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How important do you think is to pursue measures that would really empower women to achieve what is seeked for the SDGs I think the first thing is to change the mindset This is not charity We are not doing a favor for women We are investing 50% of our assets If you just ignore your assets, you don't invest and you lose them I think that dosn't make sense for humanity but it would—also doesn't make business sense if you want to talk to people who'd been hard core about it It's a missed opportunity and I think that when we look at what you gain from women a multiplier effects of involving women in the economy , education and access To the economy is, you know, multiple fold for the family for the society for peace for tension that we see, and many of the countries that we have I think that needs to be understood better SDGs was created after the extended argument not only by the states, but the NGOs and the civil society as an open argument, you created this process of open argument is that because you wanted to have people on the ground not just governments to become the strongest supporters and push—push the states to move toward the right direction that SDGs seeks for Then we also have business coming in to make them think about how they don't just continue to support corporate social responsibility but they change the business models so that they are not harming environment and they are including people and you made know many many examples so good business that has come to join us but there is still a long way to go and I think this has helped to give us texture to this It's why I think that not being a legally binding agreement— we probably have a stronger agreement than if it was legally binding peple owned it We have to change the way we do this. And it has to be embraced by everyone. We have to be inclusive. We have not to be siloed or territorial. There is enough for everyone in this agenda. It is a very big agenda. And I think we need to share the burden But if you look at the world people and countries are more inward- looking. there more national-interest oriented. and the goals that are going to be launched will ask for more integreted and universal, which is just the opposite of where everybody is headed at the moment. Well, everybody headed in the direction that is not working. Because as you become more insular, the problems become bigger and bigger. We cannot do this alone. we are going to do this together. the path to be sustainable is that moral imperative to look at humanity and to look at home that we have. and to see the oppotunities of making taht good. I think that this is something we owe to humanity . We have to give a sense of urgency. Sense of urgency? Sense of urgency is needed. And I thinlk once you do that you begin to see people putting together minds and groups. We certainly saw with the multilateral system that the minute we started to say you have to find a way of unlooking resources for this agenda Because they exist. United nations is the platform to promote peace it promote hope. And It is about us looking at the world as it is. and the world as it should be. we try to close the gap. That's what the goal tried to do and we will continue to try to do that as we go. we are 70 years old this year . United nations has done a lot of things that have been good for humanity. But we are tested now. in the way we had not been before. We have to rise occasion

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