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A Brief Discussion on Religion. Sadhguru

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_ thats not true they are mentioning the hereafter but they are always insisting on the present at least the hindu way of life though it talks elaborately about hereafter always insisting about how important this life is and what you need to do because this is what is in your hands what is not in your hands there's no point you cant do anything about it you can't change your past life future is not in your hands yet what is this moment you have to handle everything in the hindu culture just insists on that the same goes for christianity also now did jesus ever talk about loving god?.....did he? today priests are talking about loving god because they are in absolute disharmony with everybody around themselves he only said love thy neighbour isn't it? when you say neighbour it's not about falling in love with the man or woman in the next house whoever is next to you right now who is your immediate neighbour? to love that person is such a challenge just see it doesn't matter who is sitting next to you to love your neighbour, whoever he may be you know what it takes that's a wonderful device. it will bring you down to the present moment like anything jesus never told you either love me or love god. did he? people are screaming i love jesus, i love krishna you know they are all the time screaming it's always easy to love dead people so easy to love dead people, isn't it? we always love dead people don't we? living people such a problem they are we hate them dead people we love them because you can mould dead people the way you want in your mind you can make krishna whatever you want today so easy but if a man like that was there in your neighborhood you know how many problems you would have with him?...yes? enormous problems you will have because your wife will want to go and dance with him your mother already dancing with him your daughters want to run away with him you want to kill that man. you don't want to worship him now five thousand years later you want to worship him. it's so easy isn't it? wasn't that the reality? see i want you to understand these gopis, sixteen thousand gopis that you're talking about not all some celestial woman who came from heaven and danced with him they were women who were somebody's sister somebody's wife somebody's mother somebody's something isn't it? you think when they went and danced everything was in order in their homes? not true Radhe's brother wanted to kill him again and again he made many attempts to kill krishna. do you know that because the man is already much married and your sister is after him he wants to kill him its natural isn't it? that's what you would do five thousand years later easy to worship him but if he was alive today very difficult to accept him very very difficult it needs enormous amount of awareness to accept a man like krishna not at all easy

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Posted by: ishafoundation on Jul 13, 2010 Sadhguru briefly discusses various aspects of religion in history. (SaO42)

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