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Before you leave your country your home....

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Hello everyone. welcome to my first youtube video. you know it was pretty hard for me to choose and to accumulate the amount of thoughts and ideas that i truly want to share with you. but all i know that i want to facilitate expat life through my own experience. as much as possible. so welcome to my world. In fact, i have been an expat for almost one year. I thought that im the happiest and strongest girl in the world. I was feeling so much happy for going to this new country because i truly loved it. and Despite that everything was set Job contract, Accomodation, But when i reached There, I never ever felt that much lonely and weak in my whole life. Thats why im here today. I have learnt so much things in this journey. And i truly, want to share it with every expat. so that they can survive at least. so my dear friends ... before you leave your country, whenever you are ... homeless in the street or in your room corner Same as me now. you have at least 1 reason If not hundreds of reasons to leave your country. But i think you have to ask your self this kind of questions. Why do you want to leave is it worth scarifying all what do you have for the unknown. Could you bare lonliness Could you bare Staying away from your family your job your own environment. I know that also a lot of people are leaving because of corruption political problems , natural disaster so many crisis in their life and they truly need to leave wthatever is the reason all this things are apart of us, our history its our memories. we cannot get rid of it. but at least we can be so much forgiving. with what we had and reconcile with our own environment in order to start a new journey. Eventually my dear friends i hope you make the right decision before you leave your country your loved one. before you leave your job your dream project because sometimes its really hard to come back later. may be when you come back may be no one will be left there waiting for you. also i think it will be harder to adapt sometimes in your home country than the newer country .... and one from the mains things I learnt that some people they just trying To break their comfort zone or their routine ... For me it's like having an egg. I f you want to enjoy this egg you only need to break it. you dont need you dont need to go to another or to have so many eggs. First enjoy what do you have. break it. Same with our comfort zone . just try to break this routine change your self. change the way you view things ... There is actually no specific place for happiness in this world or for success. its only inside us. and We should value our relationships. our own self our own environment. because i believe that sometimes that the journey could be worse than the newer one. which is better sometimes to protect what do you have develop it, in order to survive so thats it my dear friends i hope you like my first video I tried as much as possible to never talk too much. ( i dont want u to feel bored)

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Posted by: kiki007 on Oct 26, 2019

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