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Run Home Jack 11:11, Diamonds for The Goddess, The Open Eye of Osiris, and The Illusion of Duality

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A few syncs for your consideration. From the Court Jester (Soundlessdawn) And friends. Holy door is the entrance to Hades in Percy Jackson and the Olympians "No, you don't understand, the earth is another form of hell, and men are its demons." (Corona = Corner Stone) (The Open Eye of Osiris) Soul = Sol Sun = Light (Percy Jackson and the Soul Thief) Jake Kotze - The Blob The one eye exposed, 11:11 (22) The Greeks equated Tehuji (Dieheut, Thoth) with Hermes, the messenger of the Gods. He brought forth the cosmos with the Power of his Voice. This syncs up with the Metatron or the "Voice of God". Thoth/Hermes is often depicted holding a staff with coiled serpents, which is meant to symbolize Kundalini Energy. Kundalini means "Serpent of Power". The diamond is a symbol for Venus (The Goddess) and Lucifer, the morning star, because of how a Diamond refracts light so brilliantly. The Diamond and the Lotus Flower are symbolic of the crown Chakra. "Looks like diamonds". Zeus: It did not have to be this way, my son. This path is of your choosing. The illusion of duality. Kratos: A choice from the gods, is as useless as the gods themselves. Zeus: Even now, as you draw your last breath, you continue to defy me? Everything you have ever known kratos will now suffer... Return through gateway number two. Open Eye of Osiris. In Justice League, "A Battle on Two Earth's, Superheros in another dimension" enslave the world's population by engineering a world wide illuminati-like crime syndicate. The headquarters were located in a large tower or monolith on the moon. Cryptonite = Encryption. Superman, the Ubermensch takes a bullet to his 5 sided Diamond Crest. Venus has a pentagrammic orbital path which resonates with the Hermaprhoditic "Baphomet" and the configuration of seeds in a cored apple. The "big Apple" is destroyed yet again in "The Watchmen". Metatron AKA the Voice of God, Addresses the people of New York. New York = NY. The N is next to the O in the alphabet. The Y is next to the Z. NY = OZ. Flipped upside down, the cover of "Twilight" shows an apple at the top of a pyramid. As in "the apple of my eye" = the Cornea = Corner Stone. Between the phallic candle in the word "twi=LIGHT", there are two eyes which point to the pillar of illumination. "G" when looked at in 3 dimensions and spun on its axis is the vector symbol for the sun. Lady Gaga was recently seen on the Op-RA-h show in CHI-cago. In Percy Jackson and the Soul Thief his guardian is Satyr = Saturn. Here he gets his cloven hoofs painted in ruby red, as this Pan resonator becomes hypnotised in "The Den of the Lotus Eater-s" while listening to Lady Gaga`s "Poker Face" Will = 777 the Great Work. "No Percy! Don`t eat the flower. It dulls the senses, keeps you prisoner here. Gaga = 7171. The statue of Liberty sits on an 11 pointed base with 7 sun rays on her helmet. 7x11 = 77. Gaga = 77. The sync is tied together when you take into consideration that this all resonates with Aleister Crowley`s "Liber OZ" "NY" 77 Resonators with the bull or Goddess "Hathor". Red bull gives you wings. Divide the letter M into its constituent glyphs to form M = I V I. Reorder the glyphs to show M = I V I = V I I, this then creates the number of VII or SEVEN, the II is a cipher of the greek letter Pi, or 1314, when reversed it forms 1413 which, when set back against letters reveals: M = I V I = VII = 7 and 11. 1413 set against the letters reveals the word ADM, or 1413, or Pi in reverse. which becomes Adam while the V reversed is ciphered from V(ee). Hence the letter M is an encryption for Male and Female, EVE = 666 (Matter) ADM = 3,141 Pi (Spirit) Jack resonator, Matt Damon stands in front of a pentagram within a Diamond in "Dogma". Will = 777, the great work. Paul Gren Grass = GG = 77, directed "united 93", which revolved around the 9/11 ritual. Thus this new film "The Green Zone" starring Matt Damon resonates with spring rebirth Rebirth, Osiris, New York and Oz. "Do you believe in God, because of "Alice in Wonderland?" "-No, "through the looking glass". I see a diamond in organized religion. Run Home Jack! Run Home Jack-man "Jack" is an esoteric anagram for Osiris. Open Eye of Osiris (The jack of clubs...) Why would diamond-skinned vampires be playing on a baseball diamond, if not to help me make more videos? Alan Rickman plays the Metatron or the Voice of God in "Dogma", if we think of the alphabet or "diction" as the Divine word of God, Rickman resonates with this idea as a Master of Diction as he voices the critter who knows his vows, the caterpillar in Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland. One of the Kabbalistic 11:11 Twins in "Snatch" frames a Diamond right over her crown chakra She also frames the word "Oz", and her dad mentions New York, tying these syncs again. Lighting Thieves. Bilbo Baggins = 22 = 11:11. He is a Master of Diction Here he gives his speech for his 111th B-day. President Obama is also a Master of Diction. His 111th day in Office was Hitler's b-day, who was also a Master of Diction. Bilbo was also a jack in "From Hell". Jack is the 11th card in a deck of cards. Hermes/Thoth/Mercury says: Jack-Man, Osiris, "You weren't supposed to make it out of hades alive". Another Jack-ass Stuck in Oz. Ozymandias = Oz/Man/Day in "Watchmen" builds the new temple of Karnak in Antartica. Here he frames the World Trade Center buildings tying Oz to NY yet again as if needed. Heath Ledger in "Candy" Black Jack Hat. Year of the Tiger shirt. 11:11 Oz 77 in 2012. In this present reality we are defined by illusory dualisms. We remain stuck in a system of polarities governed by irrelevant choice, but we have always been, and forever shall be more than that. Your buddy Soundless... Nothing is Permanent, Not Even Death.

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Posted by: albasilente on Mar 26, 2010

Open Your I's. Learn Your Vow(el)s.
So says the Caterpillar. Happy Spring Everyone.

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