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Edith Kaphuka - Ngwale Village, Malawi - Nyanja (Global Lives Project, 2007) ~11:01:27 - 11:16:28

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[Pupils in class writing. Noise from the courtyard.] [Whispering.] Have you worked it out? -Are you done? -Yes! Point number 3. We discussed it, right? It says, "Plants of the same family should not follow each other." "Plants of the same family should not follow each other." Ones that are in the same family, right? -If you've planted pumpkin leaves this year, what should you not plant the following year? -Pumpkins. From the same family right? They belong to the same family. So, when you have planted pumpkin leaves this year... Next year, you should not use the same plot for planting pumpkin leaves. -You should plant a different crop, right? -Yes. They tell us that this helps to control pests and diseases. What are pests? Pests? This helps to control pests... and... diseases. What else? Applying chemicals. Protecting the crops from what? Pests, right? -Once we've planted vegetables you sometimes see them infested by pests, right? -Yes. So if these pests attack pumpkin leaves, they can also attack rape leaves because they are both leafy vegetables, right? So if we plant pest-infested vegetables this year, next year, if we plant vegetables again, what will happen? The vegetables will also be infested by the same pests. Whereas if we plant rape this year, and then sweet potatoes the following year, can the pests that thrive on rape attack sweet potatoes? -They're not the same, right? -Right. So if we plant leafy vegetables this year, next year we should plant different kinds of vegetables. We are controlling pests. They will not be infested by pests or diseases. -Will pests that thrive on onions infest okra? -No. -They can't, right? -Right. So, we should not plant plants of the same family, each year, on the same plot. We have to change. -We should be rotating our crops from year to year, right? -Yes. -Is this understood? -Yes. Protecting plants from pests and diseases, right? So we should plant different crops at a plot each year to prevent or to control pests and... diseases. We've finished talking about crop rotation. The rest will be discussed tomorrow, ok? Now, on the importance of vegetable rotation... I'll give you this as a homework. When you go home, try to find the importance of vegetable rotation. This is where we will begin on Tuesday, ok? Everyone should have three points on the importance of vegetable rotation. What are we preventing through vegetable rotation? Three points on why we should rotate vegetables. -Do you understand? -Yes. Homework. On Tuesday, I want you to give me 3 points on why it is important to rotate vegetables. -Will this be a problem? -No. If you find problems ask around, ok? Think on your own but you can ask others as well, right? -How many points should each of you hand in? -3. -3, right? -Yeah. The heading should be "importance of vegetables". You can start discussing with your friends, right now. -Whoever is confident will do it at home, right? -Yes. If not, discuss with your friend before time is up. You can discuss with your friend. Wow! You can't see here? -Are you done? -Yeah. Quiet please. Quiet please. -Christopher is looking for me? - Yes. Who? A group of Natasha's friends... ...called Christopher and started saying... Look what you did to my book! Look at my book! Christopher, did you find the book like that? With all the scribbles you've made on it? -You mean on the cover? -Yes, I thought it was still intact until he removed the cover. -Sidney is the one that removed it. -Where's he gone? -He's left. -Tell him I'll see him tomorrow. -Hand me the book. Tell Sydney I'll see him tomorrow. Hey, stop it! -But, Dora. -I don't know why Dora did this. -We shouldn't accept this book from her. Let me through. He's knocking off.

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