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Korach by Rav Berg

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Shabbat Shalom friends. This week's reading is from Korach. Those of us who are familiar with that infamous name, we know that this was an indavidual who created the first rebellion in the community of the Israelites who left Egypt. But again, for those of you who may have missed several of the previous readings on Shabbat and their explainations I would like to reiterate again that by reading and listening to Torah Reading on Shabbat, the purpose of which is to remove chaos, and not as much to provide us with information as to the historical events that took place some 3,400 years ago because, frankly speaking, I don't think any of us are really concerned about what happened 3,400 years ago. But beside the information, but this was not the purpose, is to provide us with the disciplines, the energies that can emerge from these readings on Shabbat, and so that life becomes a little more fulfilled, a little less chaos, a little less pain and suffering. And so we come to Shabbat to capture particular types and sources of energy that can go a long way in removing the familiar chaos that surrounds almost every single individual throughout this entire globe. And we have here an individual, Korach, who was a Levite, and he began to complain to Moses. He said "Moses, this all appears to be a little drop of nepotism." "You're the leader of this nation, Aaron has been handed the priesthood, your sister Miriam, the prophetess, who sways the women as she sees fit in her revelations that she receives from God. And you left people like me stranded on the outside. Why can't you share some of these prestige, some of this honor unto others, like myself?" And I'm sure many of us, at whatever level we might be addressing, have found ourselves soul searching on that very same issue. We just haven't been accorded the respect, the honor, whether it be from a parent, whether it be from a child, whether it be from friends, whether it be from a place of employment, you name it, this is a situation that can create within us a feeling that we've been overrode, we've been shunned, we've been put aside, and we develop and build a resentment within us. Anyway, this was Korach's complaint to Moses. And Moses speaks to God and tells Him, "Listen, this is what Korach is complaining about." "He feels that he is rightfully entitled to some of the spoils." Because he is now treating it as a reward, rather than a service to God. Meaning, whether it's me that performs this highly important, significant function or it be somebody else. A spiritual person always recognizes that he is placed in a certain position because he is chosen to fulfill that destiny. But that doesn't mean because I am fulfilling a significant destiny, therefore, I'm deserving. I want to be rewarded. Which is the way Korach felt. That this is what Moses, and his brother Aaron and his sister Miriam were all reaping from this tremendous, even profound 'kavod', honor bestowed upon these three individuals. But that's what was wrong. Because the lesson we will learn from this reading is, not only to learn a lesson, but to understand the principles, the laws that make this universe work on harmony. It is a definition of what our position is here in the environment we find ourselves, in the family that we're hooked up with.

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Korach by Rav Berg

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