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La Morale della Parabola dell'Acquedotto

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Hello everyone. Today I will tell you the need and importance of building aqueducts. It is a very important step to your bright and secure future. The world is drying. You are the builders, the buckets of our world. But everyone is trapped between time and money and busy in carrying their own bucket. From chef to apprentices, from lawyers to doctors; everybody is busy in making money for themselves. There is no difference whether you carry a small bucket or a big one, you are working on a very small scale. But the point is not the size of bucket but whether we are producing something ourselves or not. Because whatever the size of the bucket, if you are not building anything for yourself, then It is a trap. You will only gain if you have buckets. If you are working for somebody. The aqueduct instead, is more effective as it extracts from the grass also. People who build aqueducts are people who know how to create wealth. They do not rely on others. They make their own money and are the masters of their time. It is a formula for making money. Let us understand the level of its effects. Number One We must not leave our work. Let me not jeopardize. What I am saying is that we not only bring buckets but we also take out our time and start constructing aqueducts. Let us remember the Parabola and pay attention to some points. If Paul continues to carry the buckets and side by side he constructs aqueducts, so he has a job as well. The important thing is to understand the building of an aqueduct. Because there are people who prefer being mediocre And think that the secret to being successful is getting a bigger bucket. Their salary increases day by day and they think they are getting more successful. But they are working under someone and are dependent. They will try to keep on improving themselves. Then they will go and get a masters degree or specialization and bring a bigger bucket or open up their company for a much bigger bucket. But the secret is to continue bringing big buckets along with making aqueducts. Number Two You have no time for yourself as you need to carry buckets all the time. Now a days people try to run ahead of time bringing buckets and working under someone for their entire life. So many people abandon what they like for the job which gives them money. And they keep working. They give up everything that they like. But after several years Become frustrated and angry. How many people say after 20-30 years of their work that they are completely satisfied and happy with their job and love working? And say 'YES! I am completely satisfied with my job.' It is easy to get frustrated. It is easy to get bored and angry of your daily routine. Why? Because we are humans. We were born to be free. But all the restrictions and chains that bind us lead to frustration. Time limits Restrictions, limitations. Building an aqueduct means freedom Why? Because money will flow, whether you work or you do not work. Even when you are sleeping, eating, or on a vacation, money will always keep coming to you. Make a difference in your life by building aqueduct. Money will come to you even when you do not work. Even when you do not carry the buckets. Number Three We speak of insecurity simply because everyone is insecure. You will continue bringing buckets. This is sure. It is safe. Why? Because the main thing is your problem. You have to keep working for someone as their employee. Completing targets. Solving problems. Otherwise you will be fired from the job. This will give you insecurity beyond the size of your bucket. On this side, there is safety. Because you no longer depend on anyone. Why? Because whether you work or not, the money keeps coming to you. Last Point No matter how big the bucket is, you will not die with it. Why? Because if there is any problem, the bucket will not come to you. But the money from aqueducts will keep coming, even when you die, to you family and your children. I want to share with you peals of wisdom that made me reflect and think about being a part of this project. This man is a guide to us, He is known all over the world In our business he is the center of our activities. He has been a consultant to the White House Is one of the first level writers of a book with Mother Teresa. He has been to Calcutta to meet her and has met many other important people. He is one of the most famous speakers in the world and is regularly called upon to speak in seminars and on television. He can speak on all kinds of subjects because he has a brilliant mind. When he was asked why he is a part of this activity he replied When I die, my daughter will not suffer. She will not have to beg for anything in life. We can see people carrying large buckets and ensure you that People may carry huge buckets and be a part of this network as well. Because building an aqueduct will ensure that after you die, your family has a permanent source of income. It will be the biggest gift to yourself, your family, and your children. After building an aqueduct, second responsibility is to teach others to build it. Because the power and information that we have in building the aqueducts will help others. We have the information and it is our business to help others build aqueducts. When you need advice we will be there. By building an aqueduct you will be a part of our big family You will be determined like never before. Because you can start your own aqueduct at any time. With all the information and sources and our help. We will help you at every step of the making and then you will help others build it. A permanent and never ending source of income. Why? Because sooner or later, everyone will start a family. You will have a husband or a wife and children to take care of. Family always comes first. So you need an aqueduct. You are preparing. You are the makers of the new world. Thank You for watching.

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La Morale della Parabola dell'Acquedotto

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