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Journey of the soul part 4 class 4 - tle 19

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But you see? He did not want to say that. He somehow is stubborn, and he says: "Ein Koach b'Bechinat Dalet!" He says there is no strength, there is no capturing at all in Bechinat Dalet. And nothing! "Ein Koach" (No strength)! From the audience: I maybe experienced that joy when it past. I did not capture it. Oh, you are saying we do not capture it? But I feel good. From the audience: I felt good, because it past through me. So I felt good. So there was something there that my... From the audience: So the same thing it is like maybe causing a short circuit. I saw the light for a flick, and then it was gone. Right. Okay. From the audience: But if you bought the Jaguar, and you tie that moment, and you said you bought it for your daughter, then a pleasure could be extended, because you... Now you are using the principle. That is correct. That is restriction already. Now if it is not for me alone, not for oneself alone, it is for the sake of sharing. That is the principle. But he is saying now: if I did not have that thought, does not the pleasure ever appear for a moment? He saying: it never appears. Now what you brought up: did not we say that there is contact between Malchut and, you know, like the... From the audience: Between the right and the left column. Right. Even though the filament at that moment doesn't work, but you get a spark, so there was a spark, so it seems that for in an instance there is something that Malchut receives. Is that right? From an audience: Potential. The word is 'potential'. We want to be very exact. Now we are going to have to change a little, change a little that idea of the spark that comes at that moment, that novelty that came at that moment.

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TLE 19 1017-1218

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