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Staff Development Miles Hilton Barber

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"I was focusing and concentrating on my breathing and my upper body ..." It is not the blowing of the wind that determines your destination in life, but the set of your sails. When I went blind, I said: "God, what have I done to deserve going blind?" I wanted to start again. You can't, it's life. My brother taught me not to be introspective and have a pink-pity-party but get out there with that dream and just start methodically working towards it. My brother is also totally blind and about ten years ago he sailed a yacht solo from Africa to Australia relying on speach-output-technology. He is a great role model for me. I think all great coaches in life ... their life needs to be that example of what a coach can be. A lot of people ask me "What are the basic life principles for success?" which would apply to coaching, life-coaching and I would say that the biggest thing is to not focus on the limitations around us, but focus on our attitude. Attitude is what determines altitude. So a simple thing I would say to people is: Don't be afraid of stepping outside your circle, attempting new things in your life. Four simple steps to achieve your potential life: Number one: Have a big dream! Second step: Make a decision to live your dreams! Do something about it! I meet so many people around the world who have got great dreams, but they never do anything about them. They dream their life away. All achievers in life are dreamers, but not all dreamers are achievers! So the big thing I'd say to you listening to me right now: Make a decision to live that dream of your's! Thirdly: Have a plan! Just start writing down what you've got to do between where you are now and achieving that dream. Have a plan and forcefully persevere! "I want to dedicate this to all of you who are going through very difficult times in your personal life right now." The real fall-off in life I have learned to expect the unexpected. So what separates the successful from the failures is not how easy their circumstances were, it is how they responded! Attitude determines altitude! And the biggest barriers you will ever have to climb and overcome in your life are the ones that you have built in your own head. The only thing holding you back from your success is just five inches wide and that's the distance between your ears! Life is all about the journey, not the destination! So don't think if you want to run a marathon you've got to run that fast. that you' re white around your cheeks, you can hardly breathe, you've got blue lips, hyperventilating. No. A race is all about the journey, running slow enough to be able to hold a conversation, enjoying what's around you. And ... I'm not good at anything I've done, but I have learnt not to be afraid of stepping outside the circle, trying something new. It's always easier doing a thing than it is sitting and worrying about it. So stop worrying, make a decision. Step outside the circle, and you'll find that you'll look back and think "That was not as hard as I thought". And get on, have a bigger dream and start setting higher goals for your life.

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Posted by: mybigfive on Apr 22, 2011

Miles has been blind for about twenty years, but has not let that stop him from challenging barriers. He has sought adventure and succeeded on expeditions to deserts, mountains and the Polar Regions.
He is an exceptional storyteller and motivational speaker whose messages of "never give up", "expect the unexpected" and "think big to achieve big" come wrapped in a package of humour and profound personal insight.
He uses his experiences as an international adventurer to motivate and inspire others to achieve their potential. His words are not hollow generalisations - he offers practical ideas that work for everyone.

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