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Feast of Love (2007)

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How long have you guys been married? Almost 6 years, and a little bit of change. (black woman's voice) Did I miss anything? (Morgan Freeman) Two women, falling in love. With each other? Funny thing is, nobody noticed. Not even the husband. (woman) I'm sorry I missed that. I imagine he will be too. (man) There is a story about the Greek gods. They were bored, so they invented human beings.... Bradley, we have to talk. (man) But they were still bored - so they invented love. Then they weren't bored any longer. Need anybody to work here? Yes! Yea, why here? It's kind of a harmonic convergence in this place. She's right. (man continues) So, they decided to try love for themselves... and finally, they invented laughter... they could stand it. Try focusing on simple pleasures. I got my hair, right? That's a start. I have my little dog. Loyal companion. I'm really sorry. Bradley, but you can't have the dog back. We're gonna keep him. That- that's my dog. Not anymore. He's bonded with us. His name is name is Gumbo now. I don't know if you heard, or not, but your aunt Catherine has gone away, to a place where boys aren't allowed. So you're the honest type. To a fault. Bradley's in love again. You're not scared of anything. Marry me. (guy) She is so smart, and so sexy, and so unpredictable. I think I'd proceed with caution. At least it was a man this time. Thought that might be a consolation. It's not. Everything we need to know is going on is right in front of our eyes. Now we have our illusions about people, our hopes... and they can blind us. Do you think love is a trick? Or do you think it's the only meaning there is in this crazy dream? Which do you believe? The second one. You want to have dinner with me sometime? [laughs] (narrator) Feast of Love [Captions by]

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