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Felipe Gómez - El conocimiento y la práctica-

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Method. The method is what makes a person able to master something, Felipe Gómez: Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Virtuosity Expert. to do it with skill. And this, the origin of someone who performs something with excellence, in the end, is a dream, a desire, a wish. At some point, someone says: Wishing. "I wish to learn to play the piano. I wish to learn to play the guitar:" And that wish is put into action Learning. and so begins the process of learning those principles to be able to start playing an instrument. Knowledge. So, then begins the process of acquiring knowledge. Facts or pieces of information, What is knowledge? acquired by a person Knowledge is the facts or pieces of information through experience or education. acquired by a person through experience or through education. So, when someone wishes to learn music, the first thing they're taught is the generalities of music. For example, that all music written in history has been written using only 12 notes. Absolutely everything has been written with those 12 notes. That any musical work has 3 components: melody, harmony and rhythm. They're taught musical notation, all the theory, the basis of music. And, knowing that basis of music, they give the next step, which is choosing an instrument. In my case, when I was a child, there was a piano at home, my father plays the piano, and one day, my father shows me the instrument and tells me: "Felipe, we have an instrument that contains 88 keys, some white... Some black... Right? It contains 3 pedals, but there's one which is very important, the one on the right." If you listen to the sound of the piano, it's a single sound, but if I press that pedal, it produces an echo, resonance remains, and that allows the pianist to do things like this. We learn that if we play an instrument with gentleness, the piano has a sweet sound. But when we play the piano with strength, the piano sounds with violence. So, one starts to get acquainted with the instrument, and the more we know it, the more likely we are to mastering it, of playing it with skill. But what really makes someone able to play Wishing, learning. that instrument with skill is the focus on applying that knowledge Practice. and on practicing systematically, a systematic, logical and regular process and on having lots of discipline and rigor to achieve a goal of efficiency and accuracy. in that process of practice. What is practice? It's a systematic, logical and regular process done to achieve a goal of efficiency and accuracy. So, when someone wishes to learn to play the piano, they have to sit every day and complete a series of exercises, like scales... arpeggios. There are entire books with exercises, a very famous one is Hanon, Hanon's number 1 exercise is... And we spend a lot of time doing these exercises, it even becomes repetitious, and we get tired. But if we don't do them, we'll never get to mastering the instrument. There are no shortcuts, this has to be done with rigor, with consistency and discipline.

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Felipe Gómez - El conocimiento y la práctica-

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