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The Evolution of Reincarnation -1-

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Desteni Presents: The Evolution of Reincarnation -Part One- 09 June 2009 This is Stomach Enzymes, doing an Interview with regards to ‘The Evolution of Reincarnation’. There’s been a ‘Situation’ developing, through time, where – when beings Crossover, from the Physical-Reality into the Interdimensional-Reality - a Separation manifested, to the extent where those that exist in the Interdimensional-Existence ‘forget’ – either forcefully or deliberately – about, and of, the Physical, and continued their ‘Heaven-like’-Existence within the Interdimensional-Existence, while the Physical is simply left to its own Vices. And that which exist in the Physical and of the Physical – and this is everything and everyone – continued their ‘life’-experiences as though, what they ‘experience’ within themselves, in their own ‘Personal-World’ – is ‘all that exists’. For Ages, the Interdimensional-Existence has been Separate from the Physical-Existence. This is quite ‘Concerning’, because – what is the One Experience that exist within all Beings, within this World? They want to get out of here. No-One and Nothing finding a Solution, a Practical-Solution, that Consider All Life, Equally within this Physical-Reality. Everyone and Everything just wanting to ‘Escape’, ‘Get out’, ‘Exit – into the ‘Heaven-like’-Experience of the Interdimensional-Existence. However, what has not been Realised is that the Interdimensional-Existence is the ‘Manifested Illusion’ – no different to your Mind. Whereas – the Physical-Reality: Is what is Real. We have for Ages, been attempting to ‘Escape’, ‘Exit’, ‘Get out of’ that which is Real, that which is Reality, to continue a ‘Heaven-like’ ‘Blissful-experience’ within an Illusion, a ‘Dream’...that’s not Real. It’s not Tangible, it’s not Touchable and this is Proven: All, Equally Here within this Physical-Reality, within this World cannot See the Interdimensional-Existence, and many, because of that one ‘reason’ – ‘believe’ that it does not Exist. It does. When you Crossover – you become the Mind-Reality, the Illusion that you’ve lived in this World – Separate from the Physical. Now – within this Process we’re currently Walking, which All of Existence is Living and Applying themselves with: Is the ‘bringing-forth’ of ‘Heaven as Earth’. Where the Interdimensional-Existence and the Physical-Reality become Equal and One Manifest, Here. Now, currently – there is no Separate Interdimensional-Reality, but by those beings that ‘believe’, that have Crossed-Over, that they are still ‘Dimensional’. Meaning that: There is no Separate Interdimensional-Existence, or Reality, or ‘Heaven’ anymore. This has been so for quite a while now already, where Interdimensional-Beings are in their Processes of ‘bringing themselves to Earth’, through Amalgamating with and as the Physical; to become Real again, to be Here again, and no-more exist as a mere Illusion, a Dream, a Thought... Which is what you become when you Crossover. You Diminish – to the extent where, you’re not Real, you’re not Physical, you’re not that which is Reality, which is this Physical-Manifest Existence. So, the only ‘way’ that there has been ‘access’ to the Physical, to that which is Real, which is Here – is through Reincarnation, which is through Child-Birth, where a Being would Integrate into the Physicality of a Baby. However, for... for us all to have to Reincarnate in that way, through Child-Birth, to be Here in the Physical – All, Equal and One, would take Billions, upon Trillions of Years. Therefore, we require a Different-way, which we have been walking, with regards to Amalgamating Equal and One with and as the Physical. Now – there has been some, as I have said at, in the beginning of the Interview, Situations with regards to that (Amalgamating Equal and One with and as the Physical) because – what is being ‘missed’ by the Interdimensional-Existence, by the beings that exist Interdimensionally that have Crossed-Over from the Physical, is: Practicality, being Practical in the Physical. Because understand, within the Interdimensional-Existence, there is no Space and Time. Everything is ‘Immediate’, and... to become that ‘Quantum-Expression’ to such an extent where you cannot ‘Function’ within a Physical, Practical, Space-Time Continuum... I’ll Continue in the next Interview. Thank You. CC English for Desteni Productions©

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Posted by: tullepie on Jun 15, 2009

What has not been Realised is that: The Interdimensional-Existence is the Manifested Illusion no different to your Mind.

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