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Life As We Know It (2010)

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[music with a heavy beat] [knocking at the door] (man) Am I late? (woman) Just an hour, but you know... Alright! [cell phone music ringtone] Gonna have some sexy time. Lovee. Why don't we, uh, why don't we make it 10:30. Oh, Sam, promise I never have to see him again. (Peter) Guys, come on, I want to get a picture of Sophie with her godparents. Cheese. [phone rings] Yes, this is she. (male voice) Did Allison and Peter speak with you about who would take care of Sophie, in the unlikely event that they should both die? (both) No. Well, they named you. (both) I'm sorry. They picked us together? (attorney) I tried to advise them against it, but there are options... ...we have Peter's father... (Eric) I think she looks just you. (Holly) Oh. Sophie - no-no-no-no-no. (Holly) Good as new! Still breathing. Yay! Are we supposed to live in this house together? (Holly) We are part of a plan. (Eric) So Susan says don't mess with it, you can forget the condom. I say no, and I still end up with a kid. We need to figure out a schedule. That's my night off! You should be happy to get rid of your old life, because your old life sucked. It was great every time. Even with Bakemore? They loved Sophie more than anything in the world, and out of everyone else they picked us. (Holly) She's making poop bubbles. What do you mean, she's making poop bubbles? You just gotta pull it from the tub. Hurry up, hurry up! Okay No-no-no-no! There goes my hat. [cooing baby] How's that wine treating ya? Mmmm. I think you guys make a really cute couple. She said the same thing about Taylor Swift and that Twilight kid. Holly! She's starting to walk! Stall her! I'm hurrying! What did you do? You told me to stall her, so I just gave her a little shove. I finally figured out why Peter and Allison picked us, and it's not because we knew them best, It's because you and me together, Sophie, somehow .... we're a family. Oh my god! Oh my god! ♪ ["Moth's Wings" - Passion Pit] Ohh! It's like Slumdog Millionaire in there. Get it out of her clothes. It's burning my eyes. Hey, what a surprise. What? Sweetie, you have poo on your face. [laughing] [Captions by]

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