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HOM 15 - Atlanteans KNEW Annunaki will never succeed in Ruling Universe

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Desteni Interdimensional Interview: History of Mankind 15 - Anu deceived the Atlanteans (Jack) This is Jack again. Ok so they, so Anu had to derive a 'scheme' so to say to, lure the Atlanteans into the human physical form and, so he walked up to them and he said, Ok. he 'requires', beings to, 'integrate' into the vessel and to, test it out, for a moment they are able to come out again Now, at this time they were still able to integrate into the vessels, this physical form as it exists now, didn't exist so extensively so they didn't have interdimensional access. and The Atlanteans of course, agreed. they said: Alright. I will test it for you. because he said 'unfortunately', his race, though the few that remained which is actually many, which the Atlanteans weren't aware of, because they weren't they were very much, content with merely their own existence you know if someone didn't, come to them, yeah you know they they would remain there they never really 'traveled', anywhere Their belief was they required the 'water' the sound manifestation as water, to sustain themselves with, and so are many galaxies' beliefs Many planets many cities with beings, they required, they had a specific 'source' which is believed they require to sustain themselves, if they were separated from 'that source', they would not exist 'any longer' the same with the Annunaki, they believe if they did not have gold, they won't exist and, so the anyway the Atlanteans agree, they said: you know That's fine. we will we shall do that, and They said: Well, is it now your plan? you will have, the vessels you will have your race integrated into the vessels and your race will do what is necessary to 'dig up the gold' and, take it to your planet. and then of course the Atlanteans asked: But what if, 'everything manifests' and you're still interdimensional, your planet, what is then the necessity? We Don't See! a necessity, this is not going to work! because we have 'already agree' that you will not, remain on this planet we are Not sharing this planet with you, it will influence both our races, 'expressions', which is unique and specific, and we cannot allow that, and So they stood back for a moment, Anu, stood there, and he said: Well, at least then, 'I will remain' in a physical form, my race will remain in physical form and they said: Well, are 'you' actually going to manifest into the human physical form? Because obviously if this starts manifesting extensively, you know that! you won't have access, to this 'to your creation' which is the human physical form! Anu smiled, and he said: Inevitably, I will, I have a plan, and I, will remain, on this planet as the human physical form, I will live infinitely. So, of course that is quite, an interesting, observation So the Atlanteans, understood they said: Well, alright. How does that 'work'? so Anu basically said that: That which exists as this vessel, the entirety of the vessel 'is me', is my creation I will remain inside, the smallest 'essence', of what this vessel consists of I've placed myself, in there, as me. one day! I will return So, the Atlanteans of course asked: How? he said: In the systems That I have 'placed', inside this physical, 'form' vessel, to have me, my race move in to to be able to manifest, into this vessel to be able to 'move' it, to be able to have it 'think' to be able to have it 'speak' Those Systems, will evolve, they're systems 'of me', and, I will Evolve Then I will return. these vessels, will 'manifest me', in this world and my legacy will Continue, I'll return, if it if it so happens that that I discontinue to exist, Interdimensionally! I'll remain here on earth the Atlanteans of course, were not pleased - No Why? because they knew they were going to allow this physical, 'human form' that basically what is still happening is that Anu, will be, taking over this planet That Anu will be 'indeed doing', what it is they agreed, upon to 'not to' and they weren't satisfied, so, they said to Anu: Leave. Take your race, from this planet, and 'leave' Now of course (sigh) Anu was, 'extensively', frustrated, he was angry and he looked at one of those Atlanteans, and he just said to them: I'll be back. I'll be back. and, the Atlanteans laughed of course because they believed that you know the Annunaki didn't really have any power, per-se And so, Anu did what they requested, he- the race removed themselves from under the earth took all the gold necessary, and they placed themselves, interdimensionally 'again' Then Anu met with the Sirians, the Serpents the Livuitiuukus, I will, explain, in a moment, their part and, he said to them: This is a situation I will give you, 'also', a deal of the opportunity so now Anu presented these Sirians, and the Serpents with a, once in a 'existence' opportunity! and he described to them 'his plan'! His plan for, this planet which is now called earth, and his plan for, 'man kind' and their part, they will be playing within it, as well! Ok this is Jack. I'll continue in my next interview. Thank you. Please join us for Discussion: More more recently departed and MISSING CHILDREN: Interviews Screened Shortly: PW Botha, Rumi, Janis Joplin CC English for Desteni Productions ©

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History of Man 15
- Atlanteans KNEW Annunaki will never succeed in Ruling Universe

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