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The History of Robocraft | Episode 2 | The Multiplayer Update

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What is up you guys, this is SpaceKryptonite here to bring you the History of Robocraft episode 2 where we will dive in on some more Robocraft juiciness and it’s primary origin of multiplayer Some ostrich lover named Damo was suppose to be joining us, but unfortunately, he was busy with stuff So without further or do, let's get to digging that diamond and continue from where we left off Robocraft at this point in time was still in its single player stage and the idea of multiplayer was on its bucketlist but it was still laying its foundation Instead of rushing its development, new features were being implemented to synchronize the feeling of progression and a reason to play multiplayer This was the birth of the Tech Tree on June 27, 2013, but not in the vision that many remember This was the original tech tree that was simple and easy to understand You would unlock new parts using RP, then purchase the parts in the Cube Depot with RP This at its core was progression, but not quite the glamorous progression since it was still in its early stage As far as the deepest research has shown, there was no link to player level and the tech tree This meant that you could unlock all the parts in the game as long as you had the RP. Not long after the implementation of the tech tree a daily reward system was added giving players 1,000 RP for each day of logging in And thus, the day of Ostrich crates were born! The time for multiplayer was itching closer and closer, but one more feature needed to be added before moving forward This was the birth of the Battle Bonus on July 12, 2013 This update provided the stats and income for players to earn RP in three ways This was by collecting RP in the battlefield, racking up a kill chain, and a noob bonus You probably are going to ask it anyways so I will give you a rundown You get points for getting wrecked Although the name of the bonus is quite harsh the feature was a great one It provided just enough RP for players to repair their robots which means you wouldn’t be losing income when repairing There was several complaints about the name noob bonus which was later changed to Bravery Bonus Stacking a kill chain meant multiplying your RP collected with a secret value and adding that to your overall balance The battle bonus was simply put, your end game stats and your paycheck for fighting in the battlefield Within this release also came the release of Tech Points These were used to unlock parts rather than RP giving them more respective value The way players would earn Tech points was by simply destroying robots With all foundation ready for launch, multiplayer was prepared This was the birth of Battle Online on July 15, 2013 The way this worked was pretty simple and straightforward Players would queue up and be placed into a server with a maximum of 6 players This was straight vanilla Robocraft No map, no chat, no teams, no spotting, no countdown This at its core was a fun experience for many players and the fun was everlasting The launch was not one without fault Large robots would cause immense amounts of lag when seen within render distance simply because there was no CPU limit meaning there was no restrictions to what you could create This was indeed the challenging task and a pavement to what the future of Robocraft would hold Changes and updates would continue to pump out like wildfire, but obsoleting old features was something that needed to be done About a week after the release of Battle Online, RP drops and the RP collector were removed The idea was to replace collecting RP manually with just giving RP based off of damage dealt This in turn was reaping what you sow Multiplayer had a great process It took time to carve out different bugs and crashes that were happening in its release After much polishing, the next big update was ready to launch This was the birth of No More LAG BOTS on August 1, 2013 Okay, i know it's cheesy, but this was the early stage where thumbnails and names of updates didn't really matter So calm down (cough) This update featured the 2nd foundation to fixing a lot of problems as well as molding Robocraft to a game with proper boundaries This update included Robot Ranking which played 2 roles at the time It determined your CPU limit as well as determining your tier Each part had a ranking number which would determine the tier your robot would become As it was intended to be like CPU, the max robot ranking can only be increased by leveling This was the birth of tiers that many players would define, but was still in its early stage and didn’t have the tier meter at the time The server would split players that are queued up into 2 different categories where higher ranking robots would versus each other and lower ranking robots would versus each other With many minor patches and fixes along the way, Robocraft was gearing towards the next step but before that, companies must do what needs to be done to continue production This was the true implementation of Galaxy Cash on August 29, 2013 GC was implemented in the game for a while There was no way to earn more since it was a paid currency, yet the feature to pay wasn’t implemented until this day GC was completely optional since you could earn parts with RP At this time, all parts were available for both GC and RP There was no tactical advantage except for the time of earning parts As more players were joining in on Robocraft, the more options Freejam had of adding more tiers The tier count was increased to three tiers and the implementation of the tier gauge along with the release of the Garage on September 9, 2013 Players would build their robots and now know what tier their robot is geared to go against The capabilities of garages provided more room and space for having a library of robot designs It only contained 3 free garage slots so if you wanted more, you would have to purchase them with GC About 4 days after this update, tiers were updated to feature tiers one through ten and the robot CPU was implemented Instead of using Robot ranking to determine your limit, this was replaced with CPU You player level limits your CPU while your robot ranking determines what robots you would face in whichever tier your ranking was geared towards This was the finalization to the tier system and the template to what Robocraft would revolve around Along with the tiers update came the first legit game mode This was the birth of Deathmatch This game mode replaced Battle Online and was the leading mode to providing a true game Deathmatch was a last man standing free for all mode Players would queue together into an epic brawl where the last robot standing receives the victory bonus From here, the state of the game was pretty structured The game was reaching its cycle of playable completion By this I mean you can enjoy the game by building, driving, and fighting other players There wasn’t a whole lot of extra quality of life features since at the time the focus was on core foundations and updates were still providing content Because of this, let’s do the rundown of upcoming content added The birth of Hover blades level 1 through 5 on October 7, 2013 This was the second movement type added to the game Hover blades provided lift so your robot could hover off the ground At this time, the only weapons were lasers so using hovers were fairly equivalent to wheels except for wheels not being able to flip themselves over ... but at least the max speed still had its limits Even with thrusters, it was quite balanced from wheels to hovers The birth of Mars Sector 2 on October 7, 2013 This was the second map added to Robocraft and utilized obstacles like never before Hellion crater was simple, yet Mars Sector 2 provided opportunities for flanking, cover, and the setup for the upcoming team game mode The update to Free Repairs on October 9, 2013 This update gave an option for players to repair their robot in 3 ways They could wait for the repairs to be done for free pay RP to repair instantly or pay GC to repair instantly Of course, players had 3 garages so playing a different robot while one is repairing is a quick solution to not waiting for repairs to be done if you are running low on RP And lastly, the birth of Team Deathmatch This team deathmatch was essentially elimination There was no respawns, but there was friendly fire, and teams were colored blue and red for respective teams The only way to win in this mode was to either eliminate all enemy robots or by capturing the enemy base completely The more players on the enemy base, the faster the meter will fill up to secure the victory No respawns also meant that dying before the match ends will not award you win bonus even if your team does win Friendly fire was added as a penalty factor Shooting your teammates will not give you RP, but it does subtract RP from your balance based on what damage you did to your ally Team Deathmatch provided more interaction than ever before by being the first mode to apply strategy towards battles as you would have to work as a team to defeat your enemies Overall, Robocraft was on the rise for production and the content was pouring in More and more content were being added and the time for more diversity was getting closer So that pretty much wraps it up for this episode The juicy era of Robocraft is getting closer so just hang tight We will get there If you didn’t watch episode 1, here you go I want to thank you guys for watching. Don't forget to like and subscribe for all your roboneeds and until next time This is SpaceKryptonite logging out I will catch you guys later

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Posted by: spacekryptonite on Jan 21, 2017

Good old Robocraft was growing and the time for multiplayer was here. Learn it evolution of multiplayer and the starting foundation of the tier system. Enjoy!

Memes brought to you by me and FedoraWearingScrublord

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