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الاطروحه المهدوية من قناة الكوثر- الحلقة الاولى 2of6

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the idea was deeper than that and this would be clear to you later He says: "even if they don't agree on his name, lineage, descriptions and what he does and recently a book was has surfaced titled "Read about the Mahdi" (iqra howla almahdi) the author of that book has included names of 744 books that dealt with the topic of AlMahdi" it's impossible to think that this topic is negligible and that it only came to us through one or two arguable narrations among scholars. if the idea was as simple as some try to treat it by not employing it and saying : "yes, there is a narration or two (or three) whom are either correct or accepted or refused that spoke about this topic" No, that is not right and it shall be clear later that this topic was narratedto us, with all its details, via Quran and narrations in Companions and Ahlulbayt schools He is saying: "(even if he mentions 744 books) he has missed more than a few without doubt" so certainly the number is higher than this, and that was what he got hold of and dealt with I imagine if the spectator asks: why does the school of Ahlul bayt give so much care to the topic of Al-Mahdi? in accordens to what we believe in about the topic of Al-Mahdi the answer is that this level of care is not specific for the school of Ahlul bayt but even found outside Islam Considering we are at the beginning of this study and today we may be at the introductions for entering the actual studies coming next episodes someone may question that if so many books where written than this research has been exhausted. when more than a 1000 books has been made on this topic let alone the books made for another subject but mentions it through few chapters etc actually the number will surpass a thousand by far, its like a whole library - the library of Imam Al-Mahdi and we ask God that the people who are involved with the electronic literature to collect all what is written about Al-Mahdi in a CD which is then provided to the researchers so that they can have a better understanding This idea may not have been possible many years ago but now thank God it is possible here the author asks a question in the book " The awaited Mahdi in the narration of alSunna and alShia alImamya" by Dr Alaa mahmoud alHimish He says: "in the midst of all these books written, a man wonders have the research of this subject been exhausted or not?" After hundreds of articles written on this, is it actually finished now? Actually when we check some other topics we find that the research is complete and everything that should have been said has been said. But in regards to our topic is the research finished or not? this is what the answer from the author: " has the research been exhausted or has it matured & burned, or matured & did not burn, or burned & did not mature?" he then finishes saying "No there is a lot of room, and how much have the first left for the last to talk about on this topic".

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الاطروحه المهدوية من قناة الكوثر- الحلقة الاولى 2of6

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