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Hop (2011)

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(narrator) The Easter Bunny works one day a year... ...travels the world, and is beloved by everyone. Who wouldn't want a job like that? E.B. You're about to be crowned the Easter Bunny. Look, Dad, I want to drum in a band.I want to see the world. E.B., the Easter Bunny sees every country in one night. Oh really Dad? What about China? [woman yelling in Chinese] (Easter Bunny) It's candy, woman! So, we haven't cracked China yet. (E.B.) I don't wanna be the Easter Bunny! (Dad) 4000 years of tradition doesn't end, just because 1 selfish bunny doesn't feel like doing it. (E.B.) My Dad's right, I do need to get my act together. In Hollywood. All great artists suffer before they become famous. That lady wrote Harry Potter in a ditch. I have the talent, I have the drive... I have to avoid... ...whatever that was. You know what, we can leave the insurance companies out of this. [yelling in fright] Aaaaaa! We need to find E.B.. Assemble the Pink Berets at once. Ooh, I could bunk down anywhere, West wing, master suite, I'm not picky. [crunch] What are the newspapers for? (boy) You know you're an animal, so, Oh, I understand. I'll just sleep down here. Among my poo and pee like a pig. (narrator) Now he's chasing his dream.... I never had one formal lesson! (narrator)...and letting nothing... (E.B.) Fred, why am I in a box? (narrator) ...stand in his way. (E.B.) Hey, I'll clean up my mess. I'm special! I'm really special! (Fred) What are you doing? [clinking] (Fred) Jelly beans? So you talk, and you poop candy. (narrator) This spring... (E.B.) You don't get it. I have a date - with destiny. (narrator) It's all about candy.... Don't eat that You might not like the flavor. Fred, relax. [crunch] Watermelon. (narrator)...chicks... Can I at least touch it? Ow! (big bird) There. You touched it. (little bird) Thank you. (narrator)...and rock and roll. Stop! I didn't like it. I loved it! (narrator) Hop. Look at this. (laughs) Look how cute this stuffed bunny is. (Fred) Oh. (girl) Oh, he's so soft And cute. And cuddly, and And warm. She seeing anyone? No, she's single, and she's looking for a rabbit. [Captions by]

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Posted by: ccwebguy on Mar 13, 2011

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