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Stop The Kettle Island Bridge

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What happens when NCC consultants decide to build a new bridge at Kettle Island and a 4 lane truck highway through 12+ residential neighbourhoods impacting more than 100,000 people in downtown Ottawa and Gatineau? More than 1000 angry citizens show up.. ..they are demanding answers. We're not saying no bridge. We're just saying put it where it makes sense. Again, I ask directly the responsible federal and provincial authorities How is it possible in 2008 For a study to consider that globally the natural environment, fish, fish habitat etc. at 17% is almost twice as important as the habitat for people. Homes, communities, institutions....that's at 9% ! Our coalition members are outraged. We demand that the recommendation for Kettle Island be rejected We demand that the decision for a bridge location get the trucks off King Edward Avenue We demand that any future bridge be directed into a regional ring road system. And we demand that established neighbourhoods be protected from intrusion by highways and bridges. The process that was used in this study is the most comprehensive process... Other cities place top priority on people, communities, and the environment but apparently not Ottawa-Gatineau I've been sitting here like everybody else listening and I'm not hearing a lot of talk about the concerns about people and their homes and their community I'm hearing a lot of talk about trucks and getting those trucks and moving those trucks this is ridiculous! This study is the most comprehensive most defendable process to make decisions for public infrastructure. No one that lives in the area was used to do the evaluation If you say that this process was open, transparent, and unbiased will you make the transcripts from the discussions that took place in the technical committee available to the public? Yes or No? Do we have transcript of what happened within those four walls? The answer is no. When we looked at the terms of reference for this study it was clear that the removal of trucks from the downtown core was one of the major reasons for undertaking the study. But when we saw the results of the study and we saw the number of trucks removed from King Edward and the core was 30% we were somewhat aghast and pretty surprised and rather angry by it ...and..I've been a teacher for 40 years and I'll tell you, anyone who gets 30% on a test has to redo it The process that was used in this study is the most comprehensive process... So this is quite an odd situation because you've made a recommendation, you've chosen a corridor before you do the major environmental and human community assessment. How do you account for that? The process that was used in this study is the most comprehensive process... I am co-founder and editor of Thank you for your support. Thanks to all the people who showed up from all parts of Ottawa. WE WILL WIN THIS FIGHT Produced by for the present and future citizens of Ottawa

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Posted by: peder on Oct 2, 2008

What happens when a bunch of bureaucrats decide to build a bridge and and 4 lane truck highway through 12 neighbourhoods in downtown Ottawa? The citizens fight back!

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