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Visions of a Sustainable World

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The trees, they grow in their own way The birds... go their own way from the beginning of the universe The rivers keep on flowing they follow their own wave We humans... we never follow our own ways The human beings are capable of solving any problem That is what our scientific evidence so far tells us But... greed is our problem We don't share our knowledge We don't give out our technologies unless we are paid for that Whether it's in politics, whether it's in religion whether in culture I think greed is one of the most... hindering the process of achieving a sustainable world You have a car, and why don't I have a car? If he owns a house, why don't I own a house? He's expanding his business why don't I expand my business That is the greed So it's very difficult to tackle that problem But at least making people aware that for our greediness the world may come to an end one day or the other way Can we afford to be honest? Eat honest beef? Eat honest pork? These are the things which will give answers to manyk, many problems People are not even aware of what climate change means and yet lots is happening in the northern hemisphere Taking an action on the creating of awareness first so people would know what is happening and they would take action by tomorrow for themselves Without people's participation, nothing ever works If you empower them to decide, then they can really do a lot a lot can actually be achieved Half of the world's farmers are now non-literate they are feeding the planet because they have got the wisdom from their parents and grandparents Now the rate at which climate change is taking place You know, shortage of water and increase of temperature So they won't be able to adjust and there will be a knowledge gap which will threaten productivity of the future So it is in our own interest that we bring all the people up The people, they look at development... infrastructure... roads, water supply... You know, whether they are employed, they get jobs, they get lots of money they get mobile phones, from the youth point of view They want to imitate, everything must be Western in their dress, in their looks but we miss something different If we had a more sustainable world we wouldn't have this big issue of rural and urban migration because there's better schools then why would people from the rural areas need to come out? And one of the fundamental issues that that I have come to realise that there cannot be sustainable development in the planet without alleviation of poverty The systems we have are not fair they include few and exclude the majority this is one thing and the very concept of sustainability itself, for me it has inherent complexity within like, it says... you have to... feed the current generation without compromising the needs of the coming generation How come? That's a big question When you say it it seems very simple but when it comes to practical terms within the already unfair system within an already unjust system How could you tell people to care for the coming generation while they are living dehumanised less than what their human dignity requires I believe if we are able to curb the population of humans I think the pressure on the world would be much, much less I think there has to be a concrete effort by the governments and also religious institutions If you have a small number of family you can give them proper education, proper food proper health, everything Before, people were managing within their own villages and regions and we didn't have to export and import food and we lived, happily and healthily, no? Probably the programmes are focusing so much on economic activities... no? and people are chasing after wealth instead of only looking into the pursuit of... having just enough, and not so much more My belief is that the care for the people is actually to show them that they should believe in themselves That they should not wait for a gift from Germany or United States but they should be taught how to make... their living comfortable by themselves If you have a chance, or you've had a chance of being educated and also... have more skills you have to use that to... educate other people as well What we need to do is unite those who have more must share something with other people and if we don't share the resources of this world we are not going anywhere... One day we will be burned down by the sun I believe we should try to be independent of food items coming from other states We should depend on the local food items which we grow in these areas of ours When it comes to the conservation of mother nature we the mothers feel that even though our children may be educated they should not forget the original ways of our agriculture Even though they have become educated and been employed in other jobs they should remember and preserve the knowledge and skills of the past in case famine comes and hits them, they will be forced to go humbly back to the place where they were born and do the work of other poor villagers The future generation My children, look I've got a child myself so in fact... how can he have a bright future in a world like this? Where you have so many problems everywhere Talking in terms of pollution talking in terms of population explosion Everything is out of control Who is to blame? In fact it's us only It's us And our generation in fact right now needs to act immediately It needs concerted participation by young and old It needs the cooperation of the people Without that we will never reach the target to revert Mother Earth to her previous condition. We have conferences yes, but do we really involve community leaders? Whether you are scientists or what There are people who are... who are really respected by the grassroot people They are the people who can help us take action It is not us in the offices... us in the universities that will bring change, We still need to say, out of ten of us Do we have one such leader People choose their own leaders they have got people they accept Do we really have them? when we are sitting down so that we can effect change This is the biggest issue They should take the voices from the edges of the cities and voices rooted in the culture of the people I try to plant fruit trees for the future generations. Of course, I will not get to reap the fruit of my work but I hope the future generations will harvest the fruit I plant today Of course we are expanding industrialisation but at the cost of the one who is living at the grassroot level So whenever we do something for ourselves think of others that would be affected by your actions That's my message Whenever we are getting more richer and richer the poor are getting poorer and poorer So let's think of others at the cost of our interests As human beings we depend to a great extent on something which life offers freely like mutual support, affection, generosity and if the world starts thinking on that line that is also something we should pay attention to So what I'm asking is people to stand in solidarity If you have the skills please share it If you have the knowledge, please again, share it If you have of course the resources, please again, share it Sharing, caring... It's what makes us human

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Posted by: insight on Mar 29, 2012

A short film of voices from India, South Africa, Bangladesh, and Ethiopia, giving their answers to the question 'What is your vision of a sustainable world?'

Made by InsightShare facilitators with the involvement of Participatory Video hubs in northeast India and South Africa, at the request of the Brave collaboration, initiated by UKCDS. The film was designed for screening at the Planet under Pressure conference sessions, to bring different voices into the room, to inspire new ways of looking at the world, to create an atmosphere for some radical visioning of the future.

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