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Meet - Stanley Kubrick

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Narrator: The lasting and ultimately most important reputation of a film is not based on reviews, but on what, if anything, people say about it over the years, and on how much affection for it they have. It's kind of eerie how Stanley Kubrick was able to predict his own legacy before anyone else. Kubrick is one of those names that's bandied about during any conversation about serious auteurs or cultural criticism. The manipulation of his actors and his crew for the betterment of his story, the fact that he never made the same film twice and still managed to maintain a very apparent sense of Kubrick-esque style, seemingly more myth than man, it's hard to talk about him without wading knee-deep in a hipstery, pretentious conversation. "This is by Ludovico Carde, a disciple of Alessandro Ilore. It's dated 1605..." Narrator: So let's spare that for another time. His legacy stretches beyond cinephiles and filmmakers studying his oeuvre. They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, and though some of this is parody, it's also the proof that the man and his work simply cannot be ignored. Meet Stanley Kubrick. Sgt. Hartmann: "Looks like we got a joker here. What's your name soldier? Soldier: Sir, McArdle, Sir! Sgt. Hartmann: Well, no shit. You look like some kinda joker to me. Sgt. Hartmann: What's your name, soldier? Soldier: Sir, McArdle, Sir! Sgt. Hartmann: Are you shitting me? Probably some kinda joker. What's your name, soldier? Soldier: Sir, McArdle, Sir! Lloyd: I go into businesses every day and it's been my experience these machines can be a metaphor for whatever's on people's minds. Don Draper: Because they're afraid of computers? Lloyd: Yes, this machine is frightening to people, but it's made by people. Don Draper: People aren't frightening? Lloyd: It's not that. It's more of a cosmic disturbance. This machine is intimidating because it contains infinite quantities of information and that's threatening because human existence is finite. But isn't it God-like that we've mastered the infinite?

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Meet - Stanley Kubrick

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