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[MUSIC PLAYING] It has been said that there can be no relationship without communication. Communication is the way we form meaningful connections with other living beings. This is why teaching our puppies to communicate with humans is a big priority for us. When it comes to teaching communication, earlier is better. There is overwhelming evidence that human babies who are taught to communicate through sign language book for they gain the ability to speak, enjoy remarkable emotional and cognitive advantages over children who are not given this opportunity. Not only are these children much less likely to display frustration based behavior, such as tantrums, biting, and hitting, they can also enjoy as much as a 12-month developmental advantage over their peers by the time they're three years old. The parents of these children have been observed to interact more with their babies, and have more eye contact with them, which in turn leads to hormonal changes that produce deeper feelings of bonding. It stands to reason-- and our own observations confirm it-- that teaching young puppies to communicate with us reap similar benefits for owners and their puppies as it does for parents and their children. So when the puppies are four weeks old, we introduce our own form of puppy sign language, three core concepts, which we call the communication trinity, conditioning the puppy to a training marker, teaching him to offer behaviors, and showing him how to mend, which is a way of asking for things. It's been our experience that if we teach the puppies a socially acceptable way to communicate with their owners before we place them, and then teach their new owners how to understand what the puppies are saying, it can head off the conflicts that often cause puppy owners to reach for punishment and suppression. Placing puppies with a head start on communication can establish a tone in their relationship with their new owners, and create a culture of understanding.

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