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Jacque Fresco - Oct 12, 2010 - Investigating Behavior (3/5)

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continued... (part 3 of lecture) (J .Fresco) I'd like you to say something about what I'm about to say. Correct it: "Let us sit and reason together." Say something about that. - What do you mean by reason? - Think logically. I'm not 'normal'. - What is that? What is logic? - Use your head. Use your natural inclinations. (R. Meadows) He's saying "Look at it my way." - Yes, that's what he's saying. "Let us sit and reason together" means "see if you can see things my way." That's impossible conversation. Or, "you shouldn't have done that." If a person honestly doesn't know what to do about something, and you say "You shouldn't have done that", it's better to say what you can do to make it work, rather than "you shouldn't have done that". Give them something to do that'll make it work. If your cat rubs its body against you, and you kick the cat, that doesn't change the pattern; he may move away then. But what you're really interested in is (I'm getting right to the point now) is manipulating the environment. That's what you really want. The purpose of language is not to communicate. It's the control of behavior of other people. When you tell another person "Mow the lawn, I'll give you 5 bucks." He says "no." "10 bucks?" "Yes, I'll mow the lawn." Money is a control device, to a limited extent. If you offer a girl 5 dollars to have sex with her, she'll feel terribly insulted, but if you give her 1 million dollars, she might have to think about it, even though she is a moralist. She might have to set her morals aside for that deal, "Otherwise, I have to work for 40 years and never get that opportunity." Is it an opportunity? It could be an insult to some people. So, "use your head" is no language at all. Or "You're dumb. You're dumb." There's no language, no communication. Or "You shouldn't have done that" is no communication. Or "I hate you!" is no communication unless you say "You let the sink run, and it overflowed everything, and I had to work 4 hours cleaning it up. Try not to do that again, otherwise I won't let you near the sink." Okay? Whatever it is that you have to do. So, you've got a long way to go; most language is noise. When people sit and talk to each other, if you check with them three days later, "What did you talk about?" they usually don't know because it was not significant. When normal people get together and talk, they usually say nothing. They can't say anything. So when you have a Zeitgeist meeting, they can only talk within the realm of what they think that means. Are you with me? Do you understand that if the brain is perfectly organized, all the tissue is good quality, it has no mechanism for knowing how to react under varying conditions. That's learned. They say "You can't pass on what you learn". It seems to me, that's a semantic term "it seems to me", it's always good to use "it seems to me that this is so", meaning "that's so", "it seems to me". Now, if I look at person that's tri-sexual, tries anything, I would say that they've been off in some odd direction, but I don't look down at them. I know that I could've been brought up that way, I could've been brought up by the headhunters. If you take a baby from a civilized world, 2 years old, and bring him up as a head-hunter, he'd be a head-hunter. And if you say "That's a terrible thing", I don't know that it's much more terrible than the world you live in. When a guy is a plumber and another guy is an electrician, I think that's unfair use of a brain to make a person an electrician or a plumber. Generalist, you're giving them more tools, not all the tools but more tools. That is what a person craves at a meeting. They don't know why they go there. They say they go there because "I like The Zeitgeist Movement", or "I like The Venus Project". If you pin them down "What do you think The Venus Project is?" "It's a different interpretation of lifestyle." "How different?" Pin them down, see if you can get information. They usually don't provide the information because they don't know that much about it. I will open this up to questions. if you have any? - I had some requests from people if you could talk more a little bit about anthropology... as a scientific discipline. - In anthropology they're okay. When they step out of the field, they usually conform; or they can get a job as a teacher of anthropology. The anthropologist studies different cultures, mainly primitive, but he doesn't think his own culture is primitive. See, unfortunately, there is no field you can study today that isn't entrapped in a culture somewhere. Do you know what that means? It's hard to escape, and if you really succeeded in escaping from your culture, you would have difficulty talking to people. All you'd be doing is informing them. And they say, "What are your qualifications for informing me?" Say "What do you get out of it?" That's the qualifications. If you get nothing out of it, there are no qualifications. Qualification is, how well does the system work? If you don't water your plants, they don't grow, so you water them. If the water's contaminated with chemicals and poisons, the plants die. The only way to know that is to do what they call "the wrong thing". It's never the wrong thing. - (R. Meadows) In science like on the Larry King show, last, when they were talking about brain and mind and trying to distinguish one from another. - Yes, what's the difference? - Yes, I don't see any. The brain is like a battery. The charge is the mind. Do you know what that means? If I put up a sign "batteries free of charge", that would mean no electrical charge in them. It doesn't mean you can take it home for nothing. If I give you a battery 'free of charge', a mind 'free of charge', sometimes it's a brain hit by lightning. It so saturates everything that the guy doesn't know he's even there. The brain's been shocked into nonassociative systems. That can happen. Or the brain can be partially shocked, into no-association systems. Then there's such a thing as neurotoxins, poisons in the brain, that make it unable to operate. And then there's conditioning that makes the brain unable to operate. It's hard to tell the difference because neurotoxins can stop the brain from operating and a guy brought up in a thalamic country. You know what that means? Emotional only, and he only gets angry when people don't do what he asked them to do. "I told you to cook the chicken", you know, and they get angry. That means you didn't affect their behavior the way you wanted to. You can't say to kids "I want you to listen to every word I say". He can't even hear the words you say, unless you tell him what the words mean. So you've got a much bigger job than you think. It isn't just saying "Now you listen to me. I'll tell you the truth". You can't walk over to a judge and say "Everything you do is based on ignorance". He says "How do you see that? How do you mean that?" I say if you ever run into a judge that talks that way, you're half way there. I've never met a person who says "How do you mean that?" If you say to a judge "Everything you do is erroneous, unreal, you might as well be a head-hunter. You're putting people in jail. You're judging people. You know nothing about their background." He says "I know plenty about their background! He is a criminal. He's been in jail before." That's his yard stick, associative memory. So all our actions are based on associative memory. Do you understand what that means? Your experience. Not the truth. When a person says "I'd like to know the truth about something. Does the universe change?" And another person might say "At what rate does it change?" You can take a camera and a telescope and photograph the universe every 2 hours and the stars will move to different positions. But normally looking at it, all the stars appear to be fixed. So even that time frame camera, if set to photograph every month, the planets will move a great deal. So you can record and say, when you're scientific "Within 12 minutes, this is what we get. Within 40 minutes, this is what we get." "Which is the right one?" That doesn't make sense. If you photograph an automobile with an ordinary camera, the wheels appear to be turning backwards. Have you ever noticed that on cars? On a motion picture? If you can sync your camera with real events in real time, you can get the wheels to appear to turn in the right direction. So, all knowledge is based upon time. When a chemist looks at something, he looks at it as a chemist. When a writer listens to a person, he listens for story. What he feels will be commercially saleable. When a salesman looks at person, he's looking at something entirely different. "Can I sell you a lawn mower?" It seems to me that if you were to tell the average person, if you had a city of 10,000 people, and they all chipped in 10 bucks a piece and built a community bank, and all the profit went to that city, he should lap onto that because that makes sense. You know what I mean? If it was a community-owned bank and all the profit went to everybody. If the community of 10,000 people chipped in 10 bucks a piece and bought a farm, food would be much less for everybody. So, when they say "That sounds like communism", that doesn't deal with anything. The person's not addressing the subject. What's wrong with a community bank? He says "It'll kill incentive." "Have you ever tried it?" "No". Then how do you know it'll kill incentive? You're always wrestling with people. If you've got 4,000 houses, or say 300 houses, and each one buys a lawnmower, if you bought 6 gigantic lawnmowers and mowed the whole area, it'd be better than selling a lawnmower to every house. But it's better for business. Collectivism is obviously better than any other system. So people say to me, or I've been reading anti-utopian books: It says "man doesn't stay fixed; he's changing." Well, it depends on the rate of change. Man, they say, can't be controlled, because he's not a fixed entity. When you see all these Chinese marching together in North Korea, they march like one unit. And we did 2,000 plane raids over Germany. How would you get 2,000 planes off the ground without making them very uniform? You know what I mean? Now, what degree of uniformity can you attain with people? It depends on how sophisticated your equipment is. When they say "Is there a place for individuality?" When you say to me "If a guy likes to fuck frogs, would there be a place for him?" What do you mean by individuality? I don't know what they're talking about. I know what they think they are talking about. 'Will they be free?' They're never free. You can't be free of your background. You speak in some language, always: Japanese, Chinese, but you can't be free. If a guy comes up and he says "bla-bla-bla". I'm an individualist. That's what that means. It means he doesn't respond as you do, but you can't deal with him if he doesn't. You can't make any deals, you can't get any behavioral cooperation. So, The Zeitgeist Movement should be a system that indoctrinates people to a working system that's beneficial to most people. continued... subscribe... like... favorite... thanks!

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Part 3 of a lecture in 5 parts from Oct.12, 2010.

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