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Coffee Party launch video - Rosetta format

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I wanted to tell you about a group. It started on Facebook a couple of weeks ago. I got angry. I ranted on my Facebook page about my frustration with news. They made it seem like the Tea Party was representative of America. I completely disagree with this. I started writing comments about it on my Facebook page. There was a flurry of instant feedback from other people. They agreed with me. They also felt pent up and frustrated. The group is called the Coffee Party Movement. We reference the Tea Party. We are an alternative to the Tea Party. We want to see cooperation among people in Congress, and in government. We want our representatives to find solutions to the problems. We do not want them to obstruct any form of progress. Many people believe this is an effective strategy to win Republican seats in 2010. We object to obstructionism. We object to extreme political tactics that are based on fear. We should focus on reality. Deliberate misinformation is not good. We are organizing. We want people to understand that we are voters. We will come out to vote. We will participate in the process. We will make sure to hold people accountable. They should not obstruct progress in government. We need everyone engaged in the political process. That is the only way our government can function as an expression of our collective will. We need people in this country and in the media to understand. This is America. We believe that we are representing ordinary Americans. We believe that we are in the majority. We have a collection of people who value diversity. They are diverse. We are completely comfortable with the changing demographics of our country. I think that it is human for people to be nervous about changes in their neighborhoods, and in demographics of this country. It is not something that should be encouraged. It certainly should not be an opportunity for political gain. The politicians who exploit fear and anxiety for political gain are the worst. We are not saying that we have all the solutions. We need cooperation to solve problems. If people obstruct even dialog, we can not have a functioning government. It might be that we have solutions that are fiscally conservatism. None of those things can be considered at this point. We are so divided. Our process has broken down. That is why we are organizing. The process has broken down. Do you want to see cooperation? Do you not want to see obstructionism in Congress? Do you believe that the government can help us address these enormous problems that we face? If you do not believe that the government has any role, you should join the Tea Party. There are many who believe that the government must address these things. We need it to represent our interests. People in Congress are paid by us. We hire them. They work for us. They do not work for corporations. They do not work for a small portion of our people. They are supposed to represent us. That is their job. We need to start acting like bosses. We need to start acting like boards of directors. We need them to get to work. We want no more fighting. We need people to get out of the way. This is an open invitation for people to participate. The government should function for our interests.

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Country: United States
Language: English
Producer: Annabel Park, Eric Byler
Director: Annabel Park, Eric Byler
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Posted by: mnovak on Apr 20, 2012

The video to launch of the coffee party.

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