Oh, lovely! Now, which way up does this go? Hmm. So, I need to move those sheep into that field. Sounds ease enough. Oh, lovely fresh air. I could get used to this. Oh, bless my sole! Where did all the sheep go? Eh... Hello, children! I'm going to be teaching you today. And oure first lesson is going to be Maths. (murmuring) (chuckling) Well, here it goes. If you have five sheep... and you take three away... how many sheep do you have left? Sir, that's too easy. Two, sir. Alright. Forty sheep and twenty cows. Take away four sheep, add two pigs. What does that add up to? A farm, sir. (laughing) Oh dear. Me sheep aren't this much trouble. It's a bit early for the choir practice, Jess. I wonder what's going on? I don't think he should be in here. Do you, Jess? We'll have to find Reverend Timms He's looking after the sheep today. Jess!!! Miaow! Oh, dear! Oh, no! Get out of there, you! Naughty sheep! He won't budge. We'll have to take him with us. Oh, you are doing here grand job, dear Ted! Well, everything is working like clockworking, Joan. I reckon Nisha and Sarah got this cafe line all wrong What we need here is a production line to serve all the customers. Well, Ted. You are certainly earning my sponsorship money. And a bit extra too. Thanks very much. There you go. Keep up the good work, Ted. I'm only sorry I'm missing out all that fun. I'd love to swap jobs. but we can't have Greendale without a doctor. 0r a policeman? That wouldn't do. Shame, though. O.... expensive... I'l make a lovely cream ... Oh! Cream..... ..... by itself. Very impressive, Ted. Hello, everyone! Grand day, isn't it? It's certanly is, Pat! Cappiccino please, Ted. .... We'd better take cover. Ou! Ou! Be within a seccond, Pat. Thanks, Ted! How's it going? Oh, it's grand, Pat! My production line idea... I've always got planty of tea ready for costumers. Costumers? What costumers? My, I didn't think about that. Ugh! Oh dear! I don't think this tea is quite right, Ted. Ugh! ... Maybe running a caffee isn't quite so easy after all. Let's hope Nisha and Sara are getting along better with your decorating. Oh, dear! I do hope so. Well, I'd better get on with my rounds. Cheerio, everyone! By, Pat! Cheerio, Pat! Oh no, you don't! Oh dear, Jess! Something tells me nothing is gonna be strait forward today. This isn't so hard, isn't, Nisha? No. I think we are doing great job. We deffinitely deserved a break. What a good idea! Well, would you look at that! Oh, dear. That dosn't look great at all. This sandwich is a bit chewy. Yuck! Thats a paper sandwich. (ding-ding) Who .... could that be? Where did the door go? (nock-nock) Come in! Oh! Hello, Pat! Hello! How is it going? Miaw. Sorry, Jess! Looks like we should stick to the caffee from now on. Yes. May be wallpapering isn't quite your thing. A-ha! I've got you now. Ba-a-a-a! O-o-h! Ba-a-a! How, in heaven, does Alf manage? Now children! The game's we are all going to pretend to be sheep. Ha? When I blow my special sheep .... whistle you need to follow my instructions. (whistling) (laughing) (whistling) (laughing) (bleating) Ba-a-a! Oh dear! I've forgotten about this sheep. Well, climb in, Jess. We have to go and find Reverend's teams. This dosn't look goog, Jess. Miaow We have gathered here today in the middle of the road Out you get then. You might as well join to your friends. Pat! Thank goddness you are here. I can't get them to go back to that field. Don't worry, Reverend. We'll give you a hand. Common, Jess! Miaow. Let's get this sheep moving! Miaow! (bleating) Common, sheep! Shoo! I think I will stick to tending my usual ... from now on. I'm exhosted. Common, Reverend. I'll give you... back to the school hall. We can collect well deserved sponsor money on the way. Khu-khu! Oh good gratious! Where am I? I's just like to thank everyone who take a part in sponsored job swap. I think we'd all agree that it's proved quite a challange. My! I think I'll stick to what I know best from nowon. Not caffee is ... And we've got.... I don't know how you do it, Ted. Too true. The grass isn't the.... greener. Especially .... a sheep on it. (laughing) Sheep are lot less bother then a class full of children. That's for sure. I've finished... sponsor money. Now lets see .... Hay! We've donated! (exclaming) Lovely! Well done, everyone! I think you are all very clever. And thanks to you, the roof woun't be leacking enymore.

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