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[Quick Start, Configure Windows Server Containers in Microsoft Azure] [female speaker] Hi, my name is Jing and I'm a program manager in the Azure Compute team. Today I'm going to show you how to create a container host virtual machine in the classic Azure portal. Let's take a look. First, you click new. Under compute, virtual machine you choose from Azure gallery. Here you will see a number of images. You click on Windows server and scroll down until you see Windows server container preview. You click on it and click next. Here you type in a virtual machine name, a user name, and a password. And I'm just going to name it ContainerHost2. I'm going to give it a user name and a password. You can also change the size of this VM if you want to. Right now it's set default to standard SSD1. You click next. And here you can give it a name for the cloud service, and I'm just going to name it virtual machine two. You can choose a location. I'm going to put my VM in Japan West. And I'm going to click next for all the remaining settings. This page you can leave on default, and you can click on the check mark to create the VM. So the VM is now provisioning. This will take several minutes. So I have already provisioned a VM previously. You on connect. Click open for the RDP. And you click connect again and type in the password. Now I'm just going to log in. We'll accept the certificate. And here you go. So here you can see that can do get command. If you do Powershell, get command, you can see the list of container Powershell commands for you to start your next container. And that concludes the demo. Thanks for watching.

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