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GVI - South Africa

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Our two Main hubs in South Africa are in Limpopo and in Cape Town Here in Limpopo, this hub, our main focus is wildlife and mainly on large predators And in also, large herbivores like elephants and why the reasons for they're being there on this morning enclosures they're like "runaway", those are the animals that have a major impact on their environment. Being here for two weeks even, you get to know individual animals and because we get to try and find these animals repeatedly, ultimately you're gonna end up with some phenomenal sightings People live here with amazing videos and pictures, life of them is about the animals I get a kick out of knowing we're doing that's benefiting that wildlife aswell we're checking on they're welfare, we're monitoring a lot of they're behavior, ultimately so that this Eco-system, this reserve, can continue to be sustainable In Cape Town, our main focus is on community development, teaching, childcare, early childhood development Sports development, health development, construction, arts and childcare where we incorporate the arts and creativity into childcare and early childhood development. we're so known in they're town that we drive in there, they know our buses so well, and you can hear The kids next to the road chanting "Teacher! Teacher! Teacher!" Welcoming us into the township I've learned so much about myself, about my capabilities, and about how much heart each and every child has That it doesn't matter where you live, that that little smile can fix a million things.

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GVI - South Africa

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