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Why did the TV have to break today? They build them that way on purpose, so they break easier. I don't absolutely have to watch TV. Me either. Not only because it actually is broken today, but I don't think I like to watch TV anyway. There's not really anything that I want to see on TV anyway. Thank God we don't need to look at the idiot box today. Nope. It looks like you're looking at it, though. Me? Yeah. No. I'm just looking in this general direction. But you're looking at it. You always look at way! Me? I'm looking that way? What lead you to that conclusion? It seems that way. It can't seem that way! I'm looking right next to it. I'm doing this on purpose and if you paid a little bit more attention to me, you would have noticed that I purposely look away, but you're not interested in me at all. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah... We could just look somewhere else. Somewhere else? Where? Sideways, or backwards. Backwards? I should look backwards? Just because the TV isn't working I should look backwards? I will not let a TV tell me which direction I should look. What sort of show would have been on today? A talk show. It's shameful what they offer on TV night after night. I don't even know why people are still watching it. Instead we could be reading, or playing cards, or going to the movies. Or even to the theater. But instead we sit here and watch this stupid TV show. Well, today the TV is broken. Thank God. We can finally have a nice conversation. Or go to bed early. I'm going to bed after the late news. But the TV is broken. I will not let a broken TV tell me when I should go to bed!

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Duration: 2 minutes and 39 seconds
Country: Austria
Language: German
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Posted by: scscott77 on Nov 23, 2015


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