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Paxi - The Solar System

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Hi there! I’m Paxi and I come from a far away planet I came to Earth to meet you and tell you about my space adventures Are you ready to explore your solar system? Uh, I love looking at stars! no wonder so many of you enjoy it But wouldn’t it be best to look at things from space? Come on, Let’s go! This, is your planet Earth Can you see half of it is bright while half is dark? The Earth is spinning! The half of the Earth that is facing the Sun is lit up, so you have day time there, while the half facing away from the Sun, is dark, so you are in night time It is 24 hours for the Earth to make a full spin a whole day! Look! There is the Moon looping around it all as we say, orbiting around the Earth Did you know that the Earth orbits around the Sun while it spins? The Earth and the Moon always stay together It takes one year for the Earth to make a full loop Let's first go closer to the Sun but not too close I don’t want to burn my antenaae again! Flew! The Sun is our star It is very hot and it gives us light and warmth! Now Earth is not alone! It is just, one of eight planets that orbit the Sun Let’s have a look at them! The four small rocky planets closest to the Sun are Mercury, Venus, Earth and Mars Mercury is very close to the Sun and it is the smallest planet of the Solar System Venus is veeeeery hot! It has a thick and dense air, poisonous to humans I’d better keep my helmet tight Since this air is poisonous for me too! We’ve already seen Earth your home planet It is very special, you know? It is the only planet in the Solar System covered with liquid water, rivers, lakes and oceans And the only one to host life as we know it Mars is covered in rusty dust giving it a reddy orange colour that’s why people call it, the red planet! Maybe there was water in it too, a long time ago! Look over there! After Mars, there are lots of smaller bits of rock These are called asteroids and there are millions of them They form the asteoroid belt and they orbit the Sun too Further away from the Sun, there are four truly huge planets much, much bigger than the Earth They are Jupiter and Saturn, the gas giants and Uranus and Neptune, the icy giants Here comes Jupiter! The biggest planet in your Solar System. It is so nice with its colourful stripes of gas, isn’t it? The great red spot you see, is a swirling storm that could fit two earths inside it Do you know that many planets have their own moons, just like the Earth? Well, Jupiter has, more than sixty of them! And look at Saturn, with its spectacular rings! They are made of brilliant of tiny pieces of ice, rocks and dust Uranus and then Neptune are really cold and stormy, so I wouldn’t like to go there on my holiday! Now, we have seen all of the planets in your Solar System, and some asteroids! What shall we do next? Are you curious to see more? Then, let's travel even further away from the Sun! Bruuuh! It’s really cold and dark out here! Hey, that’s Pluto a dwarf planet! Wow! What are those dark objects? They look like, giant, dirty, snow balls! Wait! One of them is coming towards us! Now I see. This is a comet! It is made from rock and ice It resembles the asteroids we saw before but let me tell you it is veery different! This one is heading in towards the Sun! Next time we’ll follow one together to see what happens! So, that’s the Solar System! One star, the Sun eight planets over a hundred moons and millions of asteroids and comets! What an exciting place!

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