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All Alone

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I'm home! Hi honey! Hurry up, your soup will get cold... ... and with the microwave ruined and the stove out of gas, we can't warm it up! Honey, now. This isn't really soup... it's actually chicken soup... ... and I'm a vegetarian, so it's really just chicken water. Okay. Same as yesterday. Same as the day before. Same as the past two weeks. Hey, son. Busy with that soup? Gotta watch that tummy! Yeah, okay Hurry up, we're late! I'm coming, just a second! I almost forgot to tell you. Dad and I are going... ...out of town for five days, so don't do anything mischievous and be a good boy. Do all your homework...and.. I want you in bed by eight. I'm used to that. Give me a hug. Mom, I think you're supposed to go now. Hurry up! Don't make me say the "You-Know-What" word! We don't want him to do that! I have to go now, bye! Bye (Gasps) Listen, Bingo! We have to get in this house! This is a house with a famous family. They may have the newest magnetical... ... magical, anti-theft device, we get that, and our lives will change! We can sell it for two thousand, million bucks, Bingo! Wow, then I can buy that Robo-Cop I wanted! No, fartbrain. We'll use the money to buy a mansion! Five T.Vs... ...fifteen different satellite channels, and a VCD, VHS, and DVD exchangeable Sony© device! - Wow! - I know! Now I've done... ... the calculations and with all we'll be buying, we'll have $8,952 left! $7,852 will be used to buy the mansion that includes all electricity bills, and maintenance... ... and plumbing jobs for five and a half years. - Bingo, be careful! - Sorry, sir. Bed! It's here. If I can only get it! - I'm telling you, I can get this. I can get it well. - Okay If I can just get it. Ow! That hurt. Okay, maybe I can get it. - Ha! See? Simple! - Okay, no, wait. Don't! - Okay get, it - No you get it. Ow, my finger! What is with you! (Sneezes) - Come on, go out the balcony! - Why? - Because there's someone here! - Really? No, I'm going from the balcony! - No, go from the window! - No... He always gets us that wily minx. We'll be back tomorrow! So, they'll be back tomorrow. Next Morning - Come up, we have to go up the water tank. - Okay, oh yeah. - Hurry up. - Okay, I will. I'm going as fast as I can. God. No wait, there are flowers up here, we don't want to kill them, do we? No, no, we don't. Alright, come down. Come down. - Whatever, Linus. I'm going up! - What? Come on! Okay, fine. Sorry, Mr. Flower Alright, that's all we had to do. (Gasps) They're coming! Phew! That was close! The chip! Now, If I was a chip, where would my master hide me? Got the chip! Oh, look -- I found a safe! Hi, this is Bingo news saying, "Bingo! I found the bing!" Fifty anti-clockwise... Eighty... try it... Hundred twenty Hi, this is Bingo on Bingo News, saying, "Bingo! The safe is safe!" Damn it, no chip! Alright, I'll go look behind some pictures for an actual real ... safe. But you just look... at the TY toys. Oh, my god! This has been voted TYT Teddy Bear of the Year! Can I have it? Oh, my God! Oh, my God! Bingo, look, it's him! So he's the one who's been tricking and spying on us all along! We've got to get that kid! We'll be back tomorrow, we can sneak him up, then. Next day, having a nap! He's having his afternoon nap. We can go in now ♪ We're going in now! ♫ Damn it, it's locked! Climb! - Find the door! - Cool air! - You call that a door? - The door to air! A door. It's locked. Alright, fine. I'm climbing up the chimney. Uh-oh! Ah! Help! Save Me... Oh, my God! Oh, my God! Oh, my G--! Oh, my God! Okay, I'm coming! Okay. Wait! It's simple, really, George! - Oh, my God! - Oh, my God! - That's it, we're going to have to jump - Really? - That's our only choice! - Oh, my god! You first. - Wah!! - I'm coming! Aah!! - Wah!! - Aah!! - Tasty! - Tasty? Try it. I think not. - Well, I like it. - Yeah, I hate it. - Well, I like it. - Yeah? Well, I hate it! - Tsk, tsk, tsk... - How do you do that? - Well, it's easy, what you do is-- - I'm not asking! - Yes you were, you just said that you're.. - Yeah, well I said a lot of things. - Really, like what? - Well, like, "How do you do that?" Well, whaddaya know, it's locked! - What? It was open a (sneezes) second ago! - Bingo! - What?? Well... the boys awake. His parents are [away]. The boy is clever. He has all the keys! Just use your master key! I don't have a master key! You don't have a master key? You're... ... telling me that I joined you as a thief to rob this boys house while his parents aren't even... home and you don't have thief equipment? What did you say? Umm. I said that -- uh -- you don't have a master key... ...or thief equipment and you told me to join - No! No, before that. - Nothing... How did you know that he's alone in the house? Well... Oh, my God! (Sneezes) "Honey, the exterminator hasn't come to the house yet... ...He might come while dad and I are gone, but until then watch out..." My God, "...there might be insects in this room. Love Mom and Dad" ? Why didn't you tell me that this letter was posted here? What's the big deal? What's the big deal? Firstly we could have made as much noise as we wanted. Secondly, we could have caught the boy when he was at the door on the roof. And thirdly, I'm allergic to insects, and there's no way out. - Oh! So that's why you're all - (Sneezes) - Oh! So that's why you're all wheezy... You're becoming red! That's not a good sign! We have to get out of here, but the door's locked! So, he's allergic to insects, interesting. I could use more information. Your face is getting redder, George! Did you know that? Uh-Oh. Busted! That's it! I'm coming out, even if it means me breaking this door! (George Sneezes) Uh! You are so gross! I'm taking a shower first thing when I get home! Will you shut up? I look worse than you do! Yeah, well I'm the one with your snot all over my face. Just get out, will you? Will you wait? Sure, I'll wait. I have all day. The longer you take, the longer that boy has to create traps. Alright, I'm coming! To be continued

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Posted by: lugua on Mar 30, 2009

A boy left home alone when his parents leave on vacation, ends up being robbed by two DIFFERENT people (i know they're played by the same people who play the parents a little imagination here pleas...

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