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Gaddafi speech in Libya

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The Happy Colonel Challengers... Youth of Libya... Youth of the West I salute you, you rats Oh Youth on hallucinogenic pills... They're naive, full of lice, dirty They're American agents I destroyed America... I destroyed America, France, Holland, and Italy I was in World War I, two, and three I killed those cockroaches and Smurfs... I liberated Isratin I'm not a president to step down I am a legend... I am! I am a dinosaur... I'll live forever I am the Brigadier General of the Arab rulers, and the king of African kings And I am the Muslims' Imam. I am a blind rock I am the leader of the revolution. I am glory But those druggies It's bad for the heart. You rats You'll be tried according to Libyan law If you climb onto a tank; execution If you say a righteous word to an oppressor; execution If you use Facebook; execution. If you tweet or re-tweet; execution, execution But "like" and "share"; execution, execution, execution I am the one who brought Libya glory with it's oil Take the oil with your hands; each one take two barrels of it Go out tonight... starting from tomorrow Every woman go to her brother, father, husband, lover, whatever Every woman go out whether she is male or female. Millions crawling Those are children, collaborating mercenaries It's time... It's time... no returning forward Forward, forward, forward... revolution, revolution, revolution The Fighting Leader The Colonel Commander of the Faithful King of African kings etc... Karabeesh [Translation into English : Nichola HAMMOUDEH for the Yallah Film Festival]

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Posted by: kharabeesh on Sep 11, 2011

After the huge demeonstrations that swept every corner in Libya, the president Algadhafi spoke to Libyans on 22-2-2011 in a 60 minutes speech. Kharabeesh tried to summarize it in 2 minutes... this was the outcome.

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