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SpaceVidcast 2.26

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♪ SpaceVidcast Theme ♪ Welcome to SpaceVidcast for Friday, August 14th 2009. My name is Benjamin Higginbotham and with me is the beautiful, lovely, wonderful, talented, and incredibly awesome Cariann Higginbotham. We are your SpaceVidcasters. We are but a few of the actual SpaceVidcasters. SpaceVidcast is growing as it were. We've got additional people providing content, such as Jeph, doing the podcast section. We've got BZ and just a ton of people that are starting to contribute to the community, so ... (Cariann) Yeah, helping out and contributing is awesome! (Ben) In addition, we've actually started live dig...not live, what am I talking about? (Cariann) I don't know what you're talking about. (Ben) On demand daily shows. You can check those out at They're about 1 to 5 minutes or so each day and they're also available on our iTunes feed in both standard def and high def. So you can get it on your iPhone or your Apple TV, high def TV, whatever you want. They're pretty cool! They feature this lovely woman right over here. (Cariann) Nasaman brings up a good point, "how can you contribute?" Ah, you can e-mail me, [email protected], if you're interested in contributing. Ah, we can work something out, figure out a place for you to go, and ah, make it happen. (Ben) We'll take your content or your money, whatever you want! [Lots of laughs] (Cariann) Or your dogs, we really like the dogs. (Ben) We'll take your dogs? (Cariann) I don't know. Go on. (Ben) So, now I mean that was pretty much it. We've got these new dailies. We've got a bunch of great new content going on the SpaceVidcast website. And it's pretty cool to see the contributors to the site growing over time, so that's neat to do. Alright, ah let's, should we just get straight off into Space News? (Cariann) Ah, yeah I guess so, eh? (Ben) I remembered Space News! [Space News] (Ben) Alright. (Cariann) Is that better? (Ben) It's better. The space porch is done. (Cariann) Yeah! So this is a big deal. (Ben) Didn't we talk about that last week? (Cariann) That it was done? (Ben) Well, I don't know, like the week before? Do they have a rocking chair on the space porch? (Cariann) No! It's done now though. Because they brought it up, so we talked about it bringing up and then they installed it, uhh ... But now it's done. It's done. (Ben) Are we ... (Cariann) This is well, I learned a couple new things, so I guess that's why I wanted to add it in there. (Ben) OK, ready go. (Cariann) So, on the porch, and for those of you guys who are not familiar, ah, this of course is the module, part of the Kibo module, the Japanese space porch. (Ben) It's the outdoor portion. (Cariann) Yes. And yeah, like BZ's saying, the porch has it's own robotic arm. Which is so cool! I didn't even know that! So right, so they don't even have to do spacewalks to get stuff in and out or on and off of the porch. They can do it all from inside. (Ben) Well that's the idea is that it's ... is that the exterior module that they can do all these experiments without having to do these really complex EVAs and all this other fun jazz that they had to do before. (Cariann) Right! Well OK, so there's that, so it's got the robotic arm. (Ben) Plus, manonmars has a robotic arm on his porch too. (Cariann) Well, then that's great. So, but the other cool thing is that the little parts, the little pods, the little places where you put the experiment, or what have you, are temperature controlled. So there's a heating pad and a cooling pad. So, if they want to have it just open to the elements but not the cold part of it, they can do that, or they can make it colder so ... (Ben) So the vacuum of space but warm, or the vacuum of space but cold. (Cariann) Right! I thought that was very cool! (Ben) Zero-G or microgravity and warm. (Cariann) Right, so it's a little bit different than just throwing something out the door. (Ben) That is kind of cool. (Cariann) And now it's done and so they can use it. (Ben) That only cost us, how many billions? (Cariann) I don't know. (Ben) Alright, go ISS! Fantastic!

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Duration: 30 minutes and 29 seconds
Year: 2009
Country: United States
Language: English
Producer: Benjamin Higginbotham
Director: Adam Jochum
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Posted by: spacevidcaster on Aug 15, 2009

A newstacular live epicsode! We cover the new ISS space porch, Russia’s new rocket, the lost toolbag is found and for sale on eBay (uh, kinda), you can send up your own personal satellite, Spaceport America launch, and the new Spacevidcats dailies!

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