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BEST CREW - The Audition

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-All right, who's first? -Me. You can call me Sam. Uncle Sam. -Okay, Uncle Sam, let's see what you've got. -Do the Uncle Sam, the Uncle Sam, the Uncle Sam, the Uncle Sam Do the Uncle Jim, the Uncle Jim, the Uncle Jim, the Uncle Jim Do the Uncle Sam and the Uncle Jim The Uncle Sam and the Uncle Jim -Look at my feet, baby. Look like a have four feet, like an animal. -Everybody to the dancing Before you do romancing -What the hell was that? -I was dancing. -Pong, was that dancing? -It was kind of-- -You shh, and you, get out. Next. -Hey, guys. I'm Duke, I'm here to dance for you guys. I hope you guys like it. -Don't worry, I saw this guy dance before. He's really good. -Oh, he'd better be good, Pong. 'Cause if he's not, I'm ripping up that drawing you made for me this morning. [electronic dance music playing] -[gasps] -Hi, I'm Vanessa, and I'll be doing my routine. Five, six, seven, eight. Give me a B. -B! -Give me an E. -E! -Give me a-- -Get the hell out of my office! Next. What--what are you doing here? -What do you mean? It's my first time. -We just saw you five minutes ago. -No, that was my twin brother, Uncle Sam. He doesn't have the mustache like me. -You're clearly the same person. You're wearing the same clothes. -What do you mean? My brother's not as handsome as me. What's that one? -Next. -I don't need that girl in my life I don't need that girl by my side I don't want-- -This is a dance audition. -Oh, I'm s-- You're right, you're right, okay. I don't need that girl in my life I don't need that girl by my si-- -Get out. [breathes deeply] -I'm here to do the dancing. [screams, punches landing] -Hi, we're here for the audition. -Whatever. -Five, four, three, two, one [heavy-bass techno music playing] -Wow, that was--that was amazing. -Stunning. -That was incredible. -So beautiful. -You guys are exactly what we don't need. -We're on YouTube. -We wanted a third member, not a fourth. Nothing good comes in fours. You know what comes in fours? Squares. We'll take one of you. -One of us? Dude, we don't need them. Y'all are whacked. Look at those stupid bumblebee outfits. I don't even know what that is. You call yourself a crew? You'll never be a crew. -You shut your dirty mouth! [both make mocking noise] Rave, don't listen to them. As long as we believe in each other, right? -I don't believe in you. -But I believe in you twice as much. -Who are you? Are you here for the audition? [awe-inspiring music playing] You're in. -Mm, thanks Rave. This is the best day ever. -Hey, you guys like ice cream too? -Teehee. -Uncle [laughter] -[mutters] Captioned by SpongeSebastian -This is the best day ever. It's fine right? -Yes, Kevin, it's fine. -This doesn't go on the Internet or anything, right?

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Posted by: spongesebastian on Sep 22, 2010

From nigahiga: Rave and Pong hold auditions for the next BEST CREW member. (Captioned using

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