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How many alongsiders are around here and the village close to here? In this village and other village that is a bit far from here because we only choose christian to be an alongsider if someone wants to be an alongsider but isn't a christian, we don't accept. because the alongsiders who aren't christian mostly think about themselves. So they don't know how to share the love only those who are Christian who know God know God's word and they have the love from God that can share it to other people. so total about 40 pairs or even more but because some of them finished school and couldn't afford to continue to study they move to work Thailad so now we only have about 40 pairs so 40 alongsiders that are now with their LBS everyday. how about in other village that you have shared? Yes, but very far about 20km from here. how many people in that village? about 20-21 pairs. is there anything else? I think I will go to other church talk to them and ask if they have youth we want to share with them about Alongsiders and encourage them to pick 1 LBS and be an alongsider so that those kids that doesn't have love will be loved through us as the servant of God in the other way it's also good when we chose the LBS who doesn't know God so that we can invite them to church they will know God like us. So, it's like sharing the gospel as well. so they can be caved though the love of God that we have for them as an Alongsider. how did you first hear about Alongsiders? at first I met Phearom Phearom was sharing about the Alongsiders ministry but I wasn't very sure about it because I wasn't sure of what being an alongsider is for? what am I gonna get being an Alongsider? Because I'm a low educated person So Maybe I can't be an Alongsider. but when I was in Phom Phenh to learn more about Alongsider I realized that it doesn't have to be very well educated or to be rich to be an Alongsider. It only takes love I wanna ask you about your family when you were younger. You mentioned that a lot of family here are violent So, was your family also violent? There wasn't violent in my own family. My dad can't drink wine or even smoking my mom doesn't gambling They were just working and earn money. but back then my mom started to feeling sick and when she was sick I was still so very young so we used all the money we had her treatment. that was the reason we became very poor when we became very poor I was only about 4 or 5 ears old We didn't have enough to eat that time when my family was very poor and we didn't have anything to eat we only ate corn. so just the kernel of corn that we would boil and eat. and also just wild potato that we found in the forest then we just went to school. and back then we had to walk very far to go to school. so from one island that we had a farm there all the way here just for school so every morning around 3 oclock we had to get up and walk to school. we finished school at 11 we walked home we got home around 1 o'clock. but on the was back we picked leaves and eat because we didn't have rice to eat how about your LBS's family? Has anyone in her family got sick? yes! her mom sick? Yes, her mom. but her dad drink wine. Both of the parents didn't know the value of studying They never encourage their kids to go to school. and they both also don't like church. Especially her mom she doesn't like church. She hates church. But when I always go to her house and always bring my LBS here teach all good stuffs to her encourage her to study and encourage her with good words. So her mom started to see good example that I have for her daughter. and when she's sick I always go to her house to visit her. Show my love to her family Then she started to open up her heart and let her daughter come to church So now also encourage her daughter to go to school and she also now doesn't use harsh words. I've noticed that she's been using niece words now. but there are sometimes that my LBS wasn't able come to church because she had to help her family doing the rice farm so she helped her parents. She has school from Monday to Saturday So only Sunday that she has time to help her parents That's why she doesn't come to church very often. But I still try to invite her here to study every Saturday I always teach her bible verse So we both study God's word together here. I try to do what I can do. Have you seen any similarity between your life and your LBS's life? The part that she's also comes from poor family but it's not as poor as I was. And when her parents started to be poor she started to want to go to school but when she wanted to go to school her parents wanted her to quite studying. So the similarity is that both of us wanted to study. But just that her family isn't as poor my my family was. When i decided to take her as my LBS I wanted her to be able to study more unlike me it's too late. Because I only study til 5th grade. It's hard to do everything like others But when I have God I know that whatever it is if it's His plan then it's gonna be easy for me to do It's doesn't have to be someone who is smart to do it. Have you noticed any changes in this village after this Alongsiders ministry? Yes, but not much changes for now. Because... They still believe in what they are believing now even when we try to show them love or anything They've seen it, but they haven't take it yet. But I've seen in LBS's parents after we have this ministry. is that they're not not letting their kids to come to church anymore. So they allow them to come to church now. Every time it's Sunday Some parents even take their kids to church. Because they have seen the love of the Alongsiders toward their kids. So we don't have to go tell them or ask their permission anymore. They would just drive their kids to church themselves. and some parents would ask me every Saturday when I drive passed their house They asked "tomorrow is Sunday so please take care of my grandchild." Or their children. So I've seen the changes through Alongsiders's Ministry It's about 40% changes in this village that they don't really care or hate or not care if their kids come to church. So it's about 40% changes that I've seen through Alongsiders ministry that we have shown them. Is there anything else? Yes, more! There are some older people and some parents... that aren't Christian yet. They have seen the love of God through us an the Alongsiders that we encourage and help one another and everyone even when they're not Christians. There are some new believer They decided to believe in God as a whole family. Because they have seen good thing in us that have small projects like sometimes we would clean up the road clear out the bushes, picking up trash and washing hair for LBS, and other kids, clean their nails and stuffs. So they have seen so many good things that we did Some people just decided to believe in God last week Because they love what they have seen in us So it's not only the LBS that are changed even the parents also decided to become Christians through us as Alongsiders that showed many good example to the community Anything else? Any hope for the future? Yes, I do! I do have. And I also encourage all Alongsiders to have hope because we do all this by God's grace. And we believe that He will not give up on us. Our LBS will have good future because they work hard through us as the Alongsiders motivate and encourage them Even when we don't have money for them but we have love so we should encourage our LBS to study hard because knowledge is like their wealth for their whole life that they have on earth. If they give up on school and their parents can't read too Then their life wouldn't be good. Because they live in the dark uneducated and live in a poor family it's very hard to live a life like that. So we believe that our LBS will have a bright future. Even when we don't actually live with them but we've seen the way they live their life We hope and be believe that Our hope motivate us to try hard to walk alongside our LBS we won't stop. Some people asked, Do I earn from being an Alongsider? Do I get anything from being an Alongsider? But what is important for me is that money I won't have, but I will have the love from God. So this is the love that we get from that we will give it to our LBS. And we will not only show our love to our LBS But we also show it to our whole community so that everyone will have some good change in their family Like some family would drink a lot of wine and violent But us as the Alongsiders that we have the love from God We know how to deal with it and we know how to give our love to other family so that they would stop violent in their family because the violent is the reason that kids cab't go to school. the kids are ashamed discourage so they don't want to go to school. So they would quite their school and go to work their whole life. They can't do anything else because they are uneducated. Anything else you wanna share? Hmm.... what I wanna share is that My community is a lot better now and what we have done is like helping the community. Everyday I am now showing my love to everyone around here and we also prepare some school supplies for children and even the orphans That they couldn't afford to go to school. Or some families that don't have food to eat So us as the Alongsiders we work together and offer our own money every Sunday in Church and get some offering to help the community To show our love to our neighbors. We don't only do to our LBS But we want to do as a bigger picture and one day other parents that haven't have their kids as LBS they will see it and they will understand it as well. This community is full of violent and with no love and some family the parents are Christians, but their kids aren't. and some the kids are Christian, but their parents aren't. So there aren't going the same way and I think what I am doing now for the community will help make this Alongsiders ministry grow better through our good example, our way of talking and what we have helped the community They will see it through those things. And I believe that later on it's not only Alongsiders here but this whole Kom Pong Leng (Community) will all have more LBS and more Alongsiders.

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