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Digital Reputation Series - Episode 4- Put the Impress in First Impression with Yelp and LinkedIn

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Hi I'm Lindsay Listanski. Welcome back to our Google referral series where we've explained how you can take control of your Google rankings along with presenting yourself in a positive way to current and future home buyers and sellers. We've covered the importance of optimizing your Coldwell Banker profile page as well as your social networking sites so that your digital resume is sure to put the impress in first impression. But there are still a few more things you can do. Today we're going to talk about Yelp and LinkedIn, two sites that Google algorithms absolutely love, which means more good things for your Google juice. Let's start with Yelp. Last week I asked my parents for a restaurant recommendation. They offered up a few places. Did I immediately react? Sorry Mom and Dad. The answer is no. A few years ago that was all I needed, but today with endless information at my fingertips whenever I need it, I couldn't resist doing my own dining detective work. So what did I do? I went to Yelp. That's right. I needed more opinions than just my parents. Reviews have become the new way of the world, and we're using them in every facet of our lives. So what does Yelp have to do with real estate? Well, Yelp reviews have expanded way beyond burgers and ice cream and are rapidly expanding to businesses and service providers including doctors, contractors, and—you guessed it—real estate agents. According to NAR, 65% say they're more likely to use a business with positive online reviews. And guess what? You are a business. So it's time to start building your reputation on this incredibly popular site. First things first. Set up a business profile page. This should include your name, Coldwell Banker company, and the words real estate. Next, you'll notice the opportunity to add photos. Start with a photo of yourself and add in some of your beautiful listings, marketing material, and anything else that shows how you engage with your clientele. Never stop updating your photo. Google loves new content. After you sign up, fill out all of your business information including your business address, URL to your Coldwell Banker profile page, and your email and phone number. Here's a fun fact. Many people don't know this, but if you were to ask Siri, iPhone's personal assistant, to find a nearby real estate agent, guess who she talks about? Those with a Yelp account. Okay, now the fun part. Time to start Yelping—aka getting reviews. Don't just get one from your best friend and family member. That's cheating. Keep it going nonstop. Encourage clients past and present to give you an honest review. One small piece of advice. If and when you get a negative review, don't panic. Learn from it, and more importantly, spend some immediate time asking even more people to rate you so that negative comment drops down in the rankings. A couple of flaws aren't bad. They show you're human. Remember that example I shared of my parents telling me where to eat? Let me put that in real estate terms. I know you have really happy former clients. They're likely telling their friends, "You have to use my agent." In today's society, that just isn't enough. Even that awesome verbal referral will likely result in a Google search. If you have a presence on Yelp, it'll certainly help. Ooh, I sound like Dr. Seuss. Anyway, when visitors find you on Yelp, if you have an arsenal of positive and honest reviews, that will obviously make a difference. How do you get those review? Just ask. A good way to bring up the idea of an online review is at the closing table. Do it on the spot. Sellers are thrilled because they just got paid, and buyers are thrilled because they just started a new chapter of their life in a new home. It's the perfect time to have them review you on Yelp or do a short testimonial video. And while we're on the subject of video testimonials, let's not forget about our partnership with Videolicious, another great tool for building up an incredible digital resume. For more information on Videolicious, go to Coldwell Banker Works (now CB Exchange) and type in keyword Videolicious. Now that you have Yelp covered, let's move on to LinkedIn. While Facebook shows your personal side, LinkedIn is your resume coming to life. Along with the ability to showcase your talent and the different work experience you've had in your life, real estate agents can greatly benefit from the endorsement feature. Endorsing others is a great way to recognize your colleagues for the skills you've seen them demonstrate. It helps contribute to the strength of their profile, and it increases the likelihood they'll be discovered for opportunities related to the skills you know they possess. Endorsing your colleagues also keeps strong connections with the people in your network. You may find that after endorsing a colleague from the past, it's easier to reach out to them because you've recently been in touch. Some great endorsements that you'd probably like to see added to your profile page include negotiating, customer service, selling, referrals, social media, relocation, and of course real estate. The more endorsements you give to local home inspectors, appraisers, contractors and the like, the more likely they are to return the favor. And don't forget that past clients can also say wonderful things about your skills too. The other LinkedIn feature that you might find helpful is called recommendations. A recommendation is a comment written by a LinkedIn member to recognize or commend a colleague, business partner, or client. For a real estate professional, great recommendations can come from other brokers, agents, and clients just to name a few. Viewers of your profile often view the recommendations you received to check out what kind of work you do. Needless to say, this is a huge part of your digital resume. By building up your collection of endorsements and recommendations, you'll be one step closer to capturing that Google referral. Okay my friends, that sums up our LinkedIn and Google referral episode. If you have more questions about testimonials, agent ratings, or more, post them to our Facebook group blue. Thanks for watching. Now go out there and start capturing those Google referrals.

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Digital Reputation Series - Episode 4- Put the Impress in First Impression with Yelp and LinkedIn

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