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This couch, I assume? Okay. And how long do I have to, how long should- Is it on? Yeah it's on, and it has been on. So you just want something around 10 seconds ideally? Shall I go first? I'll be short. Alright. Hi I'm- oh sorry. Hi my name is Fabiola. Okay. Do you want me to start? Yeah. Alright cool. Who's editing this? Hi. "What's your name? What's your major? What's your Beaver face?" "Make your best Beaver face/noise"? Can you make a beaver face? I don't know. Can you? Try it. A best Beaver face? "How are you powered by orange?" How are you powered by orange? That's it? That's a good question. Just what I'm involved with basically. You guys put so much pressure on me. And we believe we're powered by orange. No- and we ARE powered by orange. Yeah. Because we don't believe we are- we know. I'm a second year in art and biology, hoping to add German as well. I'm a freshman zoology student. I'm an exchange student, so I've been at OSU for about six weeks now. I'm majoring in political science and history. And I'm originally from just outside London in the U.K. So I would definitely say do the exchange program, it's brilliant. I'm studying business. Got one term left. Doing the victory lap, fifth year. I'm a graphic design major. And I'm apparel design major. I am a psych major here at Oregon State University. Also a member of the men's soccer team. I'm powered by orange because OSU has pretty much been my home for the last, make this, five years now. I'm a producer over at KBVR-TV and I am the PR Director over at KBVR-TV. I help out at the Pride Center as an OA. My hobbies include writing stories, internet artwork, anything and everything dealing with computers. I like to build them. I like to modify them. Since I've been here, in the six weeks, I've started writing a column in the Barometer Newspaper. And I'm now a member of a sorority as well. So I think getting involved is really important. Used to work on the OSU campus at KOAC in Covell Hall. Currently I'm an employee here at the MU, down at the Basement. MU Basement. Come check us out. Bowling and billiards. And I'm a sports writer for the Daily Barometer . I would say I'm powered by orange. And I am powered by orange. My name is Kyle and I am powered by orange. And we're powered by orange . And I am powered by orange. I'm Jacob Curtis and I'm powered by orange. And I'm powered by orange. Sweet. My favorite place on campus has to be Java Coffee Stop. And I think I'm about to go there now. Caffeine and bagels! Yup. So thank you. Does that work? Thank you.

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