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Law of the Lash

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Law of the lash. Hey, here's an empty sack, and here's a list of what to put in it. Fuzzy, your list is just like a letter. Always starts out the same way. Do you mean they start out "Dear Sir"? No, six packs of chewing tobacco. Well, I got to have some kind of a stimulant. Don't I know you, you old buzzard. But if those hills come through with what I think they will, we'll both have all the stimulant we want. And it won't be tobacco. What time do I expect you back? You have the grub ready by sundown. I'll be back to help you eat it. Do as I say and nobody gets hurt. Driver, get your hands up. You passengers, pile out of the coach. You gents have got any shooting arms, throw'em on the ground. Lefty, see what valuables our friends have got. And be polite to the lady. Turn around, all of you. Now empty your pockets onto the ground. Turn around. You wouldn't try that on me, now would you, lady? You're sure a disappointment to me, ma'am. I sort of expected to find diamonds. Smitty, get that strongbox. Here it is, Decker, a little iron box and plenty heavy. Get it down to my place. You men, split up. I'll see you all later. What happened? Stagecoach. Holdup. Is this fella one of your passengers? No, it's Hank Watts, the mail guard. Bandits held up the coach and got away with the strongbox. And three of my rings. He's in a bad way. Better get him to a doctor. All right, folks. Give us a hand. Let's get him up. Easy now. I'll drive back to Hagerstown. I'll report to the sheriff as soon as I get to Temeculah. Have you ever been in Temeculah? No, stranger around these parts. Doing a little prospecting. Why do you ask? You'll find out. There has been a shooting in Temeculah in which sheriff Hodgson was shot. Stranger, that's one unlawabiding town. Maybe so. But I need supplies, and Hagerstown's too far. Suit yourself. But remember, I warned you. Hilton's General Store Well, let's have ten cases of milk, 500 pounds of sugar, and err... Let me see. You'll have to have coffee, dad, if you expect to sell all that milk and sugar. Hm. Almost forgot. Let us have five sacks of coffee. Green. We do our own roasting. Dad, your lunch is ready. I'll wait on... Why, Sam. I'm surprised to see you. I didn't you'd risk a trip into our lawless town. Will you excuse me, Sam? -- Certainly. Howdy, miss Jane. Your dad's just been telling me about the death of sheriff Hodgson. What's the matter with all the young fellas in Temecula? Don't anybody want the sheriff's job? Or are they just plain yellow? It's getting worse each day. It's nothing but a hangout for gunmen. Why, even the stage line has left us off the route. I'm sorry, Sam, but we won't need those things Dad ordered. He doesn't know it, but as soon as our supplies run out, we're leaving here. Most of the other folks have left already. It's the Decker gang. They're going to the saloon. They will drink and they'll be shooting up the town. Hey Lefty, I'm out of cartridges. Run over to Hilton's get a couple of boxes, will ya? Right. Here comes one of 'em. Let me handle him my way. Give me three boxes of 45's. We haven't any. And even if we did, I wouldn't sell them to you. Oh. A plucky little girl, eh? I kind of like your kind. Don't touch me. A little spitfire, eh? I'm asking you for those three boxes of ammunition. And I'm telling you they're not for sale. Then I'm taking them. Don't come near her. What can I do for you? Maybe I can do something for you? You keep out of this. The lady's waiting on me. That's not true. I refuse to sell this man ammunition and he tries to take it. Without paying for it? That's right. Maybe that will teach you to mind your own business. Next time you'll sell me what I ask for. That goes for you too, Pop. Now pay the lady what you owe her. Pick up what I owe you. I told you that ammunition is not for sale. What's the matter with my money? Ain't it no good? You heard what the lady said. She's not selling. Now pick up your money and get out of here. Just a minute, mister. There's five more shells in this gun. You might need 'em. I don't know how to thank you, mister... My friends call me Cheyenne. Did I see wrong or did thay left handed fella have three ladies' rings mixed up with that money? Did you see them, miss..., miss err... Hilton. Jane Hilton. Yes, I saw the rings. One was a very pretty cameo. I'd recognize it again anywhere. $1000 reward will be paid for the capture of the bandits who held up the Hagerstown-Medina stage coach on June 17th. A thousand dollars. That's a heap of money. Yeah. You didn't have to state it, Fuzzy. But knowing something and proving it is two different things. You know, Cheye, I've never been to Temeculah. There's nobody who knows me there. What's on your mind? I don't want to go. After you tell me that hombre with the rings, they seem to drop right in you lap. Don't beat around the bush. You want to go after the reward? You're getting warm. Maybe it's that left handed friend of yours coming to call on you with his friends. See what they want, Fuzzy. I don't mind taking them on one at a time, but I don't like a gang of 'em. I'd like to talk to Cheyenne. All right, mister. Go ahead and talk. Well, I'm sheriff Rand from Hagerstown. I heard about the trouble you had in Hilton's store in Temeculah. A nice job you did. Congratulations. Sheriff, I'd like to explain. Explain? There's nothing to explain. But what I'm trying to say is ... Now listen, we need more two-fisted men like you in Temeculah. Ah, shucks. I can't take credit for someone who really deserves it. Boys, here's the most backward and unassuming gent I've ever met. I hope that when I'm Cheyenne's age I'm as good a man as he is. You probably were, sheriff. You see, I'm Cheyenne. W.. w... this other fella ... this ... I resent that, sheriff. I tried to explain. You just outtalked me. You'll have to excuse my sidekick, sheriff. You see, he was acting on my orders. I wasn't taking any chances of a gang-up of that left handed gent and his pals. Well, that's what I call playing safe. Hey Cheye. Coffee's on. We've got some beans and soft pork if the sheriff and the boys could go for it. Why, sure. Where's my manners? Oh, we wouldn't want to short you on your grub. Shorten? We've got plenty of grub. Come on in. To tell you the truth, we could go for some coffee. See, we've been riding since early this morning. Boys, step down and come on in. Break out the coffee, Fuzzy. Now when I was complimenting the wrong man over out back ... You mean when you was outtalking me. I said that Temeculah could use a couple of good two-fisted men. And I meant it. What about a good two-fisted man like yourself? Well, my star doesn't count in Temeculah. You see, your cabin is right on the county line. That's where my authority ends. What do you figure is keeping Lefty? I think he's gone of his nut a little, from the lickin' he took. So how do you figure that? He rides the hills all day, trying to track down that stranger. He's not tracking him because of the licking he got. Then why? Because he flashed those rings when he went to pay for the cartridges. And the stranger saw them. About time he was showing up. You don't look so good, Lefty. You wouldn't look so good either if you had the finger on you like it's on me. They got me tabbed as left handed. So what? They got me tabbed as Pee Wee. That's only a moniker. You can change that any time. I was born lefthanded, and you can't change that. Besides, that stranger knows I had the dames' rings. I'll get him if it's the last thing I do. I'll get him. You listen to me. You're going crazy. You act like it's the first job we ever pulled. We're all in this thing together. Now lay low and settle down for a while. You're just jumpy. I know what I'm going to do, and I ain't being stopped. I'll blast thee. He'll get his neck in the noose. And ours too. Do you ever think what might happen if he gets tripped up? What's going on over at the Hilton's store? Dad and his girl are leaving. Where are they going? -- Hagerstown. Oh, pardon me, mister. I didn't see you coming. Oh, that's all right. -- Thank you. Saw that fighting friend of yours in town yesterday. Bought the last sack of potatoes old man Hilton had. How do you know? I went to the Hilton store and saw him. The old man's gonna drop the potatoes off at the stranger's place on his way to Hagerstown. What a break. What a break. We're done. Doesn't look as if there's anyone here. Well, I'll just leave the potatoes. HELLO THERE. Howdy folks. Hello. Got some potatoes for you. Where do I put them? Well, inside the shack. I'll help you. I'll take it, mister Hilton. Missed. Come out of there with your hands up. All right. I'm coming out. A boot draw. That trick's as old as the hills. Say mister, who are you? "Open for business" Jake, come take a look. Can you beat that? The Hiltons are opening up the store. I told you Lefty was loco. I said if he ever tripped up, things would happen. Well, things are happening. The Hiltons are back. Lon and Mart showed up yesterday. You just heard what Bart said about the Markham brothers reopening their place. What's the reason for the people coming back? Has the law come to Temeculah? That's it. -- Wait a minute. Maybe that stranger... Can't you do anything but whittle? Can't that clock do anything but tick? Three days of whittling and ticking. Not a word from anyone. Why don't you talk to me? Say something. Psst. Psst. Ticking. Ticking. Ticking. Can't stand it. It's got to stop. Can't go on. It's driving me loco. I'll fix it. Hey. Loose horse out here. Anybody own him? The one on the end. Why, that's Lefty's horse. Sure is. But where's Lefty? Ain't been rode hard. Empty shell in the barrel. Howdy, gents. Who's that guy, Jake? He was in once before. Calls himself Fuzzy. Doin' a little prospecting up in the hills. Here comes Lefty. That's Lefty's horse all right. But that isn't Lefty riding him. That's Smitty. Where did you get Lefty's horse? He showed up at the saloon, and Lefty wasn't on it. That's funny. What are you getting at, boss? Somebody could have trailed that cayoose. Come to think of it, an old guy rode in right after we noticed the horse. Jake says he's only been around once before. Lefty's horse shows with an empty saddle, and people are coming back to Temeculah. Boys, it's time for a showdown. You, Bart and Pee Wee, round up everybody. Tell Gunhand I want to see him. Smitty, tell you what you are going to do. Still sore at me? No. I ain't holding a thing against you. That's good. About those rings I showed back in Hilton's store. I came by them honestly. Well, whether you did or whether you didn't, it's all the same to me. I suppose you'll be getting rid of them when you get to Temeculah. Mister, you're telling you're turning me loose? That's what I'm telling you. I don't see my horse. Last I know, he was heading for Temeculah. You cut him loose, remember? He probably made friends with the hitching rack outside the saloon. But mister, it's a long walk from here to that saloon. Well, it's a nice day, and it's a good road all the way. If I don't see you again, so long. (You're in a jam and you know it.) (He didn't turn you loose for nothing.) (He WANTS you to go to Temeculah.) (You're loco. That's the trouble with you.) (Decker was right. You're loco.) (You don't make sense.) (Why would that stranger want you to go to Temeculah?) I got friends in Temeculah. (Maybe he's got friends in Temeculah too.) (Somehow he fell out with you while your crew was gone.) (Who is this stranger?) (You don't know?) (Be smart. Don't go to Temeculah.) (You're across the line.) (You're not safe across the line.) (They may think they're better off without you.) (Better not take any chances.) (Better get to Temeculah.) (You got friends there too.) (You were crazy to take those rings.) (And crazier to show them in that store.) (If the law comes to Temeculah, those rings will hang you.) (Better get rid of them now.) Huh. That's better. You dropped something. Must have a hole in your pocket. Maybe. Maybe not. No hole, mister. That money ain't mine. But these are. You all right, Lefty? I wondered what happened to you. You know where my horse is? Smitty rode him up to Decker's place. I better get up there myself. Wait a minute. You look as though you could stand a drink. Well, here it is, Fuzzy. Take the wire off that insulator. How's that? That's good. How do you know they're getting it? You haven't got any receiver. I got the best receiver in the world. My tongue. Put these wires in my mouth and I can taste the answer. I think he got it. No, I think you got it. Be sure now you know what to do. We understand. Right, let's go. All right, boys, what'll ya have? Give me a whiskey. Bourbon. Where have you been? Oh, hello Decker. I asked you where you've been. That ain't friendly. What happened to your shooting hand? I had an accident. Sure. When you were making your left handed draw. You're wrong, Decker. So help me ... Don't lie to me. You went gunning for that stranger. Did he beat you to the draw? I'll beat the truth out of you. Lay off. I don't feel so good. Let me alone. Talk. I'm listening. Like you said. The stranger beat me to the draw. How did you find him? I trailed Hilton's wagon when they left town. I told him that Hilton was delivering a sack of potatoes to the stranger. You're as dumb as Lefty's crazy. Why didn't you tell me? That ain't friendly, Decker. The stranger wasn't friendly when he plugged your hand. He was too friendly. He tended my hand, and fed and bedded me down until he turned me loose. So he turned you loose. But your horse got here before you. Did he turn him loose too? I lost my horse during the shooting. Another stranger trailed your horse and made it up to my place. An old coot with a beard. Whiskers knows you too. How about it? The two of them work together. Where do they hang out? The open end at Digging's. All right, boys. We're going to pay them a visit. Come on. Looks like they cleared out. Yeah. A move closer to paydirt. These diggings were just the beginning. You're welcome to the shack. They knew we would come here. I may be a little rusty. Ain't had a checker game since sheriff Hodgsons passed on. Better keep your eye on the game. Hm. I guess I was wrong. Your mind ain't wandering. Hodgsons fell for that play once and didn't talk to me for three days. Hey Pop. Take a look out the window. Do you know that fella right in front? Yeah. Name's Decker. First time we've seen him in town for quite a spell. Decker? CHEYENNE! Come out here. Dude Bracken just rode into town. I understand he's known as Decker here. Decker's the head of the gang that drove us out of Temeculah. When I take Dude Bracken I'll relieve you folks of Decker too. Well, your friends have cleared out. People coming back to Temeculah and those two showing up here isn't just coincidence. Look there, boss, the old guy. Invite him over here for a drink. Won't you join us? Well. I don't mind if I do. It's sure nice weather for drinking. You know, this ginger beer is mighty invigorating. I hear you and your partner put up stakes. Yeah. Whoever said there's gold in them hills is crazy. You thinking on leaving these parts, you and your partner? Well, kinda yes, kinda no. Depends. This place is kinda growing on me. Everybody has been so nice and... Oh. Order up another drink. This one's on me. We've had enough of that bellywash. From now on everything's on me. I'm doing the ordering. You surprise me. And throwing away my ginger beer is a right waste of invigoration. And you're a waste of conversation. From now on, get to the point. Mister, where is your partner? Christ, that's hard to say. See, he ain't here. If you know what's good for you, talk. I asked you, where is he? Up to now, everybody has been so friendly... All right, mister. Have it your way. Hold everything! Keep'em covered, Fuzzy. I have tracked you a long time, Dude Bracken. So, it was you all the time. I left you a note up the shack. What made you so sure I would pay you a visit there? Three rings, a sack of potatoes and Lefty's horse. One shot. That's the signal! That's the signal. You did me a favor, Cheyenne. That shot was a signal. That's my outfit out there in the street. That's right, Dude. It was a signal. What's up, Decker? Your hands. Get them up empty. That's not all of 'em, Cheyenne. They'll all be right in, boss. Stay where you are. You got no authority here. You're over the county line. You're wrong. We've got plenty of authority. United States Marshall Cheyenne Davies made us his deputies. You're all under arrest. Dude! There's only one way out for you. Throw down your guns. Hey. Did you get my telegram? Sure. Did you get my answer? Hm. I'll say I did. I'm taking a hand in this. Stay out of this, sheriff. That's Cheyenne's fight, and he wants to take him alive. I'll be right after you. I want to take you back to stand a fair trial. You'll have to show yourself to do that, Cheyenne. It's your choice. I'm coming after you. He's all yours, sheriff. You're to blame for this. You put the indian sign on us when you stole that woman's rings. Take them into the saloon, boys. That's the biggest place that I know of to hold them. All right, Decker. Good work, Cheyenne. Thanks, folks, for coming back to Temeculah. After that, nature just took its course. I suppose you'll be leaving Temeculah now that your work is over. You know, I kinda like it here. The End

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A western with Lash La Rue and Al St. John. (1947)
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