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- 19, day 2. 19, day 3. - No...! 19, day 4. - You were here for takes 1 through 12. - OK. I don't remember you saying anything other than that the best yet was 10, but... Lets' hear 10. - That's not bad. The front of that's not bad. - No, uh-uh. - I like that one note. - The one low thing here, right? Yep. - What do you need? - Goose Gossage. - What? - Goose Gossage. - Hall Of Fame, right? - I'll say. - You ready? - I'm very ready. Eleven... I know... - What? - Yeah, I...I mean, it's not bad, but I mean... - You're looking for... - No, I'm looking for "Ridiculous". Rick said this song was "Ridiculous", and I can't... It's's not good enough. But if you step away...from the details... - It's just not... -'ll... This solo is not the only thing that's going to make anything ridiculous or comeback... Every... Dude,every nanosecond of those 55 minutes has to be "Ridiculous". - OK. - Seriously, we've got to set the bar a little higher. OK? - I', I'm with you. - No, I mean, that was fine. You know... I'm gonna skip now...I'm gonna skip a few, OK? And then, if we wanna go... - I'm gonna play you the highlights, and if we really need spots, we'll go to these other sections. - OK. - Day 3...? - No. So this is now 16. - 19, day 3... 19, day 19? Erm...OK. - 16, I'm ready. Blow my mind. - I'm gonna play you 16. - So, here's the good news, and the bad news. - Yes. The bad news is...we're not gonna put that on the record. The good news is, we never have to hear it again. You didn't like any of the front of that? - It didn't seem like it quite had the same magic as 10. - OK. Let's, er... I appreciate that, cheers. Pepsi-challenge it. Let's see 10 and 16.

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Posted by: brynarth on Aug 12, 2008

Metallica Music Video

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