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This is really awesome. Hi this is Mission [email protected] reporting from the Mission Cultural Center where people have gathered here to watch the unveiling of the burrito throdown which features some random famous chef guy and two local heroes So the question that's weighing on all of us, is how did you get invited to the burrito throwdown? I know, huh? I don't know. The television called, in the shape of a producer from the food network. We want to shoot a demo tape called 'Brotheryly Grub' would you and your bother be interested? so we're taping the actual pilot and out comes Bobby Flay and he said: I want you it's not a pilot, it's actually a throwdown So, Bobby Flay comes out and he's just taking with you what you saying son? what? you make a burrito? what? what? so we started making burritos And so, he's prepared 'cause it's his show he knows he's going to throwdown with the burritos and you're just there just two innocent guys doing what we do best should he have messed with us? No, no Have you been there, what would you have done to him? I might have punched him in the face -that's right How do you know these guys? they're just part of the community, you know? which community? The hip hop and food community Papalote is the best It became like a DJ destination, i swear to God a lot of out of town djs like when they come and they wanna eat here so, who won? b how does it feel? like i'm going to disneyland are you really? No Have you been to Disneyland? I have It doesn't compare to what just happened

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Posted by: missionlocal on Feb 22, 2010


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