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My name is Howard Thurlow, I'm a senior sales engineer with NEC Enterprise Communication Technologies. I spend a lot of time working with our health care customers to understand their needs and adapt our solutions to best fit into their environment. Health care organizations face a merit of challenges and they're changing every day. A top of mine of course is the patient experience. As consumers, when we walk into a health care facility we have certain expectations of what that care experience should be like. And at NEC we have a variety of solutions to address those concerns. One of the challenges for health care organizations is staff retention. To be able to keep employees, they need to feel that they're getting a better employee experience in a facility than the facility down the street. There's a shortage of nurses this is well known, And so there is competition in between facilities for those employees. The one way that we can help caregivers in this area is to provide mobility If they have a mobile device they can use to provide care. Then when they receive an alert from a patient event they don't have to run down the hall to take care of that situation. Clearly within a health care facility, security is of utmost importance. Not just the physical security of the people in the building, but the security of the patient data. NEC has a variety of IT solutions that can help these organizations ensure the integrity of this data as well as the safety and security of the patients and staff in the facility. So patients encounter a number of obstacles when working with health care organizations One of the simplest to understand is, when they pick up the phone and make a call to make an appointment Are they actually getting serviced efficiently, are they talking to the correct organization? So, having a well managed, well runned call center is important for a health care organization to get that first experience going properly. Hospitals are actually measured on how well they meet patient expectations. One of the expectations that a patient has in a hospital setting is a quiet environment. One of the ways we can help keep the health care facility quiet is to reduce overhead paging and audible alarms within the environment. The way we can do this is, is by automating work flow processes so that care givers are using mobile devices to communicate with one another and not actually making the environment more noisy. You know, as consumers we hate to wait for anything. The first experience a patient has when walking into a hospital is often waiting in line to check in for a procedure. If we can automate that process using something like facial recognition, It would improve the patient experience on their very first exposure to the facility. Another area that patients say is a real problem for them is that they don't have a clear understanding of their care plan and they don't have the ability to communicate with their caregivers. So what we can help facilitate with NEC solutions is the ability for care givers and patients to have effective communication with one another and with each other. Another very important new technology in health care is telehealth. The ability to have a remote consultation with a physician without actually going into the doctor's office And NEC can facilitate these interactions using video telehealth technology that improves the patient experience and also reduces the cost of care. NEC has terrific relationships with a variety of technology partners that allow us to build customs solutions for each health care facility to best meet their specific needs Thank you please visit

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