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Hyatt In-Stay Engagement - QUICKTIME

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At Hyatt, we care for people so they can be their best. To do this for our guests, we are elevating our approach of engaging with them in-stay in order to receive feedback and resolve issues while they are still at our hotels. Traditionally, we’ve relied solely on post-visit surveys to discover positive and negative guest experiences. While that helps us to focus on common issues and enhance future visits, it does not address perceived shortcomings in-stay, or while a guest is still in the hotel. Left unresolved, this can impact guest satisfaction, and ultimately our hotel’s success. After extensive research and testing, we’re offering a new approach. In addition to gathering post-stay feedback, we’ll work proactively to gather in-stay feedback as well. Engaging guests in-stay plays out in two ways: Verbally, as we interact organically with guests. And digitally, as we proactively seek feedback through new technology. Colleagues that regularly interact with guests should ask targeted and meaningful questions to elicit the most actionable responses. Not simply “How is your day?" "How is your stay?” But specific questions that show genuine care. “Are you satisfied with the cleanliness of your guest room and bathroom?” “During your arrival, did the hotel staff exceed your expectations?” “Is everything in your guest room working as expected?” Additionally, colleagues in roles that are not typically guest facing should ask targeted questions when natural interactions present themselves. Talk with your manager about questions that may be appropriate in your role. Not only do specific questions demonstrate our sincerity, but the questions prompt guests to report any perceived deficiencies, allowing us to discover issues in-stay. As a result, we can take corrective action, solve the immediate need and recover while identifying service opportunities that will prevent future recurrences. All Hyatt colleagues have the opportunity to care for our guests and resolve service issues while they're in the hotel. It’s a proactive approach that produces more positive experiences for our guests, increases customer loyalty, and enhances our brand. Discover to Recover. Connecting with guests during their stay to enhance the overall experience at your hotel.

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Hyatt In-Stay Engagement - QUICKTIME

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