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New York City Hotels

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The nice thing about Second Home on Second Avenue is that it really feels like a second home. It feels like you're just staying with a friend in the East Village. You're surrounded by a lot of great stuff: restaurants, bars, cool stuff like that in the East Village. You have Lower East Side within walking distance. The hotel only has seven rooms, and it's a 100 dollars for a shared bathroom, and 200 dollars for a private bathroom. I love the Chelsea Hotel. As a New York local, this is definitely a place where I would stay. It as a long history of artists and writers who stayed who have stayed here for months, and even years, at a time, including Dylan Thomas, O'Henry, and Arthur Miller. And now, more than half of the people that stayed here are long-term residents. . This is also a fantastic hotel to stay at just for a night or two, when you are coming in from out of town with a friend. They re-did all of the rooms, so now there is state-of-the-art with all the amenities. If I was coming in for a weekend in town with my best friend, I would definitely stay here. Check out the [art] galleries during the day, and check out the Chelsea Clubs at night. I'm a really big fan of the Hotel Gansevoort in the Meat-Packing District. It's in a fantastic neighborhood, and the whole design of the hotel is very contemporary and very cool. There is a beautiful roof top with a swimming pool that has underwater music. And fantastic views of the Hudson River. And they have a spa (called G-spa) which turns into G-lounge at night. Here we are in one of the presidential suites of the Four Seasons Hotel - my absolute favorite hotel in New York City. The suites run for about 15,000 dollars a night, and there are two of them. This is an extraordinary bathroom. There are 2 showers, and a tub large enough to accommodate two people that fills up in 60 seconds. There are huge windows, which have dramatic views of New York City. We are on the 51st floor, so you can see across for miles.

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Posted by: greenbo on Jun 26, 2010

Michelle Haimoff shows us her favorite hotels in NYC

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