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Rand Paul_ Pre Debate Message

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I may have been excluded from the debate tonight but I won't be silenced. For two years I´ve been saying the Republican Party needs to be bigger, better, bolder. That we need more diverse party. We need people with tattoos and without. With earrings and without. That we need to be a party that welcomes everyone. Rich, poor, white, black, brown... everyone. But above all else we need to allow the diversity of opinion. The GOP needs to allow dissent. To allow the variety of voices to be heard. Tonight I am banned from the debate even though I met the arbitrary and capricious polling standards. That's disappointing to those of us who want to see a bigger better GOP, not a smaller one. My voice is unique in the party and should not be banished. Alone on the stage I have argued that making the sand glow by carpet bombing the Middle East will in the end create more terrorists than it will kill. Alone on the stage I have argued that our guvernment should not be allowed to indescriminately collect our private phone or credit card information. Alone on the stage I have argued for ending the war on drugs which has disproportionaly encarserated people of colour. Alone on the stage I have also argued that regime change and intervention in the Middle East has made us less safe, has made the Middele East more chaotic and allowed the expansion of radical Islam. There has only been one voice on that stage to proclaim that you cannot be fiscally conservative if you are liberal with military spending. That our country has been bancrupted by an unholy alliance between those on the right who want unlimited military spending and those on the left who want unlimited domestic spending. Without my vioce tonight there will be no voice for those who truly believe in fiscal conservatism. Without my voice the liberty wing of our party wonders if they need to look elswhere outside of the party for representation. I refuse to be banned and I refuse to be silenced. Instead, tonight I take the message directly to the people. Join us at 9 PM for National Town Hall. Turn your TV off. Choose your own destiny. Donť be let by the nose to the future that includes only the banal and soporific. Choose liberty. Unfiltered and direct from the source.

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Rand Paul_ Pre Debate Message

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