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Chanukah - Enter the Realm of Miracles_2002

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When we discuss Chanukah, let us again remember, we are not here to celebrate the victory, the manifestation, the result, alone We are not here to celebrate the miracle of this one vial of oil. Which should have lasted only one day and lasted eight days. But rather, these were merely indications, or part of the technology, to understand that this awesome light force is available for only eight days. So the miracles that happened on the physical level were the direct result of this information, becoming available so that the Chashmonaim (Maccabees), by lighting a candle the closest demonstration to the light force of God. Light! The connection would be done through light! To indicate how powerful this holiday is Rosh Hoshanah, you have got the shofar, Pessach we have got the matzah Sukkot, you have got the sukkah On Chanukah, we have the light. This significance was so corrupted that they start putting lights on Christmas threes before that, they did not even have the lights on there. So that's coming back a little But this one holiday was revealed as the festival, the holiday of lights What does that mean? The kind of light that can and should eliminate a great deal of the chaos around us. While we are maybe only a handful, maybe a few thousand people around the world tonight, that are lighting, that are creating a connection with the light force of God Through the proper technology. But let us not for a moment, consider ourselves as only a handful of people. Because that is all it took at the time of Chanukah, to create the miracle that it did. It removed depression, it removed evil from its midst

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Chanukah - Enter the Realm of Miracles_2002

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