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SpaceVidcast Episode 007 - 05/08/2008

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Dramatic Music (Ben) Welcome to SpaceVidCast, Episode 007, Special agent edition (Cariann) I got it! (Ben) Really? Is that what you are doing for this episode? (Cariann) SEVEN! (Ben) You're throwin' your sign down there is what you're doin'. Alright, Well my name is Benjamin Higginbotham with me is my beautiful, lovely and very talented wife Cariann. We are the Space Vidcasters, and we're going to, actually tonight's a unique edition. We're broadcasting outside for the first time. In Minneapolis Minnesota, because the weather is actually cooperating with us tonight. (Cariann) Because we can. (Ben) Yup, ah, unfortunately I didn't think this all the way through, and I'll have to do this next time...the Moon is right there. (Cariann) Way over there. Yeah (Ben) So, I need to rotate. (Cariann) We have a great view of it. need to rotate. (Cariann) We have a great view of it. It's a beautiful shot of the Moon. (Cariann) It's beautiful actually. It's lovely right now. (Ben) So, we'll get that in the shot... Next time, sometime. This is going to be unique because we don't have any guests tonight, we don't have any real hard talking stories, we're actually going to be telling to be telling you what we're doing in the future of Space Vidcast, to bring you ongoing N.A.S.A. information and ESA information and all the different rocket launches and everything that's going on in space travel, and how we're going to be improving that over time. Because while we do these shows once a week like this we actually broadcast 24/7, essentially 365. So, lets start off with our news. And actually you've got the news items. (Cariann) Sweet. (Ben) As you get ready, I'll talk about STS 124, which is going to be scheduled to launch May 31st of this month. We'll have live coverage of that through NASA TV, right here on Space Vidcast. It gives you the opportunity to... Why are you laughing? (Cariann) Because you said "May 31st of this month". (Ben) That is this month. (Cariann) I know. (Ben) I meant to say May 31st of this year, didn't I? (Cariann) Yes. I'm sorry. (Ben) Well, you know. You know what I meant. (Cariann) I know. But I'm was just like" Wait, what did he say?" (Ben) I do that all the time, and I was on um, a local television station live, and I was so worried I would do something stupid like that. (Cariann) Right, right. (Ben) But it wasn't me who did the stupid thing, it was the host. We had an awkward moment. (Cariann) It was a little... yeah it wasn't me actually at all. (Ben) Go to, ah to see that segment live if you want. You have your news stories, so I can... (Cariann) I do! (Ben) Try to dig myself out here? (Cariann) I've been waiting for you, man. (Ben) Alright, go ahead. (Cariann) What's going on? (Ben) What have you got? (Cariann) Ok. So. Did you know, first of all that there is a I had no idea. What does this have to do with space? Well, what I learned today was... (Ben) Wouldn't it be (Cariann) But it's not. (Ben) There's a commercial Canada? (Cariann) Yes! That's what I'm saying. (Ben) Alright. Awesome.(Cariann) Those were the words I used. Anyhow, it says Allinant Tech. Systems, which is right here in Minneapolis, in case you didn't know, uh has been for an entire month attempting to buy, or to get the Canadian government to change it's mind about the potential sale of key parts of Canada's biggest space company. (Ben) I believe that's the part that did Canada ARM 2 and the DEXTER robot, the dexterious robot thingy. (Cariann) Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah... where is it somewhere down here? You know how I do this every single time, you guys? (Ben) You could just memorize it. (Cariann) I could. But I really don't see the need for that. (Ben) But there are like eight more days, or something like that? Just a few more days, when there's an appeal process that can occur and if that doesn't occur then, that's it. (Cariann) Right. And the whole idea is that at one point the technology of this company was so advanced it was actually considered a security threat by the U.S.. So, that we're trying to buy it at all is a little bit interesting and it's not the U.S. government, it is a private company. Right here in Minnesota. (Ben) Dude, they made a giant robot thats in space right now. (Cariann) Yeah. It's kind of a big deal. (Ben) It's awesome too. (Cariann) So, yeah. Stuff happens in Minnesota. Ok? We're cool. We know what's up. (Ben) Next story: (Cariann) Alright, hold on. I need to grab this right here. Ok. (Ben) Oh! I love this story. This is awesome. (Cariann) Ok. So, like Ben was saying earlier, we pretty much do broadcast 365. 24/7 365, or 366 depending on the year, which would be this year. Anyhow, point is that we re-broadcast NASA TV, correct? (Ben) Usually. Not always. If NASA TV has something interesting, or if there's nothing else interesting (Cariann) Right. (Ben) in the world of space, we just re-broadcast NASA TV. (Cariann) Right. (Ben) Which is made freely available. And they basically say 'Please re-broadcast us'. (Cariann) Which, actually is awesome. They have a lot of great information. Um, but, what was on earlier today, on NASA TV... maybe some of you have seen it, was Garrett Reisman. Reisman? Reisman? I don't really know how to say that for sure. Sparring with one and only Stephen Colbert. And that will actually be airing tonight, I believe. (Ben) Probably right now. (Cariann) Probably right about now. So, if you're watching us, you're not watching them. But you could always get it online a little bit later. Ah, either get us online you cant interact with them because they filmed it earlier today ANd we are way cooler. LIVE LIVE. In fact if there is a bear, I will be running! Of course it was Colbert so thats kinda funny he was saying "so, let me get this straight. You are an Astronaut, your a scientist, your an engineer But more importantly you are a member of the Colbert nation. Right?. So that went on and on. This that and the other. It will be alot of fun I hope you guys catch it alittle bit later. Proud to say "it was on SpaceVidcast." So, if anyone was on earlier. Which I know alot of people do. They hang out in the chat room. Or just check in every once in a while. Just say hi to everybody. Lunch hour, what not. Its alot of fun actually We kinda have that going on all the time. This is another Canada thing. And I know that alot of people give me grief Because we are in Minnesota and are very close to Canada But that doesnt neccessarily mean that I love Canada. However, this article might change everything. for me. Asteroids hitting Earth. We have talked about this by the way. Oh! at great lengths!!. This is one reason why we are here Right, its says next year the Canadian Space Agency will launch a near earth orbit survellance satellite They abbreviated it to N.E.O.S.Sat first space asproid hunting device ever made. An Asteroid does come just pounding down to earth. We have the Canadians to thank for blasting that baby right out of the sky. But, there is a problem with that. And as we have covered before just simply blowing up a satellite or even just detecting a sattellite. Wont necessarily be enough to stop. Did I say satellite?. I mean't meteor or asteroid. If we have a giant rock coming towards earth It may not be just one rock it may be a group or a clump of rocks that have their own gravity. Its very difficult to blow something like that up. Because their own gravity will pull them back together and they still will smash into us But, now they are radio active if we use a nuke. So, what you see in the movies is not necessarily what your going to get Cant we just fly up there and bomb it all the hell? ..Umm, no (Cariann) Dang it! (Ben) that's why we advocate getting off of this rock and going to other planets like Mars. And as NASA's mission back to the moon then onto mars and beyond or something like that is their slogan So we are huge advocates of that we need to get off this planet and onto Mars. We need to detect this stuff we need to let it go. This is all fantastic But the other reason I really like this is because Canada made it so my tax money is going to it. Its only ten million dollars. And I didn't have to do it "awesome!". But, maybe you did?. No, I didn't!. That's why I didn't move to Canada. I don't mind spending my money on on. Good things?...Yea!. absolutley. I rather spend my tax money on this rather than some of the other programs we got going. I'm just saying. (laugh) Fox said "watch out for the soap box" It's a good size soap box too!. "oh its a very large one!.It's actually hard to get off of!" It's easier just to stay on!..Are those all the news articles?. Yes!, that's all I have is a couple of Canada things and a cool bear. (Ben) No there was another one. Actually NASA next week is going to be revealing... they found, someone sent me the link earlier. And if you wouldn't mind in the chatroom post that link, where NASA is going to reveal something that researchers have been looking for for fifteen years. And they are very vague as to what they are going to be showing. (Cariann) Something, but that means if they show anything... they stay true to their word. (Ben) That's true. Yeah absolutely. It's going to be airing next Wednesday, so check back. And as soon as we have airing details or...information or whatever we can get our hands on. We will post that in the SpaceVidcast calendar. Which you can find at Got sound effects with that one. (Cariann) It says "NASA to announce success of long galactic hunt". (Ben) Right, and I think they've been searching this...oh I'm sorry, searching for more than fifty years. So they've been looking for whatever it is they've been looking for. They're going to find it. (Cariann) I certainly hope they found it. We should get a poll going. Who thinks it's Planet X? Anyone? Planet X? (Cariann) Ooh, Ooh! (Ben) (laughter) (Cariann) I do! (Ben) Aliens, exactly. So we've got Planet X, aliens, anything else? (Cariann) They found DS9. Deep Space Nine. (laughter) (Cariann) Thank God for that. (Ben) No Babylon Four. Babylon Four was lost too. (Cariann) (laughter) (Ben) How geeky do you want to get right? (Cariann) They found the Neutral Zone. (Together) (laughter) They already know where Area 51 is Fox. (Together) (laughter) (Cariann) Area 52. (Ben) So let's talk a little bit about what SpaceVidcast is going to be doing in the near term future. (Cariann) Yes. (Ben) And gearing up for STS-124. Hopefully launching at the end of this month. There we go that is what I wanted to say the first time. Shuttle launches are always exciting. Right I mean it's the most impressive vehicle that humans have ever built. And it's just freaking cool. So we want to bring that coverage to you. And I think we've actually done a fairly good job with the STS-123 launch. We did a little co-hosting thing going on. It was a lot of fun. We had a lot of people joining us. Actually over, I think it was over 75,000 people joining us for... (Cariann) It was kind of ridiculous actually. (Ben) for STS-123. That was a lot more and that was with no advertising, nothing. It was a lot more. So thank you everyone for joining us for STS-123. I hope we'll have much better success with 12...did I say 124? I meant to say 123. I hope we have much better success with 124. (Cariann) You said it right. (Ben) Great. And to do that, one of the issues we have is we're grabbing the NASA TV feed off of the website. They're streaming video. So there's like a 30 second delay in that and then we add another two to five seconds delay on our side and you know sometimes that feed will go down. And every night if you tune into SpaceVidcast you'll notice that every single night the NASA TV feed freezes for reasons I don't understand. But it's only the NASA TV feed. Their streaming video just freezes up. And so what we're doing is we've been working with some local guys, PSBsatellite is actually, PSB right? Yeah PSBsatellite is in the chatroom. (Cariann) You keep calling him PSP. Or PBS. (Ben) PBS? I know it's weird, it's an illusion. He's in the chatroom. He's a local Minnesota satellite installer. He's actually certified, I believe. (Cariann) Ooh. (Ben) Or certifiable. (Cariann) Well I'm certifiable. (Ben) But he's a great guy and ironically I used to work for a satellite broadcasting company called CONUS Communications. And I actually have very little knowledge of how satellites work. I take that back, I know how we launch them and I know how they work. I don't know how the Earth side of satellites... (Cariann) Right, right. (Ben) receiving the signal. You know I know back in the day when I was doing this KU Band, which was just coming out. USSB was still around and... (Cariann) PSB is licensed. (Ben) LThere we go. Licensed, thank you. So you know I'm used to the big C-band dishes which are eight to ten feet wide. (Cariann) Right. (Ben) They're just huge and they shake the building as they're rotating them. (Cariann) Like Contact. (Ben) Yeah, yeah. Although not that big. That's huge. (Cariann) Right. (Ben) So we're going to be working on installing a free to air satellite that's going to be able to grab a bunch of different feeds off of Ku-Band. Now NASA doesn't actually broadcast on Ku-Band directly. They are C-Band broadcast, but there are other feeds that are done through Ku-Band. Is this getting way too geeky? (Cariann) No, I'm totally following. (Ben) (laughter) Sarcastic. (Cariann) Well I'm being bitten alive so it's kind of hard for me to... (Ben) Really? They're not biting me. (Cariann) I know, they love me. I am soft and sweet and juicy. (Together) (laughter) (Ben) Awkward. Moving on. So we're going to be, we're going to be trying to make that happen. And we're going to make that happen before STS-124, which will give us the ability to give you a much closer to real time and once STS-124 has safely landed, as we all know it will, we will, we all know right? (Cariann) Yes, absolutely. (Ben) It's going to be a wonderful landing. (Cariann) Knocking on...wood. (Ben) Naw, it'll be great. Once it safely lands we will continue the NASA TV and ESA broadcasts through the satellite as opposed to grabbing it off of streaming video and this is...if you were watching earlier today I actually risked my life. I was taking a live camera up the stairs. And we were broadcasting from the roof of my house. Showing it around, kind at what the different angles are going to look like for the satellite, so that we could get everything up to speed. (Cariann) It was awesome. (Ben) And that's what we're planning. Yeah we should get some promo clips as...was saying. It's going to be cool. And I'm excited because...and PSB correct me if I'm wrong, but we are going to get a lot more than what we've got right now with just the NASA TV feed. We should be able to tune into a bunch of's a motorized system we'll be able to tune into whatever you guys need, so that we can pull in ESA, the European Space Agency, we can pull in NASA, we can pull in if there is a privatized launch. So long as it's on a Ku-Band channel or possibly Ka, I'm not sure. We will be able to bring you live coverage of that. And what differentiates us is that we've got this awesome chat room right here down at the bottom. So we can interact with you, you can interact with us, you can ask questions in real time. You can say what does that acronym mean? (Cariann) (laughter) (Ben) Why did they do that? What's going on? Why do they roll at ten seconds? Blah, blah, blah. So you can...and we welcome the noobs and we welcome the experts. Experts are here to help out the new guys. New guys are here to become experts and help evangelize space travel so that the whole world gets excited about going back to the Moon, going back to Mars, and well beyond so that we can populate other planets and get a little redundancy for the human race. (Cariann) Ooh redundancy. (Ben) Redundancy. Can you tell I work at IT? (Cariann) No, not at all. (Ben) So that's actually my entire show. (Cariann) Ta-Da. (Ben) I'll leave it down to the chat room, we'll give it an awkward moment here to talk to the chat room...yeah the chat room wants to go into post show. (Cariann) Post show. See the thing is is that we are outside and it's at night and I did my best to light the trees behind me. I don't know if you can see that. Look at that. (Cariann) Yeah there you go. Little bit of lights. We need to get much brighter lights. (Cariann) We're working on it. (Ben) Yeah actually I think this set outside is kind of cool. (Cariann) Right. (Ben) If we can pull this off when it's not raining it would be really neat to get a more shot of a starry sky, maybe the Moon in the background. (Cariann) Yeah the actual Moon. You know with our luck the next time we do this it will be a new Moon and we'll be out here for like five hours trying to figure out what's going on. (Ben) Where's the Moon? (Cariann) Why we can't find it. (Ben) And just to show you my horrible sense of direction, the reason we are pointing this direction instead of that direction is I really thought the Moon was going to come from that side. (laughter) (Cariann) Of course he did. (Ben) I can't, I can' know I have to thank NASA for helping to launch the GPS satellites. Because without those satellites... (Cariann) Yes. (Ben) I would have no idea... (Cariann) Yes, yes, yes. Thank you NASA. (Ben) Yup, no kidding. (Cariann) Woo...his internal compass broken. (Ben) (laughter) (Cariann) I's awful. You guys have no idea. (Ben) So alright I think that's going to wrap up the show for today. You know, let's roll the credits. Cause I'm feeling credity. What do you think? (Cariann) Sure. (Ben) Alright we'll roll credits and thank you guys for watching. I hope we'll see you back next week. We'll have a guest on next week. (Cariann) Yup. (Ben) We'll make a...should we do it outside again? What do you guys think? Do you like the outside thing, should we do this outside? (Cariann) You know it is Minnesota and it could snow. Anytime. (Ben) So Fox likes outside... (Cariann) (laughter) (Ben) Yeah it could. Middle June we could get snow. (Cariann) You have no idea. (Ben) So everyone seems to like outside. I'll work on getting some trees or something set up. And we'll get a little better staging area I think. But ah this was fun. (Cariann) Yeah this was fun. (Ben) We'll get you some of what is that Deet? (Cariann) Yes please I really like..I'm just itching all over the place. But um it's good. It's all good. (Ben) Yeah I think this was fun. So thank you guys for watching. We'll see you next week here on SpaceVidcast at nine o'clock Central Daylight Time every Thursday night. Ooh I have to hit the button.

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Our first outdoor edition! We cover space news as well as the future of the SpaceVidcast 24x7x365 video stream.

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