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hitman round 3

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Well it's the f*cking last round and Chris is in the end f*cking Dan's straight into it now. Now Chris is coming inside, AH Dan's f*cking backed up there now Dan's backed up. He's coming in now,he's coming in with his blue gloves He's f*cking having a left,he's had a left And hes a had a little body shot,big body shot Ah he's had a little fucking head shot there ya didn't see that one coming. Well I f*cking didnt anyway boy. Ah Jayz well here he comes ah and he's f*cking body Oh he's looking f*cking fine, I tell ya what now I have ta f*cking say, this bloke in the f*cking black shorts Chris is looking pretty f*cking fit, hes f*cking hanging in there hes hanging in there. He must stuck in that Now Chris comes in, and f*cking Dan comes in And Chris OH Dan comes in with a flurry and Chris just f*cking blocks it f*cking beautifully See , he's standing there I'm fucking a bit afraid I tell ya now I thought Dan was gonna come in here and f*cking fire him off but Chris is f*cking standing his ground he's standing his ground and he's f*cking blocking him he's blocking him Can Dan f*cking hang now he looks fitter he looks stronger but this bloke in the black shorts just wont go f*cking away. He wont go away He's f*cking tired now, AW Jesus look at that I didn't see that one f*cking coming I tell ya now f*cking on the left eye, on the left eye Dan's got f*cking one eye left, he's got one eye Aw no , he's got one eye, AH NAHH look do ya know it he's got a f*cking vision his vision came back in the second eye He's got f*cking 2 eyes back and he's f*cking fighting proper He f*cking fighting well and Chris is on the ropes Chris is going back ah have that, have that now HAVE F*CKING THAT! Ah yeah Jaysus now is that all ya'v got I'v had fucking breakfast tis moring I had bacon, eggs and f*cking toast and f*cking coffee Double shot to you, how do you like that? How do you f*cking like that now boy Oh he's f*cking come in there and had some sugar in my coffee just to f*cking top it off, bitta f*cking sugar give ya a bit of speed, bit of speed AW YEAH see I f*cking told ya I TOLD ya That Dan with his eggs and his breakfast and his feed and his f*cking coffee and his sugar he' f*cking coming back,he's coming back all over him And poor little Chris there in the black shorts He looks a little bit tired he looks a bit weak, he looks a bit despondent to be honest now. Sorry, for me eh normal folks out there with that big word, it means that hes f*cking not feeling great infront of everybody ya know. HE'S NOAWWW AW 12 seconds Come on Dan you can do it this is the sad 10 seconds of your life. Just remember this is it there's no more This is it ya can go in there, ya can go 1 ya can go 2 YA CAN GO 3 YA CAN DO ANYTHING YA CAN..... ya f*cking better do something now boy I have ta tell ya This is one of the f*cking hardest fights I've got to actually call because I don't have I've got pride anyway right I have to tell ya I got pride anyway And thanks to the lads for that payment and I hope ya enjoyed my commentary But I have to tell ya I actually don't f*cking know who won this fight that was a f*cking great fight I actually I have to say i'm leaning towards the guy in the f*cking I I don't I think Chris has got there in the black shorts That's what I really believe It was a f*cking close fight. If I don't get it your other man f*cking gets it. Thank you very much for listening to me now.

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Posted by: darthschracker on May 4, 2016

hitman round 3

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