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First Manned Glide Flight for VG - SpacePod 2010.10.14

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Duration: 4 minutes and 7 seconds
Country: United States
Language: English
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Posted by: spacevidcast on Oct 14, 2010

I cheated in todays SpacePod. This is the Virgin Galactic B-Roll footage for their first manned glide flight. We didn't do a whole lot of editing, but did add a bit of SVC flare. Remember, no live show tonight as we're on our way to BlogWorld. Enjoy and we'll see you next week!
VIRGIN GALACTIC'S SPACESHIPTWO ACHIEVES MAJOR MILESTONE IN ITS PROGRAM TO BECOME WORLD'S FIRST MANNED COMMERCIAL SPACE VEHICLE.VSS ;Enterprise achieves manned free flight from over 45,000 ft (13,700 metres) and successfully glides to land at Mojave Air and Spaceport.10th October 2010, Mojave, CA. Virgin Galactic, the US company developing the world's first commercial manned space flight system and tourism business, is delighted to announce the successful completion today of the first piloted free flight of SpaceShipTwo, named the

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